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President Obama Racially Attacked in the Hebrew Media



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President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama | Racially Attacked in Hebrew Media


The picture above was published on the Israeli media; I downloaded it from the web. It displays the package of a well known Israeli snack, named "Bamba," with a few changes.

1. The name reads now "Obamba."

2. Above the company logo it reads "Special Issue for the US Elections."

3. The Hebrew word for "snack," which also means "that can be kidnapped." Did the author mean it in the ideological sense? It seems so:

4. A small text at the bottom reads “under the control of the B.D.Tz.” The last is the inner judicial court of the Haredim.

5. The specific taste variety of the snack mentioned here does not exist. The difference is that in the fake picture, the well known peanut flavored snack is filled with nougat cream. Since the basic taste of "bamba" is salty, I do not think such a product with nougat cream would be ever developed. There is no pun here, unless it refers to racial issues. This opinion is strengthened by the fact that the baby’s skin color was changed from white on the original product to black in the fake one. Moreover, in the 1980s a nougat cream filled chocolate (named Rosemarie) was released into the Israeli market. It was advertised by the black supermodel Naomi Campbell. Since then, a linkage between skin color and that product was created in the Israeli mind.


Bamba | A Popular Israeli Snack

Probably, most American readers are chuckling at the picture and the whole issue. Worse things have been published elsewhere. To them, I want to clarify two points.

First, a similar attack on the Israeli Prime Minister cannot be published on the Israeli media. It would be censored.

Second, mentioning such a publishing by, let’s say, Al-Jazeera would lead to them being blamed of being anti-Semitic by the ADL or any other similar organization.

In Israel, racism is relative.

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