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Israeli Terrorist | Attack on Gaza's Freedom FLotilla


Certain things seem not to go away and not matter what. The real last name of one of the Mossad agents described in The Cross of Bethlehem is Turk. The committee set by the Israeli Administration to investigate the crimes committed by the IDF towards Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla, is to be led by Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel and is thus named the Turkel Committee; funny coincidences of life. Less funny are the comments by Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli Administration.

Let’s begin with Netanyahu himself. He said the principles to lead the committee are: “to ensure the IDF soldiers freedom of action” and “to give a reliable answer to the responsible countries in the world.” I don’t get it. Would the committee answer why the Israeli Administration decided to violently attack unarmed men bringing humanitarian help? Would it explain why the Shayetet 13 soldiers murdered innocent people? “No,” says Netanyahu, it’s just a puppet Public Relations committee. There are corroborating signs of that. The two foreign observers appointed to the committee are Lord William David Trimble, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Ken Watkin, international lawyer and former judge advocate general for Canada; these choices are not enough. Turkey being one of the victims of the Israeli massacre, it should be awarded a place in the committee. The same goes for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Right now, this committee is not credible, even before the following citations.

Let’s continue with the Minister Israel Catz. He said the committee is “a forced compromise,” and went on with terms brought from the soccer World Cup: “We are playing defense. The committee wouldn’t improve our relations with the world, we shouldn’t be surprised from its conclusions, we must be prepared for it concluding that despite our success in the fight of terror, there is no justification to the blockade.” “We must talk with the Egyptians, since (also) their interest is that the Turks and Iran wouldn’t get a port in Gaza.” I apologize to Mr. Catz for my misunderstanding; I thought the topic was the terror perpetrated by the IDF armed soldiers. Moreover, before I read his words, I failed to understand that Israel had nothing personal toward the people it assassinated and thus everything is fine and acceptable. It was just result of the Ports Authority of Israel policy toward the opening of new ports. Of course, mea culpa. Please, forgive me. You are saints.

Back to Netanyahu. I never get tired of his wise words. He defined the Turkel Committee as the “lesser evil.” Without blinking twice, he added: “Dark forces from the Middle Ages are against us.” Mr Netanyahu: do you claim that massacring innocents bringing humanitarian aid is an enlightened action? If so, probably you learned that in the Talmud. I was also glad to find he has supporters in the international community; he said: “I got calls from serious people in the Balkans and Eastern Europe; they said they are very worried about the recent developments.” I am sure these were the same people that run the Stasi and committed the various massacres in former Yugoslavia. To finish with the comments by this enlightened leader, I just want to quote: “The committee will prove we were right!” This is an amazing citation. Mr. Bibi: are you claiming you know the committee results? Is that because your office will write the report?

More interesting are the reactions by Mr. Bogie. Members of the Warring Family always choose funny nicknames (for example, “Bibi” for Netanyahu – in Hebrew “bibi” means “my sewage” – Ghandi for General Zeevi, and so on); this principle holds also for Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon. Mr. Bogie is an Israeli politician and former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces; he currently is as a member of the Knesset for Likud, the country's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs. During the Flotilla Massacre he replaced Mr. Bibi as Prime Minister since the last was making sure he was far from the troubles, in Canada. In several interviews he gave, Mr. Bogie defended the IDF, but he said Shayetet 13 didn’t follow the orders and that there were several wrong actions committed by them, though he didn’t give details. This is an acknowledgement by the person in charge of the action that the IDF did wrong. I would be glad to say this is just the beginning, and that the Turkel Committee would define the attack as a terror attack. Unluckily, Netanyahu already told us what the conclusions would be; that’s why Israel cannot investigate its own attack.

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