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Tunisia, Egypt… Israel?



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Anti-Israeli Protests | Umm al-Fahm

Anti-Israeli Protests | Umm al-Fahm


Early 2011 – The Middle East

This partial list of recent events is impressive:
January 14: Tunisia’s President flees after weeks of protests.
January 22: Protests in Algeria.
January 25: Protests begin in Egypt.
January 25: New Prime Minister in Lebanon – violent protests.
January 27: Protests spread to Yemen.
January 30: Student and Police clashes in Sudan.
February 1: Government Dismissed in Jordan.
February 2: Mubarak – Egypt’s Dictator – announces he has no intentions to run again for office.
The Middle East is in flames due to widespread social injustice.

If visualizing this list on a map, a black hole appears in its northeaster side; many people refer to it as the State of Israel. Netanyahu - the black hole’s prime minister - appeared in the Hebrew media as a worried warrior – the perfect look of a proudish heir to the Mishpaha Lohemet - claiming people should brace themselves for worrying times. In sharp contrast to flattish English, Hebrew carries a significant load of subtext; Netanyahu was apparently speaking about Tunisia and Egypt, but - if carefully listening to the Hebrew - it was easy to see he was talking also about Israel. Instead of analyzing his fascinating ultra-national-socialist rhetoric and the narrowing movement of his eyebrows in order to show that, let’s take a look at the facts.

2010 – Israel’s Bureau of Statistics

By the end of 2010, Israel’s Bureau of Statistics repeated its annual rite, releasing the official population numbers for the State of Israel. It is difficult for me to quote these numbers; after all they are clearly biased. West Bank settlers are defined as full citizens of the State of Israel despite clearly living beyond its boundaries (even the borders recognized by this illegitimate state; settlers can vote for the Knesset, while all other Israelis abroad cannot), while their Palestinian neighbors are not. There are other intrinsic problems with these figures. Yet, even these highly biased numbers are useful to some extent.

In their last show of awesome arithmetic skills, the bureau claimed Israel has 7.5 million people; six million Jews (could it be any other number?) and 1.5 million Israeli-Arabs. This last term is an awkward Israeli code for Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.

The bureau doesn’t provide statistics on the systematic discrimination performed routinely by the Israeli administration. The Israeli-Arab population (20% of the total within the Green Line) is systematically discriminated; they have protested extensively in the past. The two pictures on this article show a protest in Umm al-Fahm and a Palestinian boy used as a human shield by the Israeli police. Human shields are against international laws, violate human rights; these policemen are just cowards. This was one of the reasons why Israel was defines as a terror inflicting entity by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, when the last adopted The Goldstone Report. The bureau doesn’t provide clear statistics on the Jewish population. The borderline between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews is unclear (there are mixed marriages, some congregations are difficult to define, international media is highly misleading on this); however, it is clear many Sephardic Jews are discriminated by the Ashkenazi Administration. Protests on that have been reported for at least forty years. Moreover, since the Law of Citizenship was amended in 2005, 632 requests of citizenship due to marriage were rejected by the state on the grounds that the petitioners may use their new status to become terrorists with easier access to Israel. 632 broken families. 1264 new testimonies of Israel’s inhumanity. An unknown number of children that won’t be born. The list of state-sponsored grievances towards the civil population goes on. The state doesn’t has a constitution, thus human right violations are systematic and widespread. Overall, there is a wide base for social unhappiness in Israel.

Netanyahu’s Narrowing Eyebrows

Thus the true question is how come Israel population is not revolting, giving the example given by the populations in the neighboring countries. There is a good reason for Netanyahu’s narrowing eyebrows. Could a civil revolt begin in the harshest police-state in the Middle East? Could the Israeli population revolt? Would they wake up and demand their unconditionally-deserved human rights?

It is difficult to imagine such an event. Yet, the writing is on the wall. Probably it wouldn’t begin at any of the major Jewish cities; the epicenter would be between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Israeli Police | Cowardice

Israeli Police | Cowardice

The Triangle (Hebrew: HaMeshulash; Arabic: al-Muthallath) is the largest concentration of Israeli Arab towns. Umm al-Fahm (see picture) is the largest among these. They occupy a strategic position along Highway 65. As a matter of fact, these towns can dissect Israel, disconnecting Haifa and the Galilee from the rest of the country. Contrary to propagandistic Israeli media editorials, the dissection can be accomplished without the use of military units (which the towns do not have). This explains the ruthlessness shown in the past by the Israeli police during protests. In 1999, 500 denizens were hurt in riots protesting the Israel government inhuman expropriation of lands. In September 2000, rioting during the Second Intifada left three dead and over 100 wounded.

Such riots could expand into other cities under certain circumstances. For example, if the human rights flag was to be effectively used. After all even Tel Aviv features a large Palestinian population. I used to live in Jaffa – Yafo in Hebrew – a Palestinian town that was annexed to Tel Aviv in order not to have a formal Arab Israeli city at the epicenter of Gush Dan, Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area. Jaffa, Ramle, Lod and other towns would probably join such protests automatically. Jewish “development towns” wouldn’t be far behind. Rabbi Meshulam – a proud Pharisee - and his followers have already protested in the past against the social injustice of the State of Israel. The ground is ready and waiting for a human rights spark.

Once that happens, the Kingfisher would need to change its diet; people would gain their freedom. Israel is scared to death.

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Shortly after the publication of this article, mass protests began in Tel Aviv, see Bibi Antoinette: Guillotine in Tel Aviv.

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