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Donniel Hartman has rabbinical ordination given by his own institute. That seems to summarize him better than anything else. Donniel Hartman is the president of Shalom Hartman Institute and a good Pharisee on the Frequent Flier line connecting Fifth Avenue with Savion (an exclusive neighborhood near Tel Aviv).

On March 9, 2010, he published an article called “Engaging Israel: Beyond Advocacy.” After scanning a few of its lines, I was surprised and actually read all of it. Its high levels of self-deception where covered up by a thick coat of Pharisaic sweet understatements, several favorable comments at its bottom, and – for those understanding a Hebrew mind – a strong tone of “How can we cannot fool them anymore?” But, I’m rushing ahead.

Almost at the beginning he states: “We Israelis and Jews must have no problem with constructive criticism. Our tradition has taught us that criticism is first and foremost an act of love and loyalty.” That’s when the Goldstone Report stated that Israel persecutes critiques. That’s after I was recognized by a Third World country under the 1951 Geneva Convention as a refugee due to religious/political persecution by the State of Israel. That’s when at least another Israeli citizen got recognized by Canada as such (though later he suffered persecution there and is now in Europe). My book The Cross of Bethlehem was violently stopped of being published by the State of Israel by the mainstream publishers until recently it was published in a Print on Demand Program of Amazon. Yet, Hartman used the word “must,” hinting that something is wrong and must be changed. For that, he got my attention.

”When we define all criticism of Israel's policies as anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic, we are neither accurate nor serving Israel's interests.” Yes, I’m listening Hartman. Shortly after, he added about the Jewish attitude toward the State of Israel: “We must support Israel either because:
1. Israel is necessary as a safe haven in the event of a new Holocaust;
2. The survival of the State of Israel is in danger;
3. Israel is a central ally in the West's war against the "Axis of Evil."
Besides being mutually contradictory, a common feature of all three as stated is that are increasingly irrelevant.”

In other words, Hartman accepts the fact the Israeli narrative is false. He understands that so well, that he even adds good examples.

I grew up in a kibbutz located in the Jordan Valley. Its main narrative of the Zionist Mythos was based on the creation of a New Jew. That meant throwing away everything old and accepting “Work” as a value (!!!) and Communist equality as an ideal. No God and no Bible. No Faith and no Love. No values. Work, work, work for the leaders and shut up! Was Hartman defending the victims of this system? Was a Pharisee saying: “I’m sorry, I committed an error, please forgive me.?”

Increasingly interested, I kept reading and found the pathetic answer of Hartman in two different paragraphs, the emphasis showing it was no error. He says: “The Jewish community is not in need of an Israel advocacy campaign of facts and figures alone, but also of a new Jewish narrative based on Jewish ideas and values for engaging Israel in a way that will help integrate Israel into a modern Jewish identity. Jews today need to be able to address crucial questions for which they currently do not know the answer.” Hartman wants a “new Jewish narrative.” A new Pharisee or a new Communist, or God knows what new lie he is planning.

Hartman, do you want a New Jew? Are you tired of kibbutzim and moshavim? Are you tired of the indefatigable conspirators at the Shin Beth and the Mossad? Are you disgusted with the War Crimes of General Ashkenazi? Do you repudiate the systematic violations of human rights perpetrated by the State of Israel? Do you reject Phariseism, Zionism and Zio-Phariseim? Do you deny Satan and the Talmud? No problemo, Schwartz! Become the New Jew you so desperately and pathetically are trying to create while it has been next to you for two millennia. Next Sunday enter at the nearest non-Zionist Church. Jesus – the only Christ – is waiting you.

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