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The Cross of Bethlehem II

Kerry Teases Iran

he that betrayed him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he: hold him fast.Matthew 26:48



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Born in the USA

I have seen enough of the USA and spoke with enough of its denizens to know that after reading the first declaration of John Kerry as Secretary of State regarding Iran, Americans would probably exclaim: "After all, we are the good guys." Then, without second thoughts, they will rush to the nearest junk food outlet.

Obama and Kerry

Obama and Kerry
Absalom & Achitophel

On February 8, 2013, Associated Press provided a few quotations from Kerry related to possible direct negotiations between the USA and Iran on the nuclear program of the latter. "We are prepared to let diplomacy be the victor in this confrontation over their nuclear program, the President has made it clear that he is prepared to talk about a peaceful nuclear program," Kerry said and added, "Iran has a choice: they have to prove to the world that it is peaceful, and we are prepared to sit responsibly and negotiate how they can do that and how we can all be satisfied." The only dark cloud in his positive statement was, "The President has made it clear that his preference is to have a diplomatic solution, but if he cannot get there, he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to make certain that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon." "We are the good guys," Joe said and run to the nearest Starbucks, unaware that every word in the statements was read in a different fashion by the other side. Lost in translation, the world went to war.

Gantz gets Legion of Merit

Gantz gets Legion of Merit
Absalom, Absalom!

Read in the Middle East

"That was easy!" Kerry exclaimed after his first, exciting statement; he was making international politics. The event took place with no Iranians in sight. Iran got the message through the open media. Its intelligence officers were startled. On the same page where they were offered to negotiate, a troubling item was being reported. Even if we were mindless beasts with no memory, the fact that IDF Lieutenant General Benny Gantz got the American Legion of Merit medal cast a heavy shadow—Cast Lead heavy—on any American claims to be a disinterested and impartial side seeking absolute Justice.

"I remember," said the Iranian intelligence officer and opened his files. There was no need to search; the item had been published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, on December 22. I have not the foggiest idea how an American would understand the article, but Hebrew and Arabic speakers will identify a clear "inverse-on-inverse" manipulation.


When Kerry was Kohn

"Afuch al afuch" is Hebrew for "inverse-on-inverse;" it depicts a situation in which one says a thing in order to point in a false direction; however, in contrast to a typical diversion, it points at the real issue. Imagine you want to drink chocolate with your kid, but you know there is no chance that he will agree. "Let's not drink chocolate today," you say casually next to him. "But, we always do, I love chocolate," he begs. Hebrew and Arabic speakers will factor in this option while analyzing a text; Westerners probably won't. I don't know yet for sure. Haaretz did a similar thing after it was announced in December that Kerry will be the next Secretary of State.

The newspaper—closely related to the Shin Beth secret police—published an article titled "When Kerry was Kohn: the Jewish roots of John Kerry." The subtitle was "The new nominee for Secretary of State only found out about his Jewish grandfather while running in the 2004 presidential election." After all this drama, the main point presented was "His paternal grandfather Frederick A. Kerry, was born Fritz Kohn in a town in what today is the Czech Republic before changing his name ahead of his immigration to the United States a century ago." The bottom line of the article attempted to be light, "I called up Kathy's parents and said 'I'm Jewish,' and they said, 'Yeah we know' and I said, 'No, I'm really Jewish.'" Our abovementioned Joe Starbucks would probably say "funny," and sip his pumpkin-flavored latte. Israelis reading that will understand this as "we must help him, he is a 'sayan+'" Any Middle Eastern intelligence office will assume the same, even if Kelly is as pure as Snow White. Israel marked him as a collaborator of its intelligence apparatus and forced him into its camp.

The Reconciliation of David and Absalom

The Reconciliation of David and Absalom | Rembrandt, 1642, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia


How do you say "Are you kidding me?" in Farsi?

"I don't understand," the Iranian intelligence officer said to his superior. "We have a guy who claims to be a Jew and represents a country that gave war-criminal Gantz a gold medal. That country has used nuclear weapons against civilians in the past. That country is aiming nuclear weapons at us. That country is helping Israel militarily and financially, while the latter is periodically threatening to destroy us. Israel hinted that this guy works for it. Then, this guy says that he wants to negotiate with us, with two conditions. The first is that it is clear from the beginning that we will not be allowed to develop deterrent defensive weapons. The second is that he will keep his attack weapons. This is not a negotiation offer! This is blackmail!"

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with Iran's naval chief, after February 2010 Persian Gulf military exercise

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with Iran's naval chief, after February 2010 Persian Gulf military exercise

Iran's answer was clear; Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech that there would be no talks while the USA is "pointing a gun at Iran." Reinforcing America's Orwellian attitude of recent years, Iran was portrayed again as the threatening side by the Western media. "In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it," George Orwell, 1984.

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