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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

E1: Trashing Evil

Jewish Studied Insult Hits Back at Israel



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A few days ago, the Lord of Judæa decided to construct 3,000 new buildings in a zone known as E1, located between Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim. This was done as a belligerent answer to the recognition of Palestine as an observer state by the UN on November 29, 2012. The Zionist idea behind the move is to bisect the West Bank, an attempt to transform Palestine into a non-viable state. As often happens with politruks, Benjamin Netanyahu took the decision without having visited the site. In the cold winters of Judæa, he favors his cozy office over the windy hills surrounding the city. That was a shame; Jerusalem's mayor, Nir Barkat, rushed to the phone and tried getting access to the Lord. Once the device was answered, he pointed out the truth seen in the picture next to this paragraph. Next to the infamous wall enclosing Palestinian areas, Israel had placed a substantial waste dump.

"Stop! Why are you being offensive!" a Zionist leaning over my shoulder shouted in my ear while I was writing this. "Why do you say 'Lord of Judæa,' 'politruk,' and other educated insults towards us! If you insult, do that like a man, as we do!" Oddly enough, this at the core of this article: Israel's insulting use of waste dumps.

E1 Waste Dump

E1 Waste Dump

Hiriya Waste Dump

Hiriya Waste Dump
Ben Gurion International Airport is behind the picture

Studied Insults

Following one of my articles about the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, one of my readers approached me requesting that I write on the disgusting way that settlers treat their waste. The point is simple; over the eons since they lived there, Palestinians settled in the good spots. Cozy narrow valleys enclosed by pretty mountains. The settlers were left with the naked hill summits, rocky and windy. Their dump is thrown downhill into the Palestinian villages surrounding them. A studious insult that would be attributed by the IDF's Civil Administration ruling the area to the harsh conditions of their lives. However, it isn't so. Studied insults committed by the state are an ugly characteristic of the Zionist fiefdom.

Those landing in Tel Aviv for the first time love the sight; approaching from the sea, they see a modern city with wide highways. As the aircraft descends, it seems that it is about to hit an odd mountain. Just where the metropolis ends, a 70m high hill emerges out of the otherwise strikingly plain ground. Yet, the plane crosses it and lands at an asphalt runway that appears at the last moment just across the Ayalon Highway from the Hiriya Waste Dump.

After accumulating 25 million tons of waste, Tel Aviv's largest waste dump was shut down in 1998 because it disturbed the airport's function. It has always been the site of studied insults by the people and the government. During much of the 1990s a Hebrew sign was placed near the hill top, towards the east. It read "Hollywood." Then, in the picture at the right, one can clearly see the city mayor, Ron Huldai, (1998-present), who is closely related to Aviem Sella, who recruited Jonathan Pollard to spy for Israel. The display was part of a protest organized by Greenpeace Israel, demanding the recycling of the trash mountain. Putting the image of a person on waste is a clear insult, regardless of one's culture. Yet, this was loose change compared to what the State of Israel did to a former Prime Minister.

Hiriya, with an image of Tel Aviv's Mayor

Hiriya, with an image of Tel Aviv's Mayor (left)
A Greenpeace Israel Protest

Two out of the two Israeli prime ministers who made turns toward a stable peace ended their terms in odd circumstances. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated; later, at court, it was found that a Shin Beth agent had convinced the assassin to commit the crime, and that the latter found a strangely clear path to whom is probably the best secured political person in the world, after having been trained in the use of short weapons by the Shin Beth. Then, Ariel Sharon is in a vegetative state for years, after the ambulance – not helicopter – taking him to hospital following his stroke got stuck in Jerusalem’s rush hour, and after being administered the wrong medication for someone in his condition. Fortunate incidents for the Shin Beth. His turn towards peace was viewed so badly by the State, that part of the Hiriya Waste Dump was turned into a park, and named by the government's Names Committee "Ariel Sharon Park." Will Israel be able to surpass this insult? Trust their brilliance; special committees are already planning a better insult. If Netanyahu signs a peace agreement, expect a "Netanyahu Human Waste Recycling Center."

Jewish Menorah | Hiriya Waste Dump

Jewish Menorah | Hiriya Waste Dump


Back to Palestine

I am not exaggerating. Israelis say: “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab” and Naming Sins: On Hebrew Names I provided ugly examples of Israeli verbal violence as undertone and prelude to physical ones. This time the Lord of Judæa was hit by his own violence. The waste damp in E1, is located next to Anata, a Palestinian village next to the largest military base in the zone, at the northern edge of E1. The waste dump was an insult toward the Palestinian residents; it could have been placed on the edge of the Desert of Judea, out of sight from any human settlement. Now, it is blocking Israel's plan to bisect the West Bank; forcing a delay. Before the area can be built, the waste must be removed; the Israeli plan has been delayed. Trashing evil is easy.

E1 Map

E1 Map
Jerusalem in bold letters at the left, Ma'aleh Adumim marked "A"

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