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Germany Creates New Nuclear Front in the Middle East



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German Dolphin Submarine

German Dolphin Submarine | Israel and Pakistan as Nuclear Opponents


On June 3, 2012, in the Sunday edition of the German Der Spiegel, the Editor-in-Chief Georg Mascolo wrote that “months-long research proves that the submarines Germany supplies to the Israeli navy make use of equipment capable of carrying nuclear weapons;” the article claims that this was confirmed by German officials. This statement contradicts earlier remarks by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that the vessels cannot carry nuclear weapons. The contradicting statements apparently damage Germany’s position. Yet, an important clue explaining the contradiction was hidden in the article. Der Spiegel disclosed that Germany is conducting negotiations with Pakistan over the sale of nuclear submarines. This means that the German intent now is to change the public status of these submarines. Apparently the time for the signature of the agreement with Pakistan is approaching. Keeping the nuclear capabilities of these submarines secret once another country purchases them would have been practically impossible; especially when the two countries purchasing them are not on friendly terms. Germany probably chose the timing of this disclosure as an answer to Israel’s recent purposeful insults towards Germany (see Germany’s Humiliation). In any case, a new front is being opened in the Middle East, this one is certified as being the quietest of all. German Dolphin-class subs are even quieter than nuclear-propelled submarines.

RAFAEL’s Popeye Missile

RAFAEL’s Popeye Missile
Nuclear Warhead


Netanyahu’s Fast and Humble Reaction


Israeli Dolphin

Israeli Dolphin

Coincidences exist; yet, it is difficult to consider as a coincidence an urgent interview given two days later, on June 5, by Israel’s Prime Minister to Kai Diekmann, Chief Editor of the German tabloid Bild, Europe’s most popular newspaper, in Jerusalem. Netanyahu said in the interview that the “submarines supplied by Germany to Israel are a very important addition to our national security,” and that “through them, [Germany] demonstrates its commitment to Israel’s security.” He also said that he attributes “great seriousness to Germany’s concern for Israel’s security.” Netanyahu forgot to mention Der Spiegel scoop; even stranger was that he didn’t mention Pakistan. This is quite odd for an otherwise ultra-aggressive Netanyahu, to the extent of irradiating an almost apologetic attitude.

On March 2012, at Israel’s embassy in Berlin, Israel and Germany signed an agreement for the supply of the sixth Dolphin class submarine to Israel. The agreement was achieved after a delay caused by Germany's conditioning the deal on concessions to the Palestinian Authority. On December 2011, the German Welt am Sonntag claimed Germany had told Israel the previous November that it could not go ahead with the sixth submarine purchase unless Israel transferred the frozen Palestinian budget to its legal owner, the Palestinian Authority (see Sanctions on Israel Redeem Germany). An upset Netanyahu surrendered on November 27 and opened the way to the last leg of the negotiations process, which ended in March. As analyzed in Six Million Submarines, these submarines are the most strategic and expensive weapons owned by Israel. They form the basis for its second strike capabilities, its capability to respond to an initial nuclear attack. Germany helped Israel in its dearest project by providing state-of-the-art technology and the financial means needed to purchase it. In May 2012, the fourth Dolphin submarine—the first in the second batch of three—was supplied to Israel. There are talks about a new agreement on three more submarines; this would increase the Israeli fleet of U-Boats to a total of nine by the end of this decade.

Yet, while the ink on the new submarine agreement was still drying, Israel announced on March 25, a planned re-freezing of the Palestinian budget. The offensive move was strengthened by a decision to ban the Human Rights Council of the UN. “Ignore all phone calls from Rights Council Commissioner,” said Israel’s Foreign Affairs Minister to the Israeli envoy in Geneva (see Israel Hits Back at UN, Palestine and Germany). Israel humiliated Germany thrice. First, by unfreezing Palestinian monies in order to reach an agreement on the sixth submarine, and then re-freezing the money right after signing the agreement; this was followed by the cultural banning of Germany. Israel declared German Nobel laureate Gunter Grass persona non grata in Israel, and the Israeli Opera rejected Richard Wagner’s music as an overture for a show by a U.K.-based Israeli choreographer (see Germany’s Humiliation). Germany seized the opportunity to unofficially announce the new deal with Pakistan. This is a game-changer for Israel. By the end of this decade, a new nuclear front will exist in the Middle East.


Pakistan and Israel


Pakistan does not officially recognize Israel, though there is no an active war between the two countries. Yet, Pakistan is a nuclear country which is involved in an active war-race with India. Both countries are said to have a nuclear arsenal of the same order of magnitude Israel has (see Hiroshima, Tel Aviv: The December 2012 NPT Conference). Until now, Pakistan’s second strike capabilities were limited, thus calming Israel’s fears.

In this context it is relevant to mention that Pakistan backs the same nuclear strategy as India, what is known as “Credible Minimum Deterrence.” This means it formally declares “no first use” of nuclear weapons while keeping a “second strike” capability. Known as “minimal deterrence,” this is opposed to the “mutually assured destruction” policy of the Cold War. If Germany also supplies Dolphin submarines to Pakistan, the latter is assured of its second strike capabilities against Israel.

The weapons’ systems being purchased by Israel and Pakistan are formidable and apparently unmatched in their technical capabilities. The new German submarines feature an air-independent propulsion system which uses hydrogen fuel cells; this is safer than previous closed-cycle diesel engines and steam turbines, cheaper than a nuclear reactor, and quieter than both. The boats leave an undetectable exhaust of water in the sea, leaving no fuel traces during use, storage or refueling. This improved propulsion system is of undisclosed performance, but according to sources in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, it gives the boats capabilities similar to those of nuclear submarines in their range. As explained in Six Million Ships, almost every point on the planet is accessible to a nuclear attack from such a submarine.


Arrogance of Power


Benjamin Netanyahu—as the entire Israeli leadership—is notorious for his arrogance of power and violence. “I have the power, so I can do whatever I like, regardless of the law,” is their motto. These are not my words; the term “Arrogance of Power” was used in relation to Israel by Justice Goldstone in his report on Operation Cast Lead to the UN Human Rights Council, which defined Israel as a terror-inflicting organization.

They are so used to their arrogance, that they didn’t hesitate to openly insult Germany—one of their best allies—time and again. The same attitude can be seen—though on a lower tone—towards Israel’s main ally, the USA, see Obama, Bamba and the Logo Wars.Yet, things change. The world is getting tired of what can only be defined as a nation that worships violence. Germany’s response was swift; a few years from now, Israel will face a new nuclear front. The answer of Germany’s Minister of Defense to the accusation that Germany is acting against Israel’s interests was astonishing: “Pakistan is the West’s partner in the War on Terror.” As of now, this has been enough to provide us with a refreshing glimpse into a much humbler Israel.

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