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Olmert Acquitted: Administrators' Dictatorship

Israeli Administration proven to conduct private witch-hunting agenda



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On July 10, 2012, the Jerusalem District Court absolved former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of the majority of the corruption charges brought against him. These had caused his impeachment in 2008. He was charged with fraud, breach of trust, falsifying corporate records, tax evasion and receiving illicit benefits in the cases known as the Talansky Affair and the Rishon Tours double billing scandal. He was acquitted of everything except for breach of trust in the Investment Center case. This is seen as an earthquake in Israel’s legal system, which has been publicly shown as conducting a political witch-hunting. State Prosecutor Moshe Lador will probably be forced to resign due to his severe errors in the case and the prosecution will now need to face well based claims that it was “out to get” Olmert. What was the drive? Olmert was on good terms with the Palestinian Authority and was about to achieve advances in the negotiations towards a permanent peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. The Shin Beth traditionally ruins the careers of people attempting to do that; Olmert was the third one on this exclusive list. He was declared “not guilty,” but the Shin Beth doesn’t care about justice. The Israeli secret police opposes the peace process, since it profits from ongoing war. Even after his absolution, Olmert is not the Prime Minister and is in no position to sign an agreement that would bring about the fearsome peace. The Shin Beth is happy.

Ehud Olmert | After the Verdict

Ehud Olmert | After the Verdict

Moshe Lador

Moshe Lador – Power-Drunk Prosecutor

Prosecutor Moshe Lador’s first reaction to the verdict was disgusting. “I’m sorry if Olmert felt hurt,” he said. This wasn’t a proper apology for his error, which caused significant damage to Mr. Olmert’s life. He conditioned the apology. This is like saying “I did nothing wrong. However, I say ‘I’m sorry’ so that you will feel better.” This is a worthless apology. Can he bring the situation back to the point it was before this unelected administrator took decisions with political implications to the entire area? Unless he restores it, he cannot redeem himself. He is guilty. He must face justice so that no other civil servant attempts to harass a citizen again. Yet, it would be wrong to center this article on this man. Prosecutor Moshe Lador is nothing but the archetypal Israeli administrator, who, drunken with power, decides to change the world. Let’s take a look.


Systematic Tampering


On November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Shin Beth-trained patsy that had been provoked by “Agent Champagne.” This code name was disclosed in court as belonging to Avishai Raviv, a proven Shin Beth agent. The event had been videotaped by Roni Kempler—a man with unclear but published connections with the security services—who was standing on the “Gan Hair” shopping mall roof. Rabin was allegedly the best secured head of state in the world. The thought that a civilian could enter the “sterile area” surrounding Rabin was unbelievable. There is little doubt what happened. The Shin Beth placed a provocateur next to the assassin; that was confirmed later in the Israeli courts. The Shin Beth trained the killer in the use of arms. The Shin Beth allowed the killer and a person videotaping the event to stand in the sterile area surrounding Rabin. The video shows how the Shin Beth agent guarding Rabin’s back moves away when the killer shot him. The Shin Beth opposed peace with the Palestinians, while Rabin was pushing forward towards a comprehensive agreement. Too bad for Rabin.

Rabin was assassinated for advancing the peace process with the Palestinians; this wasn’t an isolated event. A decade after that, Ariel Sharon attempted to end what Rabin had begun. Sharon has since then been in a vegetative state after the ambulance—not helicopter—taking him to hospital following a suspicious stroke, got oddly stuck in Jerusalem’s rush hour, and after being administered a wrong medicine for someone in his condition. All these were fortunate coincidences for the Shin Beth.

Israel | Administrator's Dictatorship

Israel | Administrator's Dictatorship

Teva—the pharmaceutical company featured in The Cross of Bethlehem—is one of the largest companies traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. A quarter of the market is driven by two companies: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Israel Chemicals. Thus it is easy to understand its Chairman of the Board and former CEO is an extremely influential person in the Israeli economy, more so than any single American had ever influenced American economy. Yet, Eliyahu "Eli" Hurvitz committed a crime in the eyes of the bureaucrats running the Israeli Administration: in several occasions he openly said he wanted to pay as few taxes as legally possible. Consequently, Teva was designed in such a way, with many of its operations taking place beyond the reach of the Israeli taxation system. It would be difficult to pick up Israeli newspapers from the 1990s without finding references to his persecution by the taxation system, which was determined to milk Teva to death. In March 1996 Eli Hurvitz was indicted on charges of an $18 million tax evasion in corporate taxes as head of a Teva subsidiary, Promedico. In 1998 he was convicted by the Jerusalem district court, but was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Israel in 2000, when it became clear that a single person in the Israeli administration had decided to transform his life into hell no matter what, just because he could, the typical control–freak. “You—lousy citizens—are here to pay taxes and enable our comfy pensions” was apparently the message of the Israeli Administration to its slaves. Again we see a legal and administrative system plagued by corruption, personal interpretation of the law system by partial sides. The happy end of Hurvitz case was possible only due to his financial capability to take the state to court. Mere humans are constantly abused.

