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Is Netanyahu an Iranian Spy?

Israeli MK: Iran TV's Palestinian correspondent is a foreign agent



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Browsing on the Hebrew media, I found a headline claiming Israeli MK: Iran TV's Palestinian correspondent is a foreign agent, I was about to dismiss it as yet another by Jew-throws-dirt-on-all-others article - after all it had been published by Haaretz, a.k.a. The Voice of the Shin Beth - but the details transpiring from the secondary headline didn’t let me do so. It was too weird: National Union MK Aryeh Eldad has turned to government legal adviser to establish legality of Palestinian East Jerusalem resident working as Iran TV reporter in Israel.

Hosni Mubarak Caged in Court

Hosni Mubarak Caged in Court

The issue was simple. On November 8, 2011, Radio Israel reported that Ibrahim Husseini - a Palestinian from East Jerusalem - has worked in the past year as an English-language correspondent for Press TV in Jerusalem. Press TV is the first Iranian international news network broadcasting in English. In the past, the post was filled by other person, who survived the event unharmed by Israel. Nothing would had happened to the second man filling this post, if he hadn’t had approached MK Eldad – from the far Jewish right – for an interview. Instead of giving the interview, the Knesset member Eldad turned to lawyer Yehuda Weinstein - the Government Press Office’s legal adviser – and asked to establish the legality of Husseini's journalistic activities in Israel. It seems to me that this is really the definition of a foreign agent, Eldad told Israel Radio.

This is a joke, right?

“Highly amusing,” I was thinking by now. Then, just when I was about to drop the entire item into my electron’s recycler, MK Eldad added a few words that froze my blood: He is not really an Iranian, he just represents the TV station that is owned by the Iranian regime. It seemed very strange to me that a journalist that works for such a station is able to work freely in Israel, and I am turning to the legal adviser of the Israeli government to check the legality of his activities, and to weigh up steps in terms of his status as a citizen, and whether it is right to take him to court over the fact that he represents an official Iranian body in Israel. This wasn’t a joke, MK Eldad had initiated an attack on a journalist, basing the event on the citizenship removal law.

Bishara, Vanunu… Husseini?

In March 2011, Israel's parliament passed a law that allows courts to revoke the citizenship of anyone convicted of spying, treason or aiding its enemies. It is discriminatory towards Israel's Arab minority, which makes up a fifth of the population, and would make its main target. Accordingly, on the same week it was approved the Knesset revoked the pension of Azmi Bishara, a former Israeli Palestinian Knesset member who fled Israel in 2007. Mordechai Vanunu would probably be the victim of this law – his case is in court - and right now it seems journalist Ibrahim Husseini may become another future victim.

This law was derived from Israel’s Foreign Affairs Minister - Avigdor Liebrman - 2009 campaign, which was called “no loyalty, no citizenship.” In essence, the law is parallel to the Jewish Fatherland basic Law I recently reviewed. Both clearly deny Israel being a democracy. In democracies, citizenship is not an acquired right; in democracies ethnic or religious groups cannot be favored over the other. Israel became a tyrannical tribe. MK Eldad is openly adopting Nazi definitions of what a state is and what its citizens are. The Israeli legal system supports him. Are you Aryan, Mr Eldad?

What about Netanyahu?

Many times I get notes on the way I present topics. I often try to show the intrinsic absurdity of a given event by showing the contradictions emanating from it. In science and mathematics, this highly effective technique is called “reductio ad absurdum,” but it was surely used by Jesus in more than one sermon. I enjoy this method because it totally demolishes the arguments addressed. After having clarified that, please let me expand on the consequences of MK Eldad logic.

I am sure that despite me an MK Eldad disagreeing on the citizenship revoke law, we both agree that if existing it should be applied equally to all citizens. After all, this is a demand from democracies and Israel oddly claims being one. Let’s begin with Honorable Citizen #1.

Is Netanyahu a Spy?

Is Netanyahu a spy? To Israelis, this question is not as ridiculous as it may be seen by others.

On July 4, 1976, Operation Entebbe was conducted by Sayeret Matkal – the IDF General Command assault unit - in order to release a kidnapped Air France plane at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, the assault force leader and Benjamin’s brother was killed in action. Benjamin Netanyahu, currently Israel’s Prime Minister, served in the had participated in the Sabena similar event. Ehud Barak, currently Israel’s Minister of Defense, was an officer in the force and the direct commander of Benjamin Netanyahu. Matan Vilnai, currently Minister for Home Front Defense, was second in command of the force. Shaul Mofaz, currently Deputy Prime Minister, participated in the force. Tamir Pardo, currently Director of Mossad, was a member of the assault team, apparently in charge of its communications. These are the figures that have become public and hold significant positions in Israel as of 2011. They are tighter than brothers and would prove loyal to themselves no matter what. Between them, they hold all the significant powers in Israel. But back then things were different. The death of his brother led Benjamin to leave Israel. He left for the USA, where he became a … furniture dealer. Derogatory articles against him in the Hebrew media often call him just “the furniture seller.” He wanted so much to live there that he changed his name into one that could be easily pronounce by American. He got American citizenship.

Then, he returned to Israel and became a shining star in the Likud party. Yedihot Aharonot (the largest Hebrew newspaper) claimed in large headlines he was a CIA agent, who had been trained in his years in the US. Was he being trained by the CIA to become an Israeli leader? The claim of the newspaper was well based. Tsahi Hanegbi said to the newspaper he had a “black box” of data proving Netanyahu’s anomalous affiliations. Being Hanegbi another member of the Mishpaha Lohemet and Likud member – and thus beyond the reach of the Mossad assassination teams – he became a minister in Netanyahu’s governments, giving credibility to the unproven claims. The black box is still in the dark, so we – the people – do not know.

Let me be careful now. There is enough evidence to begin the legal cancelation of Netanyahu’s Israeli citizenship a per the new Israeli law on the topic.

MK Eldad, are you still with me? Can you follow this simple logic? Let me walk one step ahead. It looks a mourning Netanyahu decided to get back at Israel by becoming an American spy. After all these years, wouldn’t he increase his effect – especially considering his position as prime minister – by becoming an Iranian spy? Let’s investigate Netanyahu as well, Mr. Eldad. Please show the world you have at least intellectual integrity.

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