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Israel's Prima Donna | The Powerless Claw of Terror


A Perfect Day

April 28, 2011 – The Israeli leaders' words couldn’t be sweeter:

Peres:The move, as it stands, is a fatal mistake.”

BarakIsrael should talk with Palestinian unity government only if it renounces terror.”

LiebermanIt needs to be clear that such an agreement crosses a red line.”

NetanyahuThere cannot be peace with both [Israel and Hamas]….”

Sweet smell of Zionist fear is in the air. The claws of the terror inflicting state have been shown powerless.

Palestinian Initiatives, Zionist Withdrawals

Two days before that perfect day, an agreement was reached between the PLO (Abbas and the West Bank) and Hamas (mainly in Gaza) to form an interim unity government until elections are held in a few months. The split between Fatah and Hamas occurred when violence erupted a year after Hamas won Palestinian elections in 2006. Hamas got control of Gaza in 2007. Since then Israel was ecstatic with the success of its “divide and rule” politics. No more.

The USA and Israel are in political withdrawal, especially after the peaceful deposition of their Egyptian yes-man, Hosni Mubarak. These months, Netanyahu is visiting Western capitals, begging them not to turn their backs on Israel for the sake of the new democratic winds in the Arab world. Israel features a highly closed oligarchy centered on the Mishpaha Lohemet. One of the few advantages of such despotic practices is that they have long memories. They remember how presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower forced Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion at the conclusion of the 1948 War and the 1956 Sinai War to withdraw from Sinai. Netanyahu doesn’t want to be forced out of the West Bank by America the day after the Palestinian Independence declaration. Make no mistake: Israel lacks the strength to oppose such a request from America.

The Jewish Eternal Error

Several of my readers put pressure on me to react to an Israeli hate crime in the form of an obscene television program that defamed Jesus and Christianity. I refused because I didn’t want to quote the truly offensive words of the Jews. Moreover, an excellent article on the issue was published yesterday by Rev. Ted Pike (BLASPHEMOUS ISRAELI VIDEOS HAVE ANCIENT ROOTS). Moreover, in many articles in this website I deal with the obscenely dirty mouth of the Jews, especially of the Israeli ones. The issue is simple: whenever they can’t answer logically to claims made against them, they throw dirt, knives and bullets at the Brave and Honorable.

On September 27, 2010, the first day after the end of the 10-month moratorium on the Israeli construction in the West Bank, the Palestinian request to extend it for three months in order to continue the current negotiations in a positive ambience was rejected by Netanyahu. And what a rejection! Construction began in Adam, Beit Hagai, Oranit, Sha'arei Tikva, Karmei Tzur, Kedumim, Kochav Hashachar, Ravava, Shavei Shomron, and Yakir. Overall, 600 buildings were began to be build immediately, while another 1400 waited for permits from Ehud Barak, the Israeli Minister of Defense. Netanyahu made a very clear point to Mahmoud Abbas: you carry no weight.

In August 2010, Abbas said in various occasions that he would abandon peace talks if Israel wouldn’t extend the moratorium. The day before the end of the moratorium, he added that Israel must choose between its settlement policy and peace. Israel was oblivious to everything. Netanyahu said nothing explicit and the moratorium ended quietly. Abbas knew that would happen. The day before that event – on September 25 – he said at the UN General Assembly: “Despite the historic injustice that has been inflicted upon our people, their desire to achieve a just peace which guarantees the achievement of their national rights in freedom and independence has not and will not diminish, and our wounded hands are still able to carry the olive branch from the rubble of the trees that the occupation uproots every day.”

The day after the moratorium ended, Israel resumed building on Palestinians lands, not before making sure the Palestinian leader it negotiated with – Abbas - was utterly humiliated in the eyes of his people. What kind of negotiating tactic is that? Is this the epitome of Jewish Wisdom? Does Israel hope to create a positive attitude on the Palestinian streets in such a way? Eventually, that day the actual agreement was born, Abbas had no choice but achieve reconciliation at home.

Elders of Zion, let me inform you, humiliating your political opponents is not a wise way of conducting negotiations. It just shows your moral weakness.

Palestinian Independence Day

The Occupied Territories are awakening. A few days ago, Ehud Barak was forced to make a semantic zigzag after declaring peace had been achieved. In September 2011, the United Nations General Assembly is scheduled to meet again and this time it is expected to recognize Palestinian independence.

But Palestine was born two days ago. It was born the day its leaders agreed to unite and conduct fair elections. It was born the day they decided to put aside personal issues and concentrate on what matters: putting an end to the Zionist Reign of Terror.

Elders of Zion, let me inform you, if you play tricks and attempt delay games, you’ll find yourself with independence being declared before September and being defended with the minds, hearts and bodies of the brave and honorable.

The day after, the final countdown will start.

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