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“Shame on you, democracy,” said Vanunu as he was returned to jail in late May 2011. He added also several other statements, most of which I won’t repeat here because they were obviously said under torture of the Shin Bet. Yet, two of them were notable. In the first, he warned that the Shin Bet will continue to torture him psychologically. I believe him; probably I can even add a fairly accurate description of what the Shin Bet criminals are planning. Several of their techniques are described in this book. The second one was also extremely appealing: “Freedom is freedom. You won’t get from me in three months what you didn’t get in 18 years.” What was he referring to?

I am aware most of my readers care little about theological arguments; thus, I’ll put on my scientific hat and make a “reductio ad absurdum” approach to a sick aspect of modern societies. Unbelievably, organizations are now recognized as legal persons; the soul is utterly ignored by human law. “Burger King” is a juristic personality in most countries. Does that mean that whenever I eat one of their hamburgers I could technically be accused of cannibalism?

Being accused of cannibalizing Burger King may sound funny, but it is a serious issue. Simply, this is nonsense. Without a soul, there is no personality. The legal definition depends on human acceptance; without it, it has no value.

The American Constitution begins with “We, the people” because state sovereignty begins from us, the people. Imagine a world without states: we could still exist. During most of human history, countries didn’t exist. Now imagine the opposite: without people, countries cannot exist. Countries are an organization subjugated to the people’s will and needs. As such, they depend on our recognition of their sovereignty. Without our recognition, they lose legitimacy.

In Is Israel Sovereign?, I made a substantial claim that Israel is not a sovereign state. In a brave act, Mordechai Vanunu showed the same spirit. We both do not recognize the right of this criminal organization to inflict damage and pain upon innocent people; though we chose different paths (see The Cross of Bethlehem) in our opposition.

Israel can attack us, torture us, ruin our personal lives, but without our recognition of its sovereignty, this state is reduced to just a criminal organization. Vanunu mentioned torture, which is illegitimate and unacceptable. There is nothing that would make Israel happier than to demonize us, its accusers. It’ll attempt to bring us to suicide. It’ll harass us until we make unbalanced comments and lose credibility. During the process, this miserable organization wants only one thing, referred to by Vanunu when he said: “You won’t get from me in three months what you didn’t get in 18 years.” They want our recognition of its legal existence. They want us to recognize the legitimacy of their crimes. That won’t happen. You and yours are terrorist criminals and will face justice. There is nothing else to recognize. We will carry our crosses to death.

This text was adapted from The Cross of Bethlehem II: Back in Bethlehem.

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