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Tomorrow, May 29, 2010, the Freedom Flotilla is scheduled to reach Gaza. Nine ships from Turkey, Ireland, England, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus are planning to deliver a lifeline to Gaza’s denizens, who live under maritime siege since June 2007. The IDF – under the command of General Ashkenazi - will attempt to block the flotilla.

The facts are worrying. Gaza’s 1.5 million people need 1300 containers of merchandise and foods passing from Israel across the Karni Crossing every day. Less than 20% of that is allowed by the Israeli Administration. Israel had illegally created a country-sized concentration camp, where hungry people die from treatable illnesses. It is a planned annihilation of the Palestinian population, in other words a genocide perpetrated by Israel.

In the following days we’ll find out if this courageous flotilla will defeat Goliath. Meanwhile, I want to ask something. Is this siege an isolated crime or part of a systematic approach by the Israeli Administration?

This action – Israel blocking or confiscating the Freedom Flotilla – is a clear act of piracy. I can imagine His Honorable Excellency Meir Dagan banging at my door after dark, claiming that piracy is defined as: “a war-like act committed by private parties (not affiliated with any government) that engage in acts of robbery and/or criminal violence at sea,” and thus by definition Israel cannot be a pirate. My answer is clear: Israel is not sovereign, and thus rates as a Jolly Roger’s gang.

The following list is very partial and can be easily expanded, yet it manages to prove the point:
Piracy toward other nations: Just before the incident in Hainan Island, when the Chinese captured an American spy aircraft and got direct access to classified technologies, Israel sold to China other radar technologies acquired from the US. The US didn’t agree to this deal (and this is the understatement of the new century), but this was the price Israel paid for the normalization of the relations between China and Israel. Moreover, I had described also the siphoning out of science from other nations by Israel.
Piracy from an Occupied Nation: the confiscation of Palestinian lands in the Occupied Territories and even within the Green Line is a well documented topic. So well documented, that people often forget about it.
Piracy Toward Citizens: in The Cross of Bethlehem I describe the theft of Bank Hapoalim by the Israeli Government. This public owned bank was nationalized by the state together with other major banks due to a fraud that involved manipulation of the shares price. Later, it was decided to sell it; instead of giving it back to the legal owners – the cheated shareholders – the government gave it to an American citizen who took a loan from the second largest Israeli bank. The decision apparently was the result of the American citizen links with the Mossad. The same scheme was applied with other involved banks.
Piracy Towards Refugees: even defenseless refugees are in the list "to be robbed" of the State of Israel.

This behavior is systematic and criminal. We don’t need to invent a name for it: Piracy. Justice Goldstone – and subsequently the United Natons Human Rights Council – defined Israel as a Terrorist Entity, but the Freedom Flotilla event proves that it is also a Pirate Nation.

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