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Monday, July 16, 2012, was a holiday in Bolivia. Regardless of the commemorated event, such days always look like “Drunkards Day.” People sleep on the main venues. Next to the sleeping beauties, men and women urinate the cheap beer they had just drunk. Sharp, foul smells fill the air; thieves openly roam the streets looking for prey. Corrupt policemen are after their cut in the profits. At 8AM the chance to find an open internet kiosk was slim; yet, I was desperate to find out if my website was already accessible after the attack it suffered the previous afternoon. I reached the city’s bus terminus, but the internet kiosk there was strangely closed. So were all the other spots I checked out downtown. I went to the tourists’ area and waited uncomplainingly for a shop to open. Times mean nothing in the world’s highest and most violent bar.

Website Sabotage

Website Sabotage

bolivian drunkard

Monday, July 16, 2012, 8AM | the archetypal Bolivian drunkard next to the San Francisco Church


The Attack


The day before everything had begun in the usual way. The website was on; the reported statistics (not the stats applet at the bottom of this page) looked correct. I got more answers than usual to the article of the day before, Germany Upholds Court Decision: Circumcisions Illegal, maybe due to its sensitive topic. I answered them, and then scanned the media. One topic called my attention, an Israeli man had set himself on fire. I knew that would be today’s topic. After collecting all the relevant material, I left the kiosk for a stroll. I like to plan the articles while walking.

Pretty soon threats appeared. In the past, I commented how the Israeli/Bolivian gang harassing me likes to threaten after the publication of anything they are worried about, by placing incredible numbers of people with broken arms in the immediate vicinity of the kiosk I worked in that day. This is a PSYWAR tactic. This time, they didn’t wait. Three men without legs were loitering in the vicinity of the shop. As usual, it was the first (and almost for sure the last) time I saw them there. Somebody was worried about what I was going to write and wanted me to know that beforehand.

There was no point in a long stroll; I knew exactly what I would write. Politely greeting the maimed men, I returned to the shop, disconnected the computer from the internet, and begun writing. A couple of hours later the article and the accompanying code were finished. Since an especially nasty attack against the website in 2009, I write the code in notepad, thus the process takes longer than it should, but the result is safe. I connected the computer to the web, and tried to upload the files to the website. The FTP software contacted the hosting company but failed to login. “Connection Time Exceeded,” it kept telling me. After a few times, I tried to access my website and the one of the hosting company. I failed. I got no error screen, just a blank screen. That seemed purposeful; I like taking screen snapshots and using them in articles and this attack needed to leave as few visible signs as possible. I opened the statistics company website and found out that in the previous hour the views have suddenly dropped to zero. This was an external corroboration of my being blocked worldwide.

It was time to activate my “roitov.com” backup plan. I triggered on this alternative website and posted a scaled down version of the article I just wrote. Then, I began sending the email notifications. Four of the email boxes usually used for that belong to the website (****@roytov.com); today, they were blocked. Eventually, I sent notes only to about half of the subscribers. Shortly after, Jeff Rense was the first to link the article to his website, and I knew the attack had been successfully foiled.


Lucky False Flag


Two subscribers and friends contacted me shortly after claiming they have failed to access the website. They also mentioned the possibility that it was an attack by the British security services. After all, two days before I had published a negative analysis on the British MI6 (MI6’s Power Arguments on Iran). Yet, that wasn’t probable. First, I am not prominent enough for them to care about. Then, a few days before the controversial “Zion-2012” Olympic Games in London, the MI6 has more urgent things on its agenda than to nag me.

OSS Sabotage Manual

OSS Sabotage Manual

On 2007 the BBC reported on a government sabotaging unity in Zimbabwe, titling the article “Zimbabwe’s Dirty Tricks Brigade.” Similar reports were published about Iraq. Sadly, sabotage capabilities are an integral part of security services. The BBC had good info, because the Zimbabwean organization was founded by the British themselves; these units were an offspring of the surveillance system developed by Sir Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth’ masterspy. They specialize in harassment and the cause of delays, anything from road blocks to “denial of service” announcements. I had no doubt I was experiencing such an event—I have seen too many of these along the years—but I was also sure the culprit was the usual Bolivian/Israeli gang.

Beyond the signs on the ground—the local collaborators—there was also a good logical reason: to block a sensitive article. With all my respect to the friends reading me and re-publishing me in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East, Israel cares little about what is published there. The Shin Beth is worried about publications capable of reaching the Israeli public, and changing its mind. Israeli Man Sets Himself on Fire was such an article. After more than a year, Israel has failed to repress the social protests plaguing Jewish towns. This is major news, and may soon deteriorate further. Israel will crumble from inside. In these circumstances, they don’t want me throwing extremely dry wood into the growing fire consuming their house.


Frustrated Attack


Yesterday, was Drunkards Day in the world’s highest bar. I couldn’t work properly; I couldn’t expect to restore the website or even properly chat with the provider. Yet, in the late morning, an internet kiosk opened in the tourists’ area. I rushed inside and got a computer. I opened the statistics website and saw the website was active, though the number of views was relatively low. The website was functional and in good condition, though it didn’t feature yesterday’s article. I re-published it, and linked roitov.com to it, so that those who got emails with the backup site would know everything has returned to normal. I opened the website’s email box and found that several readers from around the world had sent me notes notifying me that after a few dark hours, the website was functioning again. After the alternative site was up, there was no point in keeping up the blockade; after all you can’t make a clandestine attack if you keep continuously attacking the same spot. A simple backup—kept secret until the moment it was used—was enough to frustrate another Zionist attack. When the house is on fire, even small sabotages become complicated.

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