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Teenager Used by Israeli Police

Teenager Used by Israeli Police | Israel is a Terror State


Mahmud Gnayem was his name. It looks such a basic and simple statement when dealing with his assassination; yet, it is hardly mentioned in the Hebrew media. The spotlight is on his Jewish assassin: Shahar Mizrahi.

Mahmud Gnayem – please let me repeat the name a few times for the sake of justice – was 24 years old when he was killed in Pardes Hannah, during a 2006 raid on car thieves, by an Israeli policeman.

Mahmud Gnayem's cousin, Waji Ghanaim, who arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting, said that the car was parked on the side of the road at the time of the shooting, meaning the victim couldn’t have been running away from the police. The victim wasn’t armed, yet Mizrahi shot him to death. In 2009, Mizrahi was sentenced to a mere 15 months in prison. He appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court, and said there that the shooting was intentional and that his life was not in danger during the event. Yet, he insisted he acted out of self-defense. For being illogical, his sentence was doubled to 30 months in July 2010. Yet, this is dirty cheap for a cold blood assassination. During all this time, Mizrahi hadn’t been relieved from his duties as policeman. Isn’t this entire event a bit strange?

For those slightly acquainted with the Israeli police brutality, this isn’t a surprise. Even the fact this brutality is based on ethnic and religious grounds is not news. If you don’t believe these words, just look at the very famous picture at the top of this page. To complicate the analysis of its brutal behavior, the police doesn’t release a very important piece of information; namely the ratio between its Palestinian and Jewish victims. Yet, this is easy. Since the year 2000, the Israeli police had assassinated roughly fifty people; out of them apparently there was not even one Jew. Otherwise, it would had been publicly denounced and dealt with until the police chief would have resigned. 50:0 for the Palestinian victims. Shame for the racist Jewish police.

Shahar Mizrahi

Assassin Shahar Mizrahi

It’s not only the light sentence and the worrying killings ratio. Senior officers claimed that "the court doesn't know the situation on the ground." By this, they reject the ruling, implying the Supreme Court is right only when it rules in favor of the police.

In another sign that the Israeli police rejects the rule of law, officers said "We will respect the court's decision;" insinuating they have a choice.

Moreover, Israel Police Inspector General David Cohen and Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said they ask a pardon for Mizrahi from President Shimon Peres. Would Peres prove himself again as disdainful of the law?

Mahmud Gnayem was his name.

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