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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Knesset Recognizes Existence of Australian Prisoner X

...the hands of one of the gentleman were laid on K.'s throat, while the other pushed the knife deep into his heart and twisted it there, twice.—The Trial, Franz Kafka



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Zionist Everest

Near Tel Aviv, the town of Ramleh is the Zionist epitome, their own Everest. Until 1948, it was a Palestinian town; after its conquest, most of its denizens were expelled and the name was sanitized into a proper Hebrew one: Ramlah. Yet, even the 80% of Jews comprising its population nowadays call it Ramleh. This is not enough to award it the title "Zionist Everest," a similar situation exists in many other places. The town hosts several military bases, including the headquarters of the IDF Vertical Bypass division. Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport is just across the road from it. Even all these are not enough to award it that title. What distinguishes Ramleh from other Zionist outposts is the presence of five prisons within its borders; an additional military prison is nearby. This includes the Ayalon Prison (better known as "Ramleh Prison"), where Israel's infamous X-Wing is located. This makes Ramleh a microcosm of that large prison known as State of Israel, and thus the zenith of the Zionist enterprise.

Moti Yogev Knesset Member - The Jewish Home

Moti Yogev Knesset Member - The Jewish Home
The Trial

Few know how the X-Wing looks; yet, reliable sources have told me many years ago that it occupies an underground facility within Ayalon Prison, the highest-security prison in the country, and is formally known as "Section 15." With the exception of Yigal AmirPrime Minister Rabin's assassin—the identities of the inmates are kept secret even from the jailors. Yet, the X-Wing is well known since the Unfortunate Affair. "Haesek Bish" as it is known in Hebrew, refers to a failed Israeli covert false flag operation, Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. A group of Egyptian Jews was recruited by Israeli military intelligence in order to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American and British-owned targets. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of violence and instability, and so allowing the British government to retain its occupying troops in the Suez Canal. After the Unfortunate Affair became public, Pinhas Lavon, then Israel's Minister of Defense, was forced to resign. In 2005, the surviving agents were formally honored with a certificate of appreciation by the Israeli President Moshe Katzav. The point is that the Mossad network in Egypt was disclosed by one of its members, Avri Elad, who sold their friends to the Egyptian authorities. Before that, he had been expelled from the Palmach, the elite corps of the HaHagana (the IDF's predecessor) for stealing from his friends. This charming character was apparently the first person to be imprisoned in the X-Wing, but he wasn't the last one.

Miriam Regev Knesset Member - Likud

Miriam Regev Knesset Member - Likud
Der Prozeß

The Australian Prisoner Affair

For several years now, there was a rumor about a Jewish-Australian being held in the X-Wing in total secrecy; Yedioth Aharonot was censored in March 2010 by a court order issued by Judge Hilah Gerstel, President of the Tel Aviv District Court forbidding Israeli media to publish details of the affair. The man hanged himself on December 15, 2010, and on December 22, he was buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Melbourne, Australia. His family refused to complain to their government; thus Australia did nothing to defend its citizen. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel criticized the imprisonment and wrote to Israel's attorney-general, but to no avail. In the second week of February 2013, Australian ABC came out with the story, disclosing that Ben Zygier was born in 1976 in Melbourne, had emigrated to Israel in 1996, changed his name to Binyamin Alon and settled down in Ra'anana. However, he had an additional Australian passport under the name Ben Allen, which was used for his work as a Mossad agent. All this was of little relevance since it was based on hearsay. Following the publication by international sources, the gates were opened, and Israelis could comment basing everything on these sources. Even that would have been of little interest, but the story reached the Knesset corridors and caused a minor storm in the Israeli Parliament. Eventually, the event was indirectly acknowledged by Israel.


Ayalon Prison | Ramleh, Israel

Ayalon Prison | Ramleh, Israel


Three members of the Knesset used the opportunity to demand from the government details on "The Australian Prisoner Affair," as it is known in Israel. Ahmed Tibi, Zahava Gal-On, and Dov Khenin, who belong to the Opposition, openly disclosed these details in the Knesset. None of them would have done that without knowing for sure that the details were true. Confirming this last claim was the decision of Yitzhak Aharonovich, Minister of Internal Security, to cancel his farewell speech scheduled for today, February 13, in order to avoid commenting on the denouncement made by the Opposition. Moreover, two Coalition members reacted wildly. Moti Yogev is a Knesset Member for The Jewish Home; a retired IDF colonel, he was commander of Maglan, an elite commando unit. In that function he was also commander of Naftali Bennett, the party's leader. His party may become a senior partner in Netanyahu's next coalition. On the same day, he said, "the Left used its status to harm the security of the State; dealing with this affair hurts the State's capabilities to defend itself." If these words weren't clear enough, he added, "there is room for criticism, but one must know that there are certain topics that most Israeli citizens don't want to know about and trust their safety in the hands of the security systems." One could imagine a similar discourse in Nazi Germany. Miriam Regev—who was the IDF Spokesperson before joining Likud—said, "the Knesset Members who disclosed the affair must face trial." Her justification was phenomenal: "they disclosed State-secrets." The disclosed, and she confirmed. In other words, "The Australian Prisoner Affair" has been recognized as true by Opposition and Coalition. This is the time to disclose that the man was suspected of being a double-agent and that he had been jailed under a fake identity provided by the Mossad. The only thing unknown is what was the information he gave, and who was his other allegiance.

We don't know for sure who that man was; he never had a chance of a fair trial. Yet, he had served the citizens of Israel faithfully in a way he hadn't planned. The abovementioned Zahava Gal-On said, "The phenomenon of journalists volunteering to censor information at the authorities' request is patently undemocratic. I had hoped that it had been abandoned dozens of years ago." Aluf Benn, Editor-in-Chief of Haaretz said, "Israel's censorship laws shine a spotlight instead of hushing up the blunder. Government censorship in modern times – be it in Israel, Syria or Iran, becomes a pathetic attempt to turn the clock back to a time before WikiLeaks, Facebook and Twitter, and before bloggers who don't give two hoots about the censor." It is funny that he denies censorship on the grounds of its impossibility instead of being due to its injustice, but that's typical of Jewish culture. Israel cannot claim to be a Democracy while it behaves like that, it cannot have secret laws, secret trials, and secret punishments which serve a remarkably small elite. We, Israeli citizens, know and fear that. You, citizens of the World, choose to ignore that and support a Terror State.

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