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Israeli Administration | Predators

Israeli Administration | Predators


"But Israel is such a humanitarian country" I keep hearing whenever and wherever I expose the reality of a country that has recently been defined as a terror inflicting entity by the UN Human Rights Council.

Invariably, the people saying that know nothing about what's going on in Holy Land. Some of them don't want to hear things that contradicts their delusions, and utterly ignore news. What would do these self-righteous saints – truly Pharisees – if they were to read that on December 14, 2010, the paradigm of human rights violations deported 150 Sudanese refugees? This brave act was performed via a third country, probably Zionist-complacent Egypt, because terrorist aircraft are not allowed to land in Sudan.

”But they were in Israel illegally,” the self-righteous saints are thinking now. That's inexact. The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees set a mechanism allowing former illegal border crossings by people being persecuted, the last meaning their Human Rights being violated. I know because I am such a formally recognized refugee. The Sudanese refugees fled the still active Darfur conflict, having faced death danger in their homes. The conflict is so active, that a referendum on South Sudan independence is about to take place on January 9, 2011; more violence is expected since the north opposes it. Some of the deportees were in Israel since 2006. They were not a security threat to Israel since then. Moreover, not all the Sudanese refugees have been deported. What's going on here?

Israel claims all the deportees left out of their own will. Haaretz - an Israeli newspaper that doubles as the unofficial Voice of the Shin Beth - claims the refugees were put in jail and given the option to stay there or board the planes to Sudan. Using such definitions it could be claimed that the Nazi concentration camps were state-sponsored summer resorts. Moreover, this exemplary Voice of Freedom explicitly says the deportees would face death for being suspects of having been recruited as Zionists spies. Given Israel's past in Africa (see The Cross of Bethlehem and On Israeli Crimes in Africa and Western Media) both are plausible; i.e. they probably have been recruited and probably would be killed for that. Is that why this specific group is being sent? More Zionist-spies in their way to exploit Africa? Is a third-rate informants network justify the effort?

The Sudanese are not a strange sight in Israel. Since the state's early days, Israeli Arabs (Palestinians with Israeli citizenship) were pushed into the building industry, whereas other industries and occupations were denied to them. After 1967, Palestinians from the occupied territories began building Israel as well. Most of modern Israel was constructed by Palestinians. At certain stage, foreign workers were allowed in to replace the Palestinian work. Most of them come from Turkey, Rumania, Nigeria, Colombia, Thailand and the Philippines. They come with short term contracts through special agencies and are treated almost as slaves. Even the right to worship is denied to them; as a consequence, Tel Aviv features a large number of underground churches. Follow the workers on Sunday mornings and you'll find them. Many of these workers have families; some got married in Israel and had children. The children are not recognized by the state of Israel, despite having been born in Israel - nor basic social rights. 1200 such children live in harsh conditions regularly denounced by organizations like "Israeli Children." The Israeli Administration doesn't care if they are hungry or if they attend school; to put that in simple terms, they are not Jews. Yet, thousands of illegal workers are openly allowed to stay, including many Sudanese ones. Thus, why is this group of Sudanese being partially deported?

Israel likes hiding its deeds under a humanitarian cover. The international press and Hollywood are glad to help. Almost a year ago a friend forwarded me an email mentioning the Israeli help to Haiti after a devastating earthquake there. The phrasing of the email used some of Justice Goldstone words against Israel in order to praise that terror state. It mentioned the Israeli population size, saying no country of that size contributed so much help to the Haitians victims. It avoided mentioning the help was through a military unit (belonging to "Pikud Haoref" - the Home Front Command) that gets substantial economic help from the US. It forgot to mention the unit is always desperate to find practicing grounds and that it pushes itself everywhere it is accepted. Costs do not matter. Uncle Obama pays. The following favorable media is an extra bonus.

Could it be that Israel expected no laboral benefits from this subset of the Sudanese refugees population in Israel and thus deported it? It didn't take long finding out most of the deportees were old or families with small children, again, Haaretz was generous with the details it provided. Israel always commits its crimes in the open. Israel had deported those refugees unable to become veggie-growing slaves in the kibbutzim. Bravo, Bibi!

"Kooshi" is Hebrew for "Nigger," and Israel is just another slaving nation.

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