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Niccolo Machiavelli would have enjoyed the farce. The Turkel Committee - the committee set by the Israeli Administration to investigate the crimes committed by the IDF towards Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla - had began its work. The IDF inner committee already concluded the IDF is pure and just. However, not even the Israeli public buys that. To give credibility to the Turkel Committee, two foreign observers were appointed: Lord William David Trimble, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Ken Watkin, international lawyer and former judge advocate general for Canada. Turkey being one of the victims of the Israeli massacre, it should be awarded a place in the committee. The same goes for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Right now, this committee is not credible. Netanyahu et al would play at will with the committee, “The Prince” rests at a place of honor on Bibi’s desk.

Netanyahu already testified. He ducked tricky questions by skimping on detail. Considering the fact he avoided being in Israel during the affair – he traveled to Canada and left Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon in charge – this is hardly surprising. “Freedom Flotilla? What does “flotilla” mean?” was his approach. The committee got nothing but useless disinformation from him.

Next day, Napo testified. I commented extensively on the ridiculous nicknames of the Warring Family; now it’s time to introduce a new one: “Napo” – shortcut of “Napoleon” (the whole name sounds bad to the Hebrew ear) – is the suitable nickname of Ehud Barak. It properly illustrates the spiritual and physical stature of the prodigy. Napo chose Bibi’s opposite path. He flooded the committee with dark, thick, poisonous mud.

One of the committee members - Reuven Merhav - said to Napo: “We only got the defense ministry materials yesterday; you're talking fast and swamping us with details. I'd like to move on to questions.” The prodigy spoke for two hours – one hour more than the entire testimony of Bibi – before letting anyone ask questions. He talked for thirty minutes after Merhav’s request for mercy. Barak bombarded names, dates, minute details on every question raised during every cabinet discussion before the raid, and every similar operation preceding it, before beginning a Napoleonic sermon on the dangers of global terror. He was kind enough to tell us that Israel was not North America, or Western Europe. Eventually, the meeting run out of time.

No doubt, Napo beat Bibi. Meanwhile, the only one making some sense was Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. While the farce went on in Israel, he said: "No one else can take the blame for killing civilians in international waters; Israel has killed civilians, and should take the responsibility for having done so."

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