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British Illegitimacy | MI5 Phony Phones


In a small island located at the western end of an almost forgotten subcontinent, a reporter illegally listened to mobile phones messages. It is almost a too trivial news item to get a second look; yet a few jewels do hide in there. On September 8, 2010, Britain’s Commons Home Affairs Committee announced it is to investigate allegations that politicians and celebrities had their phones hacked by the News of the World newspaper. The committee will examine the laws on phone hacking and how British police respond to complaints. Met Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates told the committee officers would interview former News of the World reporter Sean Hoare who has alleged that his then editor, Andy Coulson, asked him to hack phones. This is especially interesting since Andy Coulson left his position at the newspaper to become the Prime Minister’s communications chief. Was this re-positioning a reward for a well-accomplished special job? What can we learn from the event about MI5 activities and about the hacking of mobile phones?

Phony Phones

In The Cross of Bethlehem I commented on how the knowledge of certain fallacies of mobile phones and PDAs saved me in several occasions from my persecutors. Some readers questioned the claims I made there. Yet, now the BBC quotes Simeon Coney, a spokesman for mobile security firm Adaptive Mobile: "Key to handset hacking was installing software on a device either by getting physical access to the mobile, tricking its owner into downloading a booby-trapped application or making them visit a page that inserts malware onto a device. Commercial software, known as spyware, was available that could take copies of everything on a phone, log its location and switch on any of its components. All without revealing its presence on a handset. They give remote access, take copies of text messages and can turn the telephone into an audio bug." Moreover, many years ago, Philip Agee disclosed in the excellent INSIDE THE COMPANY: CIA DIARY, that the same was true for old-fashioned landlines.

I stand firm also behind the additional claim made in The Cross of Bethlehem: mobile phone companies can turn on the phone’s mike and listen even when it is off. Want privacy? Take off the battery during sensitive face-to-face talks, don’t take them with you when you don’t want the Evil Big Brother to follow you, and even better, never again get close to these diabolical machines.

Phony MI5

As hinted at the beginning of the article, this event carries the Mark of the Beast. Many years ago, Peter Wright published SpyCatcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer. He was a high officer within the British counterintelligence organization, usually known as MI5. In the book, he describes systematic crimes performed by the British government against its people. Among other events, he describes how the MI5 ruined the life of an innocent man. MI5 agents spread rumors about that man until he was forced to leave town. Afterwards they discovered he was innocent but just round-filed his case. MI5 didn’t apologize nor indemnify the victim. Years later, the BBC published an article about Zimbabwe’s Dirty Tricks Brigade, but failed mentioning the fact that the British are a world leader on such units since the days of Queen Elizabeth I.

Known as the “Spymaster,” Walsingham lived in the Sixteenth Century and worked for Queen Elizabeth I of England. He spied on the Spanish Armada, gathered intelligence from across Europe, disrupted several plots against the queen, secured the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the subjugation of Ireland. But mainly, he filled her pockets with gold, even at the price of institutional piracy; Pirate Sir Francis Drake was one of his monsters. He consolidated the first modern intelligence and counterintelligence network. He placed spies all over the continent, including domestic ones within England. He became obsessed in the collection of small details of people – hoping to use them later in attempts of coercion and bribery, a technique favored by these organizations. He showed hatred toward fellow humans, not hesitating to torture and ruin lives for the sake of one single goal: filling the pockets of Queen Elizabeth. He systematically used agents provocateurs, recently proved being a deadly weapon. The book Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage by Stephen Budiansky (2005) (see link below) describes many more horrors ruthlessly performed by this monster, Walsingham of England. Not surprisingly, he also practiced nepotism; his deputy and successor was his son in law, Sir Philip Sidney. These institutions were copied by other countries, sometimes with the very help of England itself and have become the modern intelligence agencies. The trademark of these organizations - recently mentioned by a prominent and very smart Asian leader – is their working on both sides of the line, on fighting and promoting terrorism at once, all for the sake of their deep pockets. On claiming to protect the law while breaking on the way all the human rights promoted by the laws of their home countries. By being ruthless Rottweiler dogs attacking defenseless children.

A main target of these criminal organizations are communications systems. That’s what stands behind the recent problems with the Blackberry licensing in various countries. In order to perform their crimes, intelligence agencies depend on access to every bit of information carried around; otherwise, they can’t carry out their Machiavellian machinations. Most of their agents are disguised as normal members of society; their trademark is occupying editorial positions or jobs with access to sensitive information transfer. That’s how Western media is controlled. In this case, it is very probable that Andy Coulson is an undercover MI5 agent. Both his positions – especially his recent promotion into the Prime Minister’s office – give him access to prominent people; in other words, an asset for MI5. That means the British committee would eventually dismiss the case or bury it under a heavy pile of paperwork.

Phony Legality

The attempt to manipulate society by intelligence agencies is nowhere more evident that in the tricks used to disguise their activities. The open arm of the security services is always the local police. In this respect, the response of the British police to the illegal phone hacking is fascinating. Met Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates said that: “Phone hacking was very narrowly defined in legislation and very, very difficult to prove, obtaining a Pin number without the owner's permission was not in itself a crime.” He should be jailed just for this sentence.

I won’t study here all the intricacies of the awkward British Law. I’ll just mention that the UK signed (apparently with great reluctance) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 12 reads:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Any action related to phone hacking violates this article. The UK committed to honor this document, meaning that every local law allowing phone hacking related activities is basically illegal. Mr. Yates, at least say the truth: you and yours are just protecting the illegitimate eavesdropping capabilities of the MI5.

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