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The Bolivian government is behaving worse than Nazi Germany. At least, the prisoners of the latter were aware of their status as such, and could take rather limited, but at least formal, actions to fix their condition. They could plea to other governments and human rights organizations without the need to prove they were illegitimate prisoners. Right now, that looks as a huge privilege to me. In August 2005, I was recognized as a formal political refugee by the Bolivian Government that preceded the Evo Morales revolutionary one. The term "refugee" is a bit unusual, thus let me clarify. Resolution 461/2005 of that government recognized me as such under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees and resolution 2198 (XXI) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly; this makes me a formal refugee. It means it has been proved I am persecuted by the State of Israel for no legitimate reason. Let me be very clear on a related issue. It also means I have committed no crimes neither in Israel nor elsewhere; the preliminary steps of the resolution required an Interpol clearance. In contrast to most people on this planet, I have an innocence certificate. This is more than Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama and the executive board of Dow Chemical can claim.

Soon after I became a refugee, Evo Morales took power of Bolivia and my situation changed drastically. The reasons for that were his odd politics, and Israel bribing some of his officials. I described his problematic relations with the USA in earlier articles on this website (see Bolivia's Treason), the main point is that the public animosity between the two countries doesn't reflect reality correctly. That means, Bolivia's will to protect me from its best friend's best ally is minimal. I also described one instance of a Bolivian acknowledging being on Israel's payroll in The Cross of Bethlehem; the claim was proven by the flow of confidential information. Israel disclosed to Bolivia and the USA my links to the R&D of IAI and other industries, putting me in clear danger. Much more details would be published soon in the sequel to The Cross of Bethlehem. Bottom line is that since then, I had been systematically targeted and attacked, to the extent that by now I have been left practically mute following a brutal attack, with neither documents nor belongings.

For almost a year now, a prominent American human rights lawyer is trying to liberate me from this horror. As soon as these attempts began, Bolivia escalated the attacks against me. I described the poisoning events in The Perfume of Poison. As it was expected, I solved that problem; they didn't manage to poison me since June 2011. Back to my normal writing rate, the publication of my next book, which is negative on Bolivia, was sped up. It would be published by Easter. As well, my website became clearer on Bolivian issues. Hence, in October they changed tactic, in a savage attempt to put a stop to my legitimate work.

Due to the terror of the actual situation and the facts about to be described, I decided to make public part of my recent communications with my lawyer. Due to the various claims there, it would become obvious my only chance at this moment is publicity; I must force one of the human rights bodies about to be mentioned into action. This won't happen without public pressure. I beg you, dear reader, to contact Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on my behalf. Before you dismiss my humble request for the obvious reasons; please read until the end. The identity of the lawyer and other persons mentioned is being protected.

"Hi H,
I apologize for the graphic nature of this email, but I have no other way of conveying the urgency of my situation here. I am still living in the same guesthouse by the General Cemetery of La Paz, Bolivia, since I cannot check into any other establishment due to my outdated documents.
On October 14, a blanket in my room was impregnated with a heavy organic solvent that made me dizzy. It smelled as a heavy fraction obtained from the distillation of petroleum, but I can't be more specific under my current circumstances. I thwarted subsequent similar attempts. Since then, there had been attempts by other guests to gas me by poisoning the hallway in front of my room and the toilets area.
The establishment is a cheap one with no toilets in the room. The shared toilets are perfect for a gassing attempt. In the worst event until now, I caught a young man trying to pass his hand above the door. He held an unidentified item in his hand. He had backup people surrounding him, so I just moved out of the scene as fast as I could.
The result is that every time I leave the room I "dive." I literally hold my breath all the way to the street and go exclusively to toilet cubicles next to a window.
This is terror.
This is physically painful.
In The Cross of Bethlehem I described how I spent a month in the Far'aa prison of the Shin Beth (not as a prisoner). I could watch from nearby the situation and can tell you the prisoners were in a holiday camp compared to the torture I am forced to cope with here.
Do I understand correctly? Does Amnesty agree - by its taking no action - to this type of torture?"

