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Likud Leader: Israeli Courts Corrupted

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged—Matthew 7:2



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"There are judges in Jerusalem"

The title above quotes Prime Minister Menachem Begin's most famous words; he said them in 1978, after the Supreme Court accepted the State's position on the expropriation of land for the Beit El settlement. Begin was a lawyer, it is safe to assume that the Justices too had at least some legal training. Yet, they ignored the fact that Israel is a Geneva Conventions' signatory country. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of an occupying power’s civilian population into occupied territory; thus the Israeli settlements in the West bank clearly violate it. Israel disputes that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the Palestinian territories, claiming that they had not been legally held by a sovereign prior to Israel taking control of them. Israel's interpretation has been rejected by the International Court of Justice and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged
Evil and the Justice of God

Begin's words were the first official acknowledgment by an Israeli Prime Minister that Israeli courts are politically motivated, actively serving the government that pays the Justices' salaries. A few days ago, it was published that settlers gave false testimony to the Supreme Court. The latter accepted an obvious lie as truth, but changed its decision after it was caught red-handed by the lawyers defending the Palestinian owners of the land. Luckily, one doesn't need to trust that writer on this issue. On the same day, January 7, 2013, former candidate to lead Likud, Moshe Feiglin, spoke in the 10th Jerusalem Encounter of B'Sheva, the settler main newspaper; it was later reported by Channel 7 and other Hebrew media. He said, "The people lost trust in the corrupt courts." This was just the beginning of a truly sincere speech.

And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge,

And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge,—Isaiah 5:3
The Message of Judges

Netanyahhu's Nemesis

To define Moshe Feiglin as Netanyahu's Nemesis is a bit of an overstatement. Yet, he is the clearest alternative to Netanyahu's leadership that Likud has. Rooted in Religious Zionism, he established in 1996 "Manhigut Yehudit" ("Jewish Leadership"), an attempt to foster Jewish leadership for Israel. In year 2000, this movement joined Likud. In December 2005, Feiglin ran for Likud chairman against Netanyahu and won 12.5% of the votes. In the August 2007 primaries, Feiglin received 23.4% of the votes while Netanyahu got 72.8%. In the January 2012 primaries, Feiglin got 23% of the vote. In November 2012, Feiglin was placed 15th on the list of Likud MKs. This awarded him the 22nd place in the joint Likud-Beiteinu list. In other words, he is a prominent leader of Likud.

Moshe Feiglin

Moshe Feiglin, former candidate to lead Likud | at the B'Sheva Encounter

"They take authority that was not given by the people..."

This long introduction shows that the speaker cannot be easily brushed aside. He knows Israeli reality; this knowledge brought him to say about Israeli courts, "when they take authority that was not given by the people, and then they direct the national agenda, they commit corruption that is worse than financial corruption." He expanded, "More than being worried about the corruption cases recently exposed, I am worried that persons that were not chosen by the people take decisions regarding against whom investigations would be opened and against whom not. In such a way, they own a remote control that allows them to manipulate the state, against the will of its citizens and their elected leaders."

He had no trouble to find a recent example, namely Lieberman's indictment. "After ten years of investigation, charges were placed. When? Two minutes before the elections. The game is political. One of the players took advantage of somebody who got politically hurt [Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Danny Ayalon] so that he gave testimony. Thus, where is the real corruption? Where is the essential corruption?" Then he added a pivotal point, "We can decide whether to vote for Lieberman or not; in contrast, any attempt to create a public control system [on the court], fails time and again." In other words, the judges are above the law and politically motivated.

"The people have lost trust in judges; a large part of the people do not consider the claims portrayed by judges as moral evidence." In his smart, sharp words, Feiglin failed to match Begin's succinct elegance: "There are judges in Jerusalem."

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