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Snugly Smuggling Sudanese

they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silverMatthew 26:15



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Away from the real estate headlines, Afeka is one of the richest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. It lacks the shiny splendor of Ramat Aviv 'C' and other tower-plagued enclaves owned by the nouveau riche, but the secluded low houses leave no doubt that the people living there are veteran millionaires, because land is worth a fortune in the over-crowded Holy Land. Its quiet streets are located next to the highway leading to the airport; Israeli millionaires always have valid exit tickets and are ready to leave at the first sign of trouble. In the early morning, a visitor would see a peculiar sight: African and Filipino domestic workers rushing to buy fresh bread. The Zionist dream was built by Palestinian construction workers and is maintained by foreign workers from Nigeria, the Phillipines, Romania, Turkey, Nepal and Thailand.

IDF Detention Camp

IDF Detention Camp with Sudanese captured near Egypt
Smuggling: Contraband and Corruption in World History

South Sudanese Woman deported from Israel on June 13, 2012

South Sudanese Woman deported from Israel on June 13, 2012
Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America

The Hard Life of Zionist Africans

Terror in Tel Aviv describes the violence that African migrant workers experience in Tel Aviv. It goes beyond racial discrimination. A kindergarten that accepted African kids was hit last year by Molotov bottles thrown by members of the Jewish extreme right. Prominent rabbi Yisrael Rozen recently rejected African workers, he said, "There is no need to say many words regarding the national danger originating in thousands of infiltrators every month, and in the many tens-of-thousands of Sudanese and Eritreans that fill up southern Tel Aviv overflowing from there to all the cities and villages of the country. They are foreigners who ruin the very fragile demography of Israel. They don't work, they drink, rape, rob and are violent; they frighten the neighbors, and because of their numbers, they can't be spread out one in the city and two in the village. They are an economic burden, that eats food that is not enough to feed its legal owners!" Was Rabbi Rozen paraphrasing a Nazi discourse on Jews?


Netanyahu's office admitted to automatically rejecting requests by African refugees to convert to Jusaism. This would award them automatic citizenship. An especially obnoxious case is the one of a Filipino woman, Evelyn Belseng, who arrived in Israel legally, through an employment agency. She married Michael David, a religious Israeli Jew, and they have a child. After her husband died, she was thrown out of the country; according to Jewish Halakha (similar to the Muslim Sharia Law), the child is not Jewish. Jews take pride in what they call "Jewish Heart;" it is impossible to understand on what they base their preposterous claim, unless they mean "heart of hatred," in an inversion typical of Hebrew+.

Northern Sinai - Sudanese cross this dangerous area in their way to Israel

Northern Sinai - Sudanese cross this dangerous area on their way to Israel


The Easy Life of Zionists in Africa

Rabbi Yisrael Rozen made truly ugly accusations against the people performing the work he and his flock refuse to do. His accusations are unproven and thus worthless. In contrast, the doubtful deals conducted by the State of Israel in Africa are well documented; in the past I listed the most prominent ones in On Israeli Crimes in Africa and Western Media. Just to add some color to this paragraph, let me mention that as of September 2010, seven Israelis, all ex-military men, were behind bars in four African countries on gunrunning charges. All had been licensed by Israel's Defense Ministry. In 1989-90, Yair Gal Klein (a former lieutenant colonel and special forces commander in the IDF) spent 16 months in a Sierra Leone prison for selling guns for blood diamonds. Shimon Naor-Hershkowitz, a former commando and senior officer in the Israeli navy, is currently being held in France and is expected to be extradited to Romania to serve an 11-year prison term imposed in 1999 for forging documents to buy weapons in Romania destined for Western-backed Angolan rebels. Gideon Sarig is in a British prison serving a seven-year sentence imposed in 2010 for selling arms to various organizations in Venezuela, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon and Sri Lanka. Ofer Pazaf is in a U.S. jail awaiting trial on charges of plotting to bribe U.N. and African officials for an arms deal. He is president of an Israeli company that works as an intermediary for Israel's defense industry. Arrested with him are two other Israelis, Yohanan Cohen and Haim Gary, both top executives of defense-related companies. Hanoch Miller is also jailed in America. He was arrested on charges of attempting to sell thousands of AK-47s to Somaliland, an autonomous region in northern Somalia. All were licensed by Israel's Defense Ministry.

Thus, according to the Jewish Heart, Israeli Jews are allowed to commit crimes in Africa while Africans in Israel can be accused without evidence. Awesome!

Smuggling the Sudanese

On February 26, 2013, the Israeli government acknowledged that in recent months, it sent back to Sudan at least one thousand Sudanese lacking work permits. Since the two countries are technically at war, the workers were sent through a third country. In the past, Egypt played a role in this, thus probably it was the intermediator, especially since Israel emphasized that the Sudanese wouldn't be able to find out that the returning refugees came from Israel. In other words, they crossed overland.

Slaving State

Slaving State
Borderland Smuggling: Patriots, Loyalists, and Illicit Trade in the Northeast, 1783-1820

Sudanese passports state that their carriers are not allowed to enter Israel. Israel's official policy is to avoid deportations to hostile countries. Israel broke its own laws, and sent the deported people to a country that will jail them for being in Israel. In September 2007, Sudan's Foreign Affairs Ministry stated, "being in Israel is a crime;" the country's president stated that Sudanese who had been in Israel would be punished. Israel acknowledged the threats in various cases that reached Israeli courts; invariably the State claimed that it wouldn’t deport Sudanese to Sudan because "their lives would be in danger." Michael Bavli, the head representative of UNHCR in Israel, declared in 2008, "deporting the Sudanese to Sudan would be Israel's worst transgression against the UN treaties it signed; it would be a crime never before committed." In October 2012, this was officially supported by the UNHCR. Everybody, including Israel, agrees that the deportations were wrong. Yet, Israel violated the refugees.

Under threat, the deportees were forced to sign a document titled "Willing Deportation." This was forced by Israel's Population Authority, which refused to explain its crime. The Foreign Affairs Ministry and Ministry of Justice claimed that the topic was under the jurisdiction of the Population Authority and thus they couldn't comment. Why do the People accept such answers? Countries must answer; they are not above the law, even if they are Zionists, even if they are named "Israel." Evil in this case cannot be restricted to the Population Authority, a second rate institution in charge of formalities. It is unthinkable that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice were not aware of the forced deportation. It is unthinkable that they didn't, at least, silently agree to the event. This is state-originated evil. Following the always growing list of Israeli crimes in Africa, a new one was added: smuggling of Sudanese. The entire operation, especially the use of a third country as a decoy towards the Sudanese authorities, is nothing but state-run human trafficking, the smuggling of refugees against their own will. The international community, as always, is blind to Israeli crimes.


+Instead of uttering insults, Hebrew favors inverting blasphemous words. For example, in English, Job 2:9 reads "Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die." This text is unthinkable in Hebrew due to its blasphemy. The Hebrew original reads "bless God and die." The hint of the inversion is in the logical fallacy achieved.

+ +

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