Finally, these days the proofs connecting the Israeli administration with the assassination of Yasser Arafat are emerging (see Arafat’s Assassin Admits), including reliable proofs showing the use of a poison inaccessible to Palestinians. Israel was afraid that he was about to declare Palestinian independence.


Public Warnings


Less than a year ago, Benjamin Netanyahu got a public warning. In October 2011, the 25-year-old Daphni Leef, who initiated the Tel Aviv tent city that launched a nation-wide protest movement, urged the public to once again flood Israel’s streets to show their discontent with the government. Leef accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “using the nation as a springboard” and “living at our expense.” “The time has come for you to admit your mistakes and understand that your time is running out,” she said. This is an obvious threat; in Netanyahu’s Epitaph, I analyzed Daphni Leef's apparent relations with the Shin Beth. As of July 2012, Netanyahu is still capable of shaving himself; he is an unlikely candidate for a Shin Beth assassination because there is no danger he will choose to advance the peace process.




On January 31, 2012, the IDF Golani Brigade arrested Mamun Ismail Salame Stut, a Palestinian man who was released from Israeli prison in October 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal (see Minority Report: IDF arrests Palestinian prisoner released in Shalit swap for the full story). According to the IDF spokesperson, Stut was arrested for being a security threat. In The Red Lily, Anatole France wrote in 1894: “In its majestic equality the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.” What would he have said about the then inexistent State of Israel? Often, one can observe how the legal system of those countries defining themselves as “Western Democracies” operates and be left speechless. Mr. Stut arrest was such an occasion. Israeli law enforcement agents operated on their precognition that Mr. Stut was about to commit a crime.

The least we can do, is to demand from these superhuman Israeli agents, to disclose their powers. How exactly do they achieve precognition? Israel operates according to Criminal Law, also known as Penal Law, the law pertaining to crimes and punishment. The laws comprising this topic regulate the definition of offences found to have a sufficiently deleterious social impact and impose punishments on them. However, the law does not impose restrictions on society that physically prevents people from committing a crime in the first place. By arresting Mr. Stut, the State of Israel has proved beyond all doubt that it rejects even its own Rule of Law and has become an outlaw country. At that very moment (and not for the first time), it lost its right to judge, to punish, and eventually to exist. States do not exist for committing crimes. Not even Bolivia.


“These are exceptions; regular people live well in Israel!”


The title of this section reflects a typical Israeli answer to what was said until now. Yet, it is nothing but Zionist-Administrator's propaganda; reality is different. The Israeli administration attempts even to interfere with its subjects’ marital life. The “Citizenship Law (Temporary Order)” dates—in its actual version—back to September 2005. Since then it is being approved temporarily by the Israeli government every year. In 2006, five justices of Israel’s High Court of Justice stated that the law contravened the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom and that it must be removed from the law books. Yet, it is being extended using an extra-parliamentary procedure every year since then. It doesn’t override the “Law of Return,” a racist monster giving automatic citizenship to every Jew arriving at Israel (the question “Who is a Jew?” was never answered by the Knesset), thus this younger law is aimed mainly to regulate the status of non-Jews asking for Israeli citizenship; it specifically discriminates against Arabs. To be clear to those unaware of Israeli racist jargon, that means mainly Palestinians asking for citizenship after having married an Israeli citizen. It stipulates that the Minister of Interior does not have authority to approve Israeli residence for a resident of Judea and Samaria (unless they are Jewish settlers!). This is so even regarding marriage, when it comes to Palestinian spouses who are younger than 35 for men, or 25 for women. The law prevents young Israeli citizens (supposedly Palestinians) from marrying the spouse of their choice and living in Israel, if the latter is a Palestinian from Judea and Samaria. Justice Rubinstein (the publication of papers showing his corruption on real estate deals was suppressed by the Israeli media in 2005) claimed that there is no country in the situation of Israel and thus the law is justified. The president of the court, Dorit Beinish, supported this view. Since it was amended in 2005 until 2010, 632 requests of citizenship were rejected by the state, on the grounds that the petitioners may use their new status to become terrorists with easier access to Israel. The court assumes precognition and then violates the right of people to get married.

Only yesterday, I published Israel to Legalize Settlements’ Outposts, where it is reported on the green line given by the Israeli judiciary to its political level regarding the legalization of lands purchased by Jewish settlers in the West Bank. This includes lands bought from people dead for over fifty years.


Institutional Criminality


Wherever one looks in Israel, the same ugly faces of administrators purposely committing criminal acts can be seen. Invariably, they were not elected. Invariably, they perform acts that wouldn’t be sanctioned by the people if they were asked. Invariably, they perform actions that would be defined as criminal by the vast majority of humans. Israel is a country with no Constitution, borders, or even well defined citizens; a country that did not respect the conditions imposed by the UN on its sovereignty. A country that consistently ignores the will of its citizens; Israel is nothing but an illegitimate Administrator's dictatorship.

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