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Queen Elizabeth of Kinkish Walsingham

Queen Elizabeth of Kinkish Walsingham

I was looking at the picture of a placid grandmother. Despite her age, her features were well preserved; “I have never worked,” the soft wrinkles proudly declared. Yet, she was holding a barely visible smoking gun on her gloved hand. In July 2011, Queen Elizabeth II had proved again the human rights violation techniques designed by Francis Walsingham during the reign of the original Queen Elizabeth are still well, alive, and causing much misery to Britons.

The gun is barely visible and even then covered up with a lot of media trash. Simply, the affair is going on since 2005 and given the low quality of mainstream media reports (for example, they often avoid presenting a whole affair in a single article), most people get lost in a plethora of details. Thus, let me make a very short review, before reaching the ongoing scandal.

In January 2007, the News of the World's (NoW) then royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire were jailed for hacking into the mobile phones of royal aides. Then-editor Andy Coulson resigned but claimed he did not know about the practice. This was the result of a story about Prince William's knee injury published in November 2005; it indicated that voicemail messages were being intercepted.

In July 2009, The Guardian newspaper reported that NoW journalists had been involved in the hacking of up to 3,000 celebrities, politicians and sports stars' phones. A series of police inquiries and legal cases have shown the practice was widespread, with implications for the police, celebrities, politicians and even victims of crime and their families. On July 6, 2011, the Metropolitan Police chief vowed that officers who took payments from NoW publisher News International would be disciplined. That means the British police recognized involvement on the hacking of citizens’ phones. This is a clear violation of article 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which defends our Right to Privacy. The same day the British Prime Minister promised (yet another) full investigation on the institutional crimes.

The reason for the resurrection of the case in mid-2011 is horrible. It was found that victims of crime and their families - including relatives of the 7/7 bombing victims, murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and the parents of murdered Soham girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - were among those having had their phones hacked by the police. The police systematically collected the last personal messages sent from and to the victims. Did the police officers later tell jokes about the sentimental farewells? Are the messages attached to the billboards of every British police station? Did the police suspect the murdered schoolgirls were the masterminds behind the attacks? Nobody knows why the police performed these ugly violations. Nobody knows if the collected data has been properly destroyed. The police are not apologizing. They are failing to understand they are committing crimes against the victims and their country, since it is against British law to intercept voicemail messages on mobile phones.

Let me be clear, these are not just allegations. The first case of the complex affair was proven in court. However, that means little nowadays; more important, on 10 April 2011 an official apology was made on the NoW website and on page two of the newspaper for intercepting voicemails between 2004 and 2006. There is no way of denying the crimes.

Secure Communications

Secure Communications | Illegitimately Blocked by Western Governments

How is this related to the placid – yet armed – grandmother at the beginning of the article? In the awkward UK monarchic system, Elizabeth II is the sovereign. Thus she is the responsible for crimes committed by the state. Before the affair was known, she could allege innocence; since it was proven in court she cannot.

“Wait a minute; Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire were jailed. Your claim is outrageous!” royalists may be thinking while reading this lines and furiously scribbling an answer to me.

That’s correct, yet irrelevant. The problem is different. The British administration is built to enable the easy hacking of phones by the MI5, MI6 and eventually, the entire CAZAB group. That’s true since the days Mary, Queen of Scots, tried to defend herself from the sharp, infected teeth of Queen Elizabeth and Francis Walsingham. Readers wishing to learn more on this are invited to read the excellent “The Code Book: The Evolution of Secrecy from to Quantum Cryptography” by Simon Singh.

I am not just making a general claim on her responsibility. I mentioned a smoking gun, its smoke is oddly being absorbed by the queen’s crown. The barely visible gun is called the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, which was of course approved by the parliament, government and queen. The Act forbids the "use of any apparatus, whether or not wireless telegraphy apparatus, for the purpose of interfering with any wireless telegraphy" anywhere within the UK. Protecting oneself from tracking through a wireless device is simple. I described in The Cross of Bethlehem how at certain stage of my persecution I shielded my pocket PC, and the dramatic results of this simple action. Yet, the meaning of the words cited from the act is that creating a Faraday Shield around your own phone is illegal. That’s strange. Why does the Act forbid that? Because then you would become invisible to the violating police forces! Again, this is a clear violation of Article 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by one of the main countries claiming to defend it. Let’s talk hypocrisy now.

Queen Elizabeth II doubles (is that the reason for the II in the title?) as Supreme Governor of the Church of England. I suppose this means it is safe to assume she considers herself as a Christian. With all my respect, I want to ask you where exactly in the New Testament did you learn this type of behavior? Where did Jesus teach you to brutally violate your flock? Noble monarch, I’m not too picky, just give me one citation. Just one and I’ll delete this article and publicly apologize to you.

You won’t find any such words. As you won’t find any words supporting your ongoing rampage along and across the world, killing innocents for centuries in the name of non-existent freedoms and human rights. Dear monarch, we are tired. We don’t believe your state-sponsored propaganda about human rights. We don’t believe your talks about democracy. We don’t trust your violent attempts to create Walsingham-styles states in the few free places left. We are tired of double-tongued, serpentine leaders. Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of the United Kingdom, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, this is your opportunity to show real leadership and to enter history as a great leader. Recognize the error and faults of your system, and make it godly and just as Jesus – the real and only Head of the Church – taught you. It is time for you to show some love to the people instead to the Bank of England.

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