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The Cross of Bethlehem

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State of Palestine signs in Jerusalem call on Jews to leave

"Warning! This is illegally occupied land"



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In the early hours of Sunday, December 9, 2012, a group of Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah, a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem went to pray at the Tomb of Simeon the Just, a Jewish High Priest in the Second Temple. The shrine is the reason for their living there. This time, a surprise awaited them. Two signs had been placed during the night; both were written in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Despite the texts in the different languages being slightly different, the message was one. "Warning! This is illegally occupied land. State of Palestine, 29/11/2012," was written in English, ignoring the unusual American date format. The text in Hebrew was more explicit "This land is the property of the State of Palestine. The Israeli occupation must end immediately. UN Resolution 29/11/2012."

Sign in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem | December 9, 2012

Sign in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem
December 9, 2012

Sign in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem | December 9, 2012

Sign in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem
December 9, 2012

Yonah Yoseph, the spokesman of the neighborhood's Jewish settlers told settler Channel 7 that he will bring help and that the signs will be removed by noon. Then, they will make a "big noise" to show the world that the neighborhood is Jewish. I am writing this article roughly two hours after his deadline; at this moment there are no reports that the signs were removed. Yet, his following words removed something else, the make-up covering Jewish manners.

"Simeon the Just, the Tannah, the High Priest, the Grandfather of the Hashmonaim, is buried here for over 2,300 years. No invented people, who can't even properly pronounce his name will change that." The phrase "invented people" refers to the Palestinians. He continued his tirade, complaining that the Jewish settlement is not developing properly, but "a bit of light repels darkness, the settlement here is still tiny, but we expect other houses to become Jewish. It doesn't matter what the goyim say, what matters is what the Jews do."

Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem

Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem | Illegitimately Occupied Lands | Tomb of Simeon the Just at the center, marked "Shimon Hatzadik"


It is becoming so embarrassing that I don't know what to do. Should I list here the articles in this website dealing with Israeli insults and improper manners? Or should I reproduce only their main points? My regular readers will probably take offence at such an approach. Casual readers will be lost if I don't add at least one reference. Instead of these, just let me remind Mr. Yonah Yoseph that the subject of his worship, Simeon the Just, had a maxim, which appears in Pirkei Avoth 1:2, and reads "The world exists through three things: the Law, worship, and beneficence." Mr. Joseph, in your actions you prove that you reject the Law, participate in false worship, and above all have a complete lack of beneficence towards your neighbors; you are the complete antithesis of Simeon the Just. You have proven yourself to be a bit of darkness desecrating God's creation. You are right, what matter is what Jews do. You have no right to be violent. You have no right to rob others. If you do so, you will face Justice, just like everybody else.

Sign in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem | December 9, 2012

Signs in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem
December 9, 2012

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