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To avoid state sponsored propaganda during the Passover in Israel, I had a large enough collection of music to cover the whole period, including nights. Not even one theme would be repeated. The feast was also the perfect opportunity to search for half-hidden Muslim bakeries, since the state enforced the closure of all others.

There is an intrinsic symbol in Passover lost in most Israelis. It celebrates the exit from Egypt and the achievement of freedom. However, it also celebrates the passing from the Old Covenant to the new one. Jesus chose it as the best time for setting a covenant based on Faith and Love.

Maybe that’s why no other Jewish celebration is so emphasized by the Israeli Administration. At no other time Mosaic Dietary Laws (those appearing in the Pentateuch) are so strictly enforced on the population. Ironically, this violation of human rights is said to celebrate freedom.

In fact, no other feast emphasizes better the great distance between Judaism and Christianity. They are an ocean apart.

Recently, I learned through an American friend that certain Christian congregations in the US celebrate the Jewish Passover. Do they wish to return to the days of slavery under the Mosaic Law? Do they wish to be defined as pagans by their Jewish neighbors due to their genetic code? Do they wish to be patsies of people who despise them, who even define them in the Talmud as less than humans?

In the past, I was invited to an event of a Neo-Pentecostal church in Bolivia. Girls wearing Egyptian Gellabiya robes sang in badly pronounced Hebrew. They were asking God to send the Messiah, as if Jesus was the false one. “If you don’t know, you can ask the meaning before you use such a text,” I told one of the organizers. She gave me a despising glimpse and continued babbling around about the fancy robes.

Christianity suffers of an inherent disadvantage.. Jews claim that if you were born Jew, then you can be a relatively good one with very little effort or knowledge. Most Jews are ignorant of the horrific text produced by their ancestors and practiced by their modern priests. This is a genetic-type of religion. However, you become Christian by Faith. That demands knowing what do you have Faith on; in other words, it demands a process of learning.

Since the days of Luther – if not earlier – Jews are actively engaged in the sabotage of this process. Encouraging the splitting of the Church (Israel and Jews support financially the split of many new-age denominations) and proactively promoting a secular educational system are the main methods used for this. Though occasionally, we can witness defamation efforts against the church, even by prominent Jewish politicians. Where is the ADL in these cases? Oh, they are just racists.

There are claims the US began its decline after the churches stopped managing the educational system. This is very important. Raised as a Christian, one would be introduced to the concept of a moral system (not necessarily the one adopted by American churches). One may adopt it or reject it, but one would have the tools necessary to differentiate between good and evil. The Jewish system teaches everything is relative (for example: one law system for Jews and other one for Gentiles), leaving the student confused and unprepared, ripe for manipulation by corrupt priests and states.

I understand how difficult is for some to even consider a religion oriented educational system, but the alternative is a Pharisaic society where false flag attacks are acceptable and human rights violations are the norm. Jesus taught Love and Compassion. Did we advance even a bit in that direction?

Look at the Jewish community. They perfected the art of suffering until the State of Israel was created and then they became a terrorist society. Is this the future we desire? 1984 forever?

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