Amnesty has not responded except to say, from the NYC office, there is no direct access for people like me to their urgent action network. I will cal *** about it. He was the Amnesty-USA Board Chair for some years here.
The government agencies have offered nothing.
I know no one in Bolivia who can help. I will file the UN Human Rights Commission complaint this week as promised. It is good that you gave me the details of current threats against you. They will go into the complaint. Keep the details coming.
If your blankets are doused with petrol it seems someone intends to use fire against you. Do you have a fire extinguisher available? If I sent one could you receive it? As you know water alone is useless in a chemical fire."

"Thanks H,
A long time ago, I was told by reliable friends that amnesty is an open arm of MI5. It seems we are witnessing a very indirect corroboration. If I was under attack of a regime unfriendly to the UK, the approach would probably look different. They stopped dousing the blankets after I complained, took pictures and changed into rooms that were better ventilated. However, my door is often doused from above. Whenever inside the room, I secure it properly.
An attempt to burn me is a possibility. In the June Solstice they made a Pachamama offering at the ground floor's shopping mall. At midnight they closed the mall, but left the incense burning. Shortly after the entire guesthouse was filled with smoke, and the guests were evacuated to the upper floor. It was one month after they began the attempts to poison me and days after the June 11 attack I reported to you while still poisoned. The day of the fire I had sampled a bit and, since it was before I perfected the technique, I was feeling terrible. Somehow, I reached an upper room. I didn't complain because everybody would have claimed the fire wasn't related to me.
At all times, my bags are ready. I sleep in a military fashion and am ready to move at full speed within seconds with all my belongings. Is that enough? Depends on the stage the fire is when it awakes me.
Please don't send me material items. I won't be able to pick them up with my outdated documents. Moreover, it would give them the opportunity to alter them and make false claims ("international network of ... caught by postman" blared the headlines the following day).
This is the reason why the second part of The Cross of Bethlehem is called Back in Bethlehem. Israel has transformed my refuge into the battlefield I run away from."

I spoke to ***. Amnesty International is under Israel influence until the media compel AI to act. He advised me to call Human Rights Watch, NYC, which I did today, for their help to bring media attention to your case. This could trigger AI's help. I spoke with a staffer and sent an email to their press officer. *** thinks Human Rights Watch will not succumb to Israeli pressures. Waiting for a formal response from human rights watch.
I will keep at this new idea, and draft your UN Human Rights Commission complaint by FRI."

"H, they won't make a mortal fire, unless they can blame me afterwards.
Similarly, if they poison me successfully, they'll stage the area so that it would look as if I killed myself. They want to replicate the Dr. Kelly event.
Interestingly, I had been approached - some time ago - by a journalist of one of the countries I asked refuge from. They were the ones to define me as a new Dr. Kelly. I suspected the contact and gave hisname to the embassy. He was supposed to work from their capital city, and was in contact with subscribers of my website from Florida, 'Little Tel Aviv,' as some call it. It turned out the journalist didn't exist at all and probably was a Zionist weather balloon.
Let me be clear. i am a very systematic person, unlikely to make significant errors in my daily life. I move quickly and with exactitude, the chances a random Bolivian driver would hit me are nil. I take no drugs, and there are no reasons for any of them being on my vicinity or body. Despite my clear intention to begin a hunger strike once The Cross of Bethlehem II is out, I am not suicidal.
There isn't much more I can do from here, except making their Dr Kelly replica event a difficult one to stage."

No government on earth can deny me the right to eat, drink, breath or even go to the bathroom. No government has the right to limit the legal actions of a person who is innocent, even if he can prove governemnt agencies and individuals are not innocent. Dear reader, I beg you to contact Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on my behalf. At this stage, publicity is everything. Don't let evil win.

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Poisoned by Bolivia
KIDNAPPED BY BOLIVIA!—I am being tortured by the Bolivian Government

I have been declared a Political Prisoner of Bolivia, a country which does not respect human life. I am held in Bolivia illegitimately, violently and against my will. I am violated daily; please make this public in any possible way. Before writing to me, please read 15-Day Execution Order and the Bolivia section of the website.

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