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White-Washing War Crimes

Israel cannot investigate itself



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White Washing War Crimes

White Washing War Crimes


Recently, I claimed Israel cannot carry out an investigation regarding its own crimes towards Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla. The reasons were clear, a Turkish diplomat at the UN openly defined Israel as a Pirate Nation – as I did before the attack in Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla and as a terror state. Justice Goldstone defined Israel as a Terror State in his report to the Human Rights Council of the UN.

Expectedly, I was ignored by Netanyahu et al. Israel set a formal committee led by Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel and including two non-Israeli members. In parallel, the IDF set its own committee, led by a retired general named Giora Eiland. Military committees usually work faster than civilian ones, and this one was no exception. A few days ago it released its conclusions. Does that mean that wrongdoings were reversed and that an overwhelmed world saw for the first time justice emanating from the State of Israel?

Repeating the Eiland’s words is offensive, yet there is no other choice. General Giora Eiland said: “To my relief, the investigation found no negligence of failures on any significant matters.” He also lauded the "professionalism, bravery and resourcefulness" of the commandos and supported the use of live fire, and thus also of the assassinations committed onboard. Beyond that, he criticized the intelligence gathering and the planning of the raid. In other words, he redeemed the military operation – and thus the IDF reputation – in the eyes of the Israeli public.

General Giora Eiland proved – as most of the Israeli leadership – being a moral cripple, when he added that the opposition the Shayetet 13 soldiers found onboard necessitated deadly force. That’s nonsense. A group of people on international waters was brutally attacked; they had all the right to defend themselves. Especially while they showed courage and humanity by fighting gun machines armed soldiers with dumb sticks. They were the true heroes; the commandos were just criminal cowards. Eiland is white washing war crimes; his committee and its report must be rejected by the international community.

A similarly wicked report is expected soon by the Turkel Committee.

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