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Escaping Zion: Matrix, WWII and Now



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In the past I mentioned The Matrix trilogy in this website; the work is interesting due to various points, the most obvious being the resemblance between the evil machines’ regime and modern Western security services. I didn’t allude to the cultural background of the brothers Wachowski – the filmmakers – but it wasn’t a secret. The trilogy ends with a hideous tune, too vicious to be mentioned here, that defines them well. Moreover, the place where the awakened run is: Zion. Fiction is unreal; Matrix is fiction. As such, it supplied as with the antithesis to reality. Nobody escapes to Zion. People escape from Zion.


Neturei Karta is a group of anti-Zionist Jews; they can be found in New York and Jerusalem. The easiest however is to check out their website. There, they bring an extraordinary excerpt from Sefer Min Hametzar by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl. The excerpt is a translation of the letter the Jewish Rescue Committee in Czechoslovakia received from the Zionist Jewish Agency Executive Officers in Switzerland. This was in reply to the call of the Jewish Rescue Committee for help, with Documentary evidence furnished, concerning the fate of millions of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Europe. There are several minor inaccuracies in the translation of the Hebrew, and the transliteration into Roman characters is awful (“tajlu” instead of “taylu”), but the text is nonetheless amazing.

The main point is: “ATEM TAJLU meant "You escape", for the word "tiyul" (walking trip) was used by them as a euphemistic code for "escape". They meant to say - you fifteen or twenty "party members", escape from Czechoslovakia and save your hides. The price of Eretz Yisroel is the blood of the men and women, hoary sages, and babes in arms, - but not YOUR blood!


There are three levels to the Israeli emergency plans. I do not mean the military ones. “Metzuda” and “Sde Kotzim” are little more than low-quality scholar papers written by officers seeking a higher rank. I mean the real plans: how to save the upper-echelon Zionist hides by escaping Zion when the day comes. In Hebrew it is referred to as “The Day of the Order” (Yom Pkuda). On that day the IDF will find itself fighting hard to find its escaping soldiers. In the Day of the Order, Zion would be evacuated by the Zionists elite. The vaults in Zurich would crumble under the weight of Zionists retrieving their golden calves.

From a military point of view, one could only wish military plans were always so well structured, efficient and faithfully carried out. Each civilian is here a general. More than that, a “napo,” a half Napoleon. A Napoleon without the “lion.” A coward.

Despite not being completely military, this event can be divided in 3 parts (the IDF divides everything in three):

VIP Level: Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv is next to the Mediterranean seashore, though not on the promenade itself. In Israel, its name doubles as a reference to Tel Aviv’s Red District, though it houses mainly foreign embassies. This is not casual. Most of the embassies officials as well as the main Israeli politicians and generals would be evacuated by the American Sixth Fleet, which is in constant stand-by for that. That’s why the Ministry of Defense and the IDF General headquarters are both nearby, at the Kirya.

Wealthy Level: Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres used to live on Ravina Street in Neve Avivim, just in front of the Tel Aviv University. Rabin lived in a building next to an inner T-junction, Peres three buildings eastwards. Golda Meir used to live a few blocks to the south. Many rich Israelis live nearby. All affluent neighborhoods – like Savion – are always near a highway leading to the Ben Gurion Airport; just in case the Zionist need to run away in an emergency. But, what if the flights are full? Or if the panic of the last week is repeated?

Near Yitzhak Rabin’s apartment lives one who was his friend, the person appearing in The Cross of Bethlehem as Rahamim Isaacson. Keeping his business tight, he uses as his personal travel agent the wife of one of his former employees, who died of lung cancer. She keeps valid tickets out of Israel for Rahamim and his closest family at all times. In such a way they’ll board among the firsts to the planes leaving for safe heavens. They keeps tickets to Zurich – near the European Headquarters of Dow Chemical and to the golden vaults of the Swiss real churches – and to New York City. Passports and visas to America are sacred and always renewed ahead of time. If something happens, that’s the best chance of surviving Israel. A second layer of escaping Zionists.

Erev Rav Level: Many dislike – and with a good reason - the use of modern Jews of the word “goy” (“goyim” in plural) to refer to gentiles. In fact, originally the word meant “people” in general. Ultra-Orthodox Jews use a far more insulting term for those who are not kosher Jews as per their definitions. Those who do not belong to the Kosha-Nostra are called “erev rav,” which can be translated as “the great mix,” alluding to impure ethnic origins. Sometimes they use it also against secular Jews, the bulk of the Israelis. In the Day of the Order the erev rav would find itself abandoned, their leaders fulfilling again the “lehu tajlu” imperative of WWII.

They won’t run to fill the IDF orders but would pack their cars, scooters and skateboards and run away as fast as possible. Where to? All the land border crossings will be closed. You don’t need to be a Napoleon – half-a-one is good enough – to solve the problem. Sinai. Many thousands will cross into the desert from near Eilat, taking down any barrier put on the desolated line. The Final Exile will then begin.

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