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Israeli Soldier Aiming American Weapon at Little Girl

Israeli Soldier Aiming American Weapon at Little Girl | Intrinsic Evilness

Following The Farce Goes On: Bush as Shakespeare and Jerusalem’s Holocaust Day I thought having covered the Zionist midyear horror-festivals, at least for 2011; but when it comes to Israel one never knows. On June 14, 2011, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz - head of the IDF – caused a minor earthquake and became a direct successor of Pontius Pilate. The veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom and we could see the self-appointed Pharisaic-Pope Gantz I in all his naked glory.

On that day, the formally secular head of the army got the nerve to rule on a religious issue. On that sanctified day, he ruled on the text of the prayer to be said during Yom Hazikaron, the Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day, which takes place the day before Independence Day. In that day, two sirens are played – for the joy of all dogs – at 8 PM and 11 AM, and then the official event begins at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem at 7 PM. During the last, prayers – specifically “Yizkor” (“He Shall Remember”) - are said in favor of the dead. The whole event is organized and run by the army. Over the years a discrepancy appeared between religious and secular groups on whether the prayer at these memorials should open with "May God remember" or "May the people of Israel remember."

Until now this couldn’t be settled. No side was strong enough to force its point. Moreover, how do settle that? Can you force people to pray in certain way? Of course you can! Police states allow that. Tied for years, the situation changed only after a weak link appeared in the form of Pharisaic- Pope Gantz I.

Israeli Soldiers Creed

Israeli Soldiers Creed | Beit Oranim Transcript defines them as Assassins - see bottom

In 2009, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz was the IDF military attaché in Washington, when days before the UN approved the Goldstone Report he was appointed the IDF Deputy Chief of Staff and his fate changed forever. Usually, getting the attaché position means getting an easy job before retiring from the IDF. Yet, because he was in Washington during the attack on Gaza, Gantz remained unstained by the shame of participating on such a brutal, savage event. To improve his stand in the eyes of the Israeli public, he claimed on a public interview that the IDF acted in an ethical way in Gaza. Then he claimed, in a very clumsy attempt to justify the IDF crimes, that the same physicians that were in Gaza were later in Haiti as if that changed anything; this last statement clearly shows an inability to think logically or a Machiavellian attempt to confuse his listeners. Let me state that in other words: Lieutenant General Benny Gantz claims that firing white phosphorous artillery on a civilian hospital is an ethic action. He clearly cannot differentiate between good and evil. He also attacked Justice Goldstone on religious grounds. He said that since the judge is of Jewish background and is criticizing the State of Israel then he is a Trojan Horse taking advantage of his position in the international legal system.

In 2009, Justice Goldstone hit hard the IDF; he forced the Israeli government to renounce its early selection of Major General Galant as Head of the IDF and chose Gantz. The last is weak due to his partying in Washington DC while the IDF was in attack. He would never be considered as completely worthy by field soldiers. Thus he can be easily pressured.

Which side could put more pressure on the aspirant pope? Openly, Israel is a secular-Jewish country, committed to a fanatic Humanist doctrine. De facto, ultraorthodox Jews are quickly taking over. This is true also for the IDF, where the influence of military rabbis is growing at all levels, creating a new type of elite corps. Gantz may be a bit of a coward, but he is not stupid: he rejected the formal position of the state and chose the rabbinical prayer: "May God remember," and formally became a religious leader.

I’m not sure the Yizkor prayer will help. Unrepentant sinners – assassins among them – are forgotten forever in God’s Kingdom. What I can assure you – Pharisaic-Pope Gantz I – is that God won’t forget even one of your victims. We shall pray for them in any fashion we favor.

On the Second Picture

Before you attack me for my choice of the second picture, please read the following:

The graphics are very moderated in comparison to the crimes routinely committed by IDF soldiers.

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