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Playing the fool may be tiring, but eventually it can prove worthwhile, as I found on my last visit to Santa Fe. My harassment by Israeli and American Security Services (both self-proclaimed as "intelligence") is not news. I have been reporting it for years and was even recognized by a sovereign country as a refugee due to it.

In 2008 I found myself in Santa Fe, waiting for my lawyer to sue Publish America (they violated a publishing contract I had with them, apparently following threats from the Israeli lobby in Washington). After having given an initially positive assessment of the situation, the lawyer suddenly changed his mind. I cannot prove foul play, but he was probably threatened by the Israeli lobby. Unable to stay in the USA for a long period of time, I began preparing my trip to Asia. Due to recent changes in airline procedures and prices, I was forced to delay my departure a few weeks.

Every day counted, since I wasn't free in Santa Fe. I complained on an almost daily base to my host about the illegal and immoral harassment I was suffering from the American Security Services (ASS) while in town. The place where the harassment was most evident was the library. Being a highly controlled - and human rights violating - society, most American cities lack substantial internet cafes, often the only public access points to the internet are the libraries. Scattered and few, they offer exceptionally good spying platforms for the government.

Lacking a laptop, I move around with a series of memory cards, which I plug into any available computer along my eternal pilgrimage. These devices contain an ID number. Internet cafe software (for example "My Cafe Cup") automatically identify them when they are plugged into one of the computers on the network.

Thus, if someone is identified as the owner of such a card, he can be identified each time he plugs it into an internet-connected computer. This is part of what is usually known as the Internet of Things, where all RFID (Radio frequency ID) devices, as well as laptops, computers and memory cards connected to the net viciously pour the data collected about their owners on the World Wide Web.

The matching process is simple. The security services may use an agent within the public internet café to visibly track down the innocent victim (and a person is innocent unless proven otherwise AND entrapment is illegal - why should I need to justify "innocence" in America 2008?). Let's say the innocent citizen works on computer #12, the watcher communicates that (either through a messaging program, email or cellular phone) to the human rights violation center. A fast check through the internet will reveal that an external storage device is attached to the computer. Subsequently, the device's ID number can be found and put in a list of devices to be monitored. An automatic, illegal and silent surveillance has been set up.

In Santa Fe's library I would usually book a computer, patiently wait for my turn (around twelve computers serve a 70,000 strong population), plug in my card and try to accomplish as much as possible in thirty minutes. Identified. Every keystroke is handled by a "key-logger" (it may be hardware or software, but it is unadvertised to the user in any case). Every day I was harassed by a different ASS agent attempting to update a different casefile in my immorally collected personal dossier. Playing the fool, I exclusively updated my travel articles on the web and refused any contact with overly friendly people. My diaries and most of my political articles are kept strictly offline.

In parallel, I did much of my waiting in my host's coffee shop, located a few blocks from the library. Working there was a man who I will identify here only as CR. He presented himself as an ex-marine sniper. He had newspaper clippings proving that. As a former officer in a related position myself, I judged him fit to the job). He tried very hard to gain my confidence. Sensing a setup, I avoided him; he got the clue and kept his distance.

Shortly afterwards he was let go after a customer complained about his behavior. Then, I found out that beyond his military background he had also done jail time. Thus, he fits the profile for working in the ASS: military training and discipline combined with jail time, which can be used to blackmail and manipulate the agent.

CR became a regular fixture at the library, though he kept his distance from me and made no attempts to talk with me except for awkward greetings. I was tired of the parade. My typing was monitored. Strangers approached me and asked specific questions about details in my writing they found interesting. Women stalked me there; the chance they were innate admirers was nil. Clerks became agitated every time I entered. It was time to beat them at their own foul game. The only way to achieve that was to let them think they were smarter and in a position of advantage.

On July 10th, I entered the library as usual. A quick tour revealed CR was in his predator position. I approached the main desk and booked a computer. I got one next to the back entrance, where the computers are placed back to back; an arrangement which was necessary for my plan to work.

I sat next to the computer, connected one of my memory cards to it, and then - unexpectedly - connected a second memory card to the nearest computer behind mine. Thus, to the human rights violation center operators, I appeared to be occupying two different computers at the same time.

Falling into my trap, the confused violator of human rights sent a message to CR. This obedient and backward version of Robocop left his computer, approached me, stuck his head between the two computers, studied the altered wiring, and left without saying a word. Consequently, he began typing furiously at his computer, unaware that he had just disclosed himself.

Another illegal informant - a stinker - had been disclosed; I could call it a day. At my leisure - after all it was my prerogative now - I approached him and said: "You work for the American Security Services."

The Internet of Things can be easily fooled. The total surveillance programs of the American government are an impossible task by definition (it would require more agents than the observed population, or to transform everybody into a willing and fully aware collaborator). They violate human rights (specifically Article 12 of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and will eventually create the same economic breakdown that tore apart the British and Soviet empires. Waiting until these human rights violations become unbearable may prove - again – to be a losing ostrich strategy. We still have time to stop the process.

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