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The Saving Shalit Business

The Saving Shalit Business | On Gilad Shalit and the Dollar Link


Amused, I looked at the headlines blaring on the Hebrew media: Noam and Aviva Shalit were to begin a long walk to Benjamin Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem, where they plan to stay until their son – Gilad Shalit – would be released. Not that Netanyahu has their son; Gilad is kept by the Hamas in Gaza.

Noam and Aviva are not naïve. They are watching the Israeli Administration self-advertised efforts to liberate Gilad since 2006 and they are now convinced this organization is not interested in exchanging prisoners with the Palestinian Authority. If they trusted Israel, they would make demonstrations towards Gaza.

In this context the reaction of the Hamas looks innocent. Apparently, they expect to exchange the captured soldier for a large number of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. This could be a reasonable assumption; but facts prove it wrong. If it was a simple question of negotiating the deal – who would be released in exchange – then we would see direct or indirect negotiation efforts. That would be done through the Red Cross or by any neutral organization or individual. After a while a compromise would be reached.

What we saw was a very different type of reaction. In the “Summer Showers” (Gishmei Kaitz) operation, the IDF entered Gaza during the second half of 2006 and conducted twelve different attacks against Palestinian targets. Israel claimed it was an attempt to find and free Shalit. Many were killed: 277 Palestinians and 5 Israelis, but Shalit was not found. This was a very strange act. It cannot be explained by an attempt to save lives. On a moral basis you gain nothing – to say the least – by committing a minor genocide in an attempt to save one person. What was going on? Why do Noam and Aviva Shalit openly think the Israeli Administration is to blame?

Reality folds up in strange ways. The answer to the question is related to the military unit Gilad Shalit did belong. Brigade 188 – also known as Barak (lightning) – is a subunit of Division 36, the unit controlling the occupied Golan Heights. This division’s activities within Syria are described in The Cross of Bethlehem. The brigade is based on Merkava tanks. The last were designed and constructed in Israel. They suffer of purposely designed weaknesses. They feature weak tops and bottoms and require frequent maintaining services; in fact every few hours of engine activity they must be thoroughly checked out. Why is this important?

Simply: everything from the construction of the tank to its maintaining is performed in Israel by Israeli companies. The Israeli economy is managed by very few families. They make huge profits of military activities; especially since a large chunk of Israel military expenses are paid by Uncle Obama. They don’t care if Shalit is free or not: they care about the IDF moving around as much as possible; this means fresh dollars for their deep pockets.

Under the state-sponsored Stasi-styled propaganda, the Israeli Administration makes efforts – from Hollywood to Wall Street – to portray itself as an organization concerned with personal suffering of its citizens and soldiers. Yet, if looking at its actions, time and again we find a different attitude. The Iron Dome anti-missiles system is not being developed to protect Sderot, but to defend Singapore against highly paranoiac presumed attacks. Shalit freedom is of no consequences; in fact its captivity is much more profitable for the Zionist Deep Pockets’ Oligarchy.

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