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"You made an unbalanced comment there," the editor of The Cross of Bethlehem told me at certain stage. “You must present the Israeli Administration side as well,” she added when my skepticism on her first comment became evident.

"Why? Does the American press present the Taliban’s positions?" I countered.

Israeli Censorship

Israeli Censorship | Israel is a Terror State


Uncomfortable Truth

Certain events taking place in the last days of July 2010 reminded me of that event. The aftermath of the Wikileak disclosure of thousands of documents describing the daily war crimes in Afghanistan provides an awesome close-up on the double morals and intrinsic lawlessness of certain Western regimes. All is out, and yet the press emphasizes the points their specific countries’ administrations favor. The international mainstream media is proving once again it acts as a yes-man for their respective governments.

I’m not a big fan of television – it’s too easy to manipulate and state-control – yet in this case I’ll make an exception and recommend my readers to make an effort and find those news items about Afghan President Hamid Karzai reacting on the Wikileaks Affair. His face is the real item. "The horror... The horror..." are the last uttered words in Apocalypse Now ; they perfectly describe Karzai’s look. However, a closer look at the source of his horror, transform the scene into a highly comic one.

A whole analysis would be interesting – who is Karzai, who supports him, the role of the different countries in this decade-long fiasco – but it is way out of this articles’ scope. I want to concentrate in his unconcealed horror. Karzai said that the Wikileaks disclosures on Afghan informants were "extremely irresponsible and shocking." Names, home villages and even GPS locations of Afghans co-operating with Nato forces had been published by Wikileaks.

Mark of the Beast

Now the horror becomes clear: Karzai reacted to the disclosure of his puppet-state as a Walsinghamian one. Sir Francis Walsingham was a kinky-dressed Englishman who in the sixteenth century worked for Queen Elizabeth I as spymaster. He spied on the Spanish Armada, gathered intelligence from across Europe, disrupted several plots against the queen, secured the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the subjugation of Ireland. But mainly, he filled her pockets with gold, even at the price of institutional piracy; Pirate Sir Francis Drake was one of his monsters.



Sir Francis Walsingham consolidated the first modern intelligence and counterintelligence network. He placed spies all over the continent, including domestic ones within England. He became obsessed in the collection of small details of people – hoping to use them later in attempts of coercion and bribery, a technique favored by these organizations. He showed hatred toward fellow humans, not hesitating to torture and ruin lives for the sake of one single goal: filling the pockets of Queen Elizabeth. He systematically used agents provocateurs, recently proved being a deadly weapon. The book Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage by Stephen Budiansky (2005) (more details at the bottom of this page) describes many more horrors ruthlessly performed by this monster, Walsingham of England. Not surprisingly, he also practiced nepotism; his deputy and successor was his son in law, Sir Philip Sidney. That’s the nature of oligarchs (see The Cross of Bethlehem).

Walsingham’s worldly goals and lack of moral principles were reflected in the intelligence institutions he defined. Those were copied by other countries, sometimes with the very help of England itself and have become the modern intelligence agencies. Afghanistan is just the last in the line. The trademark of these organizations is their working on both sides of the line, on fighting and promoting terrorism at once, all for the sake of their deep pockets. On claiming to protect the law while breaking on the way all the human rights promoted by the laws of their home countries.

These type of activities oppose the very base of the law system: we are all innocent unless proved otherwise. Entrapment attempts and the systematic collection of information on innocent people are both part of the Walsinghamian system. In these, modern states have failed their purpose.

Servants of the Beast

When East German collapsed, I was thrilled. I could imagine the trials of the Stasi network: informants being finally accused by their victims and facing justice. Yet, nothing happened. The extensive archives of the Stasi were shown to the public and then no word about the informants. Apparently they were absorbed by the unified German security services. Stasi 2 was born, a predecessor to what now is known as Stasi 2.0 – the obsessive and illegal communications surveillance performed by modern Western governments.

Karzai’s horror was due to the fact his network of evil servants has been compromised. Similar events took place elsewhere. Very notorious was the disclosure of Avishai Raviv, the Shin Beth agent that made sure Prime Minister Rabin would be assassinated.

How can we defend ourselves? The message is clear: at the moment these agents commit crimes in the name – and under the protection – of the state, they must understand they would face public disclosure of their nature and systematic disinformation. I’ve done that with Arik Caspi, Johanne Turk, Wilson Acho, and Justino Choque, as well as others who were active in my illegal persecution by the illegitimate State of Israel. Names and methods are out, and not only on this website and The Cross of Bethlehem.

Karzai, Dagan, all dear friends from the other side – the dark one – you must understand something: you won’t undermine law, human rights and freedom. You won’t get rich on us. You won’t enslave us.

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