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"That’s it, the problem is the chapter about Arik," told me the son of a prominent GOP politician in January 2010. Shortly before he had requested me to contact him through Skype. "Arik is furious," he had said in the phone call I reported in The Cross of Bethlehem II. “How do you know that?” was my dry answer. My suspicions regarding his loyalties had just been confirmed.

I have too much experience to buy his claim. The Cross of Bethlehem may have been blocked from being published due to the chapter about Arik and related material, but my persecution began due to Dow Chemical and the Siege to the Nativity Basilica during the Defensive Shield Operation in 2002.





At the same time, Arik’s website disappeared. Apparently the Mossad was worried someone in Israel would be able to locate him. The task would have been a very easy one. However, this article is not about Arik, a little traitor that disclosed my plans to write The Cross of Bethlehem to the Shin Beth and has thus an important role in my becoming a refugee. Arik is a prince, the son of the Jewish terrorist that blew up the King David Hotel in 1946. This was the bloodiest ever terror act in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Arik is also an artist. Accordingly, in the late 1990s he made a minor homage to his diseased father using the four British identity cards the father used during the British Mandate over Palestine.

I saw the original work and while in Israel I even possessed one of the few copies; unluckily it was one of the items I left behind me when I left the country in search of a safe refuge. Yet, part of the work was placed on Arik’s website, though the pictures were cut in half and the ID card with his father real name (Silverman at that time) was turned upside down. I recovered that and since Arik is not online anymore, I decided to provide the service of reproducing here the identity cards used by Arik’s father.

The documents are fascinating, almost any word would be superfluous. I just want to mention the UK government should be able to verify the authenticity, since the ID numbers are clearly identifiable. They just can look in their database from the Mandate days.

Is that all? mmm… oh, yes, the name he died with was Jonatan Caspi (Silverman). A Jewish Terrorist.



The Jewish Terrorist

King David Hotel | The Jewish Terrorist

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