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As recently analyzed in Tunisia, Egypt… Israel?, Egypt is in flames since January 25. As of today, February 8, there is no clear solution, though Egypt’s Dictator has announced he won’t run again for office. Even Mubarak’s closest ally – the USA – has abandoned him and is clearly asking for a regime change. A change, but only for as long as the new regime would stay loyal to its Western puppeteers.

Israel’s Future | Israel Doesn’t Listen

Israel Doesn’t Listen | Luke 22:20 “This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you”


Nearby, across Egypt’s’ eastern border, Israel panicked for two reasons. First, as described in the first article of this series, because the protests may spread into Israel. The last is no less a police state than Mubarak’s Egypt was, or than Tunisia or Yemen. If Tunisians were brave enough to revolt against evil, then also Israelis may do so in the near future. Israel panicked; Netanyahu sneezed. For the first time since the 1979 Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty was signed, Israel allowed the entrance of Egyptian troops to the Sinai Desert. 800 soldiers were allowed into Sharm al-Sheikh in a desperate attempt to save Mubarak and his despotic regime. What terrifies The Ugandans (the triad of army officers who participated in Operation Entebbe and that by the beginning of 2011 had finally taken over Israel) is a combination of events. Inner riots in Israel may be suppressed quickly and brutally; but if during the events Israel is attacked from outside, then it would be unable to deploy the IDF and probably would be easily defeated. The events in Egypt announce a strategic shift that may bring that scenario a bit closer.

Any solution in Egypt would create a coalition government, at least for a transition period. That means the largest opposition group in the country would enter its government for the first time. I’m referring to The Society of the Muslim Brothers, a political group founded in 1928, the world's oldest and largest such party. Even if not threatening directly Israel, the last would react hysterically. The New York Times and Pharisees International would publish lengthy editorials cursing and defaming anything Egyptian and Muslim. Egyptian food would be banned in New York, London and Tel Aviv. Many books vilifying Islam would be published by Random House. Meanwhile, hiding in the dark as vile cockroaches, other changes would be made by more obscure entities.

”Pikud Darom” is the Hebrew name for the IDF’s Southern Command. It used to be the largest one in the army; its most infamous commander was one Ariel Sharon, who later became Prime Minister of the Zionist state. However, after the peace agreement with Egypt is was almost dismantled. The peace with Jordan resulted in its further weakening. As of today, it has no regular units. Three reserve divisions and two territorial divisions (which have no organic troops) form the whole of the command. That allowed the IDF to reinforce its other fronts at very little cost. If the situation changes in Egypt; Israel would add at least one regular division brought from the other fronts. That means less troops stationed in front of Hezbollah, and less troops available for the further terrorizing of the Palestinian population in the West Bank. That’s because Israel cannot enlarge its army; it can only play with the way it is stationed.

Probably, the Muslim Brothers are not planning any attacks. Unlike Israel, they have never conducted violent politic campaigns. However, Israel’s hysteria may precipitate its end by creating the provocation (dangerous moves of troops) and opportunity (weakening of its borders). Certain trivial events may then precipitate Israel’s last war. There would be no better example of Godly Justice: evil being defeated by the same terror it so desperately tries to inflict.

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