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Rafah: Egypt recognizes Palestinian Independence



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Rafah Border Crossing | The Egyptian Side

Rafah Border Crossing | The Egyptian Side



A few days ago, in The Day Palestine was Born, I claimed Palestinian independence may be declared even before a formal resolution of the UN General Assembly on September 2011 if Israel attempted to delay or sabotage the inevitable. Making such statements is dodgy, there are so many variables influencing this type of complex events that things may turn out differently. Yet, political inertia is a strange beast, easily capable of beating sunlight in a race. Egypt made – and then repeated – a very unexpected statement.

A Boomerang Hits the West

In Is Zuckerberg Mossad? and many other articles in this website, different methods of operation of Western security services were discussed. Facebook, Twitter, Google and other internet giants serve them well as information gathering tools and for information access manipulation. By doing so they violate the very basic laws of their own societies that on the paper promise all the beautiful freedoms we can read at Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They sinned purposely and were unrepentant. As such, they were to be punished.

Tamir Pardo and his counterparts at the CIA, MI6 and other international terror agencies probably can’t sleep well at night after discovering Facebook and Twitter played a key role in the ousting of their favorite yes-man: Hosni Mubarak, the Last Pharaoh of Egypt. A boomerang hit the West. Mabruk, Mubarak! Bless you, Mubarak!

A New Egypt

On the last week of April 2011 the post-Mubarak government made two important announcements regarding the Rafah Border Crossing. Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi told Al-Jazeera that within seven to 10 days, the crossing would be opened in order to alleviate the "blockade and suffering of the Palestinian nation." He added that the former Egyptian government decision to seal it off was "shameful." Then, the Israeli Army Radio reported that the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces General Sami Anan warned Israel against interfering with Egypt's plan to open the Rafah Border Crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis, saying it was not a matter of Israel's concern.

This wasn’t a boomerang, but a clean nuclear weapon dropped on Israel. De facto, in this declaration the new Egypt had recognized Palestinian independence.

Palestinian Authority and Jail

When Rabin signed the agreement with the PLO that defined the Palestinian Authority, he had a hard time explaining it to the Israeli public. Eventually he paid for that with his live.

His rhetoric was interesting. He gave emphasis to the “Authority” part of the name. “It’s like the Postal Authority,” he explained, implying the Palestinian Authority wasn’t independent and wasn’t to be feared. Israel features several “authorities,” institutions responsible for various services, like the … “Postal Authority.”

Technically, that’s the situation until now. The Palestinian Authority is the Israeli government body responsible for most civil affairs in most of the Occupied Territories.

The Palestinian Authority was for many years a closed jail. Its citizens were surrounded by the IDF and couldn’t cross freely to Jordan and Egypt. The situation was especially desperate in the tiny and overpopulated Gaza Strip. Then the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Egypt was opened on November 25, 2005. It was sporadically open until June 25, 2006; during this period Israel kept it closed during most of the days. In June 2007, it was closed entirely by Egypt after the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip. From that moment onwards, Egypt became the “bad-cop” in the service of Israel. The Americans paid the bill, Hosni Mubarak bought $25000 suits with his name discreetly tailored along their classy strips, and Israel kept claiming it was the victim, while scores of Palestinians died.

Yet, the winds of change are turning into a hurricane, with all old international agreement crumbling under the weight of their injustice. Now, another brick came off the Western Wall of Injustice, when the new Egypt told Israel that what happened between Egypt and the Palestinian Authority wasn’t Israel’s business. At that moment, Egypt stopped recognizing it as an Israeli government authority and de facto – still without an official statement – recognized an independent Palestine. Mabruk!

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