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Temple of Terror

In Bolivia, my country of forced residence, less than 50% of the people have bank accounts. Approaching an ATM is a dangerous adventure: sometimes the transaction is registered, but the money is not provided. Working with tellers is not much better; every single transaction involves several employees to make sure money wouldn’t be robbed. International transactions are a nightmare.

It isn’t a secret that an American bank is financially enabling the publication of The Cross of Bethlehem. I admire their moral support, especially since it is clear they have no financial interest: the book generates less than a hundred dollars per month. It’s a good institution, they have won several prizes. Yet, they have committed several small errors along time. Moreover, they were surprised at a simple security measure I took at the beginning of our relation. After the Israeli terrorist attack on me, my measure proved being completely justified: the thieves were unable to damage my account.

The preceding two paragraphs are not the result of my being too picky. Simply, I compare every bank I work with to the Israeli ones. The last are extremely efficient and sophisticated even at their entry level. At their top level they are the basic machinery keeping the TASE – Tel Aviv’s Stock Exchange – running. Without these, the Israeli industrial and military complex would not be able to operate. Thus, errors are not permitted. Israeli banks are the true temples of this society, and the TASE is the main one, the Temple of Terror.


TASE is a small and cozy stock exchange. Ten companies hold 1% or more of its value, with two with well over 10%. The last two are advertised as holding only 9.5% due to local regulations; hiding thus the fact a quarter of the market is driven by two companies: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Israel Chemicals. Also the sectors present within the top ten companies are quite limited: aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, chemical, banking, and telecommunication industries.

Much of the industrial military output of Israel is driven by these few companies. Teva is the pharmaceutical company mentioned in The Cross of Bethlehem; “Agent Arie” – one of the stars in the first part of the book – works there. The company is loosely linked to IIB. Israel Chemicals produces many of the products needed for the production of weapons and ammunitions, including those used for the production of chemical and nuclear weapons. Dow Chemical has close relations with the last and provides chemicals essentials for the operation of the Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona (see The Cross of Bethlehem). RAFAEL may also be in the list of Dow clients, this corporation approached me in the past requesting help on the illegal transfer of American missiles technology to Israel (again, see The Cross of Bethlehem). Once Israel was defined as a Terror State, any investment in TASE companies equals to a terror supporting action. In the case of Teva, it means investing also in bio-terrorism.


In 2004, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church adopted a policy of "phased, selective divestment" from American corporations operating in Israel as a measure for influencing the Israeli government; the companies included: Caterpillar, Citigroup, ITT Industries, Motorola and United Technologies. Sadly, later the church made a sharp turn towards Israel, bending to American Jews’ pressure. In June 2006, the 217th General Assembly overwhelmingly (483-28) replaced the original decision, requiring now the consideration of "practical realities," a "commitment to positive outcomes" and an awareness of the potential impact of strategies on "both the Israeli and Palestinian economies." On the same month, the San Francisco Synod of that church lured me to San Francisco, claiming they’ll get political asylum for me in the USA. Trusting them, I sold my laptop and travelled there with an old Greyhound bus. Once at Berkeley’s East Bay Covenant, their lawyer told me they won’t support me since the publisher of The Cross of Bethlehem wasn’t good enough; it was another zio-trap, another surrender to Jewish pressure. They didn’t even apologize.

On August 15, 2010, Globes (Israel’s financial newspaper) announced that the Harvard Management Company notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had sold all its holdings in Israeli companies during the second quarter of 2010. This included shares in Teva, NICE, Check Point, Cellcom and Partner Communications. No reasons were given, but probably this is the result of the recognition of this Ivy League institution that it was supporting terror and maybe even that the survival chances of Israel (and thus TASE) are slim.

Would other American financial institutions follow Harvard? Is this the beginning of an American awakening to international reality? Time will say; meanwhile Israel’s main Temple of Terror got a bit poorer.

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