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From Aloni to Zuabi: Flotilla Attacks



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"Divide and Rule" is probably the best description of the Israeli policy towards the Arab world. It is also known as the "Salami System:" slice and eat, slice and eat; "eating it/him/her without salt" is a Hebrew euphemism for an easy target. The best example of this policy was the generous Israeli help – in a variety of ways - to the long animosity between Hamas and PLO; the recent reconciliation of the last two marked the Day Palestine was Born, regardless our still waiting for the formal declaration. However, this is the outwards implementation of Israeli violence, inwards it takes a different shape. "Divide and Attack" it could be summarized: Israel divides its forces and attacks from several directions whomever it identifies as enemy of the state. Attacks ad hominem (against the person instead of addressing his – or her - claims) are very popular in this category and were extensively described in The Cross of Bethlehem. Due to the illegitimate nature of this approach, it is always broken up into small parts performed by different persons, in such a way the victim has a hard time defending himself. This week an extraordinary example took place.

Last year, the Gaza's Freedom Flotilla caused significant damage to Israel despite its technical failure. In a variant of the event, last week 250 activists arrived from Australia to the Ben Gurion International Airport in what became known as the "Flytilla;" as of now most of them have been deported. Meanwhile, what is left of the Second Flotilla is about to reach Gaza. Israeli actions in the international arena are hysteric during the last months, attempting any possible trick in order to block the humanitarian endeavor. The Israeli efforts apparently included generous financial help to troubled Greece - which is on the verge of default on its debts -through influential Jews from outside Israel. Since then, Greece is oddly collaborating in the blocking of the new flotilla. Eventually the last departed from Turkey, this was allowed since nine Turkish citizens were assassinated by the IDF assassinations during the attack on the First Flotilla.

No less radical efforts took place within Israel, and they are reaching their climax these days. The most shocking event took place today – July 18, 2011 – when the member of the Israeli Parliament Hanin Zuabi from the Balad party was stripped of her right to address the Knesset and to participate in committee votes until the end of this parliamentary season, by the Knesset Ethics Committee. MK Zuabi is an Israeli Palestinian (a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship and thus allowed to vote and be a Knesset member), who sailed on the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara during the Freedom Flotilla event last year. A process against her in the Knesset began last year; Zuabi countered by petitioning the Israeli High Court of Justice, accusing the Knesset of overstepping its authority: "the aim of stripping the rights was to limit MKs' political activities, especially those of minority representatives," she explained. As often happens, the Israeli High Court became a yes-man of the Israeli government and legislative atrocities. This is the court that regularly annuls inter-religious marriages of Israeli citizens. It is an unreliable source of Justice.

I can imagine my Israeli readers at this point: "But she is an Arab (they won't use the word "Palestinian" towards an Israeli citizen), she doesn't matter, why you defend her!"

"Divide and Attack" is the inwards policy. MK Zuabi is not the only victim in the actual offensive of Israel. Another attack formation heads toward Human Rights and other NGOs active within Israel, mainly B'Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights, Yesh Din, Hamoked, the Public Committee Against Torture, Gisha and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. Some of them are involved in the Flotilla and Goldstone Report events. This attack is organized by Avigdor Lieberman, the current Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister and the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu. He is an extremist, right wing, Jewish supremacist, a settler in the West Bank and a proud racist, at least judging by his highly controversial statements regarding Arabs in general, Palestinian-Israeli citizens in particular and the outrageous solutions he proposes for the conflict. Today, on the same day MK Zuabi was attacked by the Knesset, he condemned during a televised meeting of his faction several NGOs defining them as "aiding terror groups;" he even called right-wing politicians (Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, Intelligence Agencies Minister Dan Meridor, Minister-without-Portfolio Bennie Begin, and Government Services Minister Michael Eitan) who opposed the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee on the NGOs traitors to the national camp. Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni condemned Lieberman's wild declarations but Netanyahu said nothing and Lieberman wasn't fired. That means Netanyahu supports Lieberman; otherwise he wouldn't accept such a wild attack on other members of his coalition. This is the public part of the ongoing concerted attack against the flotilla. Netanyahu wants these NGOs closed.

The viperous double head of the Israeli administration attacked today. MK Zuabi was attacked by the Knesset; the NGOs would be attacked mainly on the public arena. Among them is Yesh Din ("There is Justice") a human rights group providing legal assistance the Palestinian territories denizens. Active since 2005, its board members include prominent former Israeli government officials and retired officers of the Israel Defence Force including:
Shulamit Aloni - former Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Communications, Minister of Science and Arts, former Member of the Knesset.
Shlomo Lahat, General (Ret.) - former mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
Michael Ben Yair - former Attorney General.
Shlomo Gazit, General (Ret.) - former head of Military Intelligence
This is important since we see that the Israeli struggle for the implementation of its racist policies crosses racist boundaries. Even insiders like generals Lahat and Gazit won't be spared.

The Israeli readers that said: "But she is an Arab, she doesn't matter, why you defend her!" must understand that if Israel ever succeed in its racist plans, then, them – Ashkenazim or Mizrahim, Haredim or Hilonim – would be next in the Israeli Administration agenda. Fools have great potential as slaves.

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