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Israel to issue "White Money"

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At certain moments, it gets embarrassing. Why should I make public my past links with these people? Why should I throw dirt on my own name? Yet, if not doing that, I would be promoting violence and racism.

I would never have commented on this issue. I would have never read such an article. Yet, the title chosen was impossible to ignore. "White Money: Where did the Mizrahim disappear?" is the name of an article published today by Yedioth Ahronot, Israel's largest paid newspaper.

Israel's Planned New White Money Notes

Israel's Planned New "White Money" Notes
The Racial State

Sephardic Note - Not in the List

Sephardic Note* - Not in the List
Racism: A Very Short Introduction

The Facts

The article was published on the same day, April 28, 2013, in which the Israeli government approved the decision taken by a committee led by Justice (ret) Jacob Turkel to replace four existing banknotes, to be retired in 2017, with the ones portrayed in the picture above. Turkel? Yes, it is the same person. Justice Turkel led the Israeli committee that investigated the crimes committed by the Shayetet 13 Naval Commando during the Gaza's Freedom Flotilla. In his biased report, the Justice exonerated the outrageous violence against civilians while ignoring the fact that Israel was acting on international waters. Yet, racists love biased judges; Netanyahu chose him again to lead issues of vital interest to Zion.

The eminent judge took a decision to honor poets. The new 20 shekel (roughly $5) note shows an image of Rachel Bluwstein and will be issued in 2014. Few Israelis know her name; she is known as Rachel the Poetess as stated on the new note. At the same time, will be issued the 100 shekel note, showing an image of Leah Goldberg, whom Netanyahu values five times more than Rachel the Poetess.

Alas, they are both women. The two other notes show men and would be issued during 2013, months before the female-notes. Bravo Bibi, at least you are consistent in your discrimination. The rather intimidating 50 shekel note, shows Shaul Tchernichovsky; finally, the 200 shekel note shows Nathan Alterman. Alterman was Jew, the other was a Russian, why this is not reflected in the issuing date? Finally, all of them were regarded as Ashkenazi Jews, thus the headline: "White Money: Where did the Mizrahim disappear?" Turkel addressed this question.

"White Money: Where did the Mizrahim disappear?"


Turkel, who is not a Turk, is definetely a bigot

Uri Milshtein is the grandson of Rachel the Poetess' sister. He was one of those requested to react to the odd choice. "The best Israelis or Jews should be represented," he said, emphasizing that there should be not be "inverse discrimination" in order to fix the ongoing discrimination against Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews.

Justice (ret.) Turkel was also allowed to react. He criticised the critiques, and then added "there were here honest thoughts and considerations, to play these days on racist issues is superfluous... this is a silly issue...it is meaningless." Honorable Justice, if that is so meaningless, how come that 100% of the chosen belong to your cultural subgroup? Beyond that, would you chose a Jew who is neither Ashkenazi or Sephardic to be honored by the State of Israel? Could Sarit Hadad (a Mountain Jew) get a note of her own? Maybe even a little coin...

Surprisingly, even Netanyahu reacted. He said that maybe in 10 to 15 years, when these new notes would be replaced, Rabbi Yeudah HaLevi* would be featured in a note (see image above). This is the opportunity to remind Mr. Milshtein, Justice Turkel, and Prime Minister Netanyahu that Yehuda HaLevi's work is several levels above anything written by those appearing in the new White Money. Yet, this fact matters little. The Ku Klux Klan knows better.

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* The Sephardic note proposed shows the image of Rabbi Yeudah Halevi. One of his better known poems is titled "My Heart is in the East" by Yehuda Halevi. The first line reads: "Libi Bamizrach Va'ani Besof Ma'arav," which means "My heart is in the East and I'm in West's end." He was in Spain at the time and was writing about Jerusalem.

Emirate of Cordova

Emirate of Cordova 900AD

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