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Media Manipulation, Libya, and Western Lies

Can Western media be allowed to broadcast propaganda?



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Can Western media be allowed to broadcast propaganda? Can the people that never get tired of bragging about having defeated Hitler, adopt Goebbels' propaganda methods with no shame? Can the people who never tired of commenting on Soviet media repression be doing the same? Can they purposely publish made-up events and photographs for the sake of advancing military goals not sanctioned even by their own people?

There is no doubt we are seeing major media manipulation of the events in Libya. Western reports are oddly lean on certain facts that have been better reported by others. The differences in these reports are abysmal. Somehow, the truth about the ongoing Western terrorist attack against Libya is being twisted into a heroic event by NATO’s Terror Marshals and Western media are cooperating in the ugly deception, presenting the savage attacks as a positive event. In the Western media, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 is more often than not mentioned only by its title - its content is seldom discussed. Adopted on March 17 of this year, this resolution forms the alleged legal basis for the current attacks on Libya by NATO. Among other things, it authorizes the international community to establish a no-fly zone and to use all means necessary short of foreign occupation to protect civilians. Let’s forget about the illegitimate incident at the beginning of the war in which British commandos were captured and thrown out of the country by the Libyan rebels and let’s concentrate instead on what NATO has been doing in recent weeks. Venezuela's teleSUR is broadcasting filmed testimonies and interviews from Libya which make it obvious that NATO is violating the abovementioned UN resolution. NATO is attacking civilians, schools, houses and apparently everything else on Libya, in sharp contradiction to its mandate. The terrorist attacks are so large that publishing a list of NATO’s violations would be impossible in this format. The story of an emerging genocide in the name of cheap oil for the West is revealed by their summary: 1118 people hit in 1600 civilian targets before August 5. During the final days of August, they show an apparently endless line of rotting corpses on Tripoli’s street and desperate citizens searching for water. Giampaolo Di Paola and Anders Fogh Rasmussen – the almost anonymous NATO leaders – sip their daily high-tea with a wide smile; their excellent air conditioners successfully filter the corpses’ stench. After all, Libyan lives don’t really count in the eyes of the West.

The blatant violation of NATO’s mandate is sustained with made-up events and photographs. A few days ago Russia Today (RT) published an excellent analysis showing the filmed takeover of the Green Square in Tripoli by the rebels – broadcast first by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya - had been shot in Qatar with the help of actors. The fools had forgotten to add several key details of the real plaza to their video. Then, the NTC announced the capture of Saif Al Islam, Gaddafi"s son, who could be seen (with an unusual beard) in a film. A few hours later, Saif Al Islam bravely appeared on Tripoli’s streets, denying the NTC claim. Both events were so well proven as false, that on August 27, during an extraordinary meeting of the Venezuelan Council of Ministers, President Hugo Chavez denounced them publicly. “We must be cautious with the information spread by world media,” Chavez said.

Western Terror in Libya | NATO Attacked 1600 Times Until August 5 Western Terror in Libya | NATO Assassinated 1118 Until August 5

Western Terror in Libya | NATO Assassinated 1118 in 1600 Attacks Until August 5

Most of the people reading this article are Westerners. Over 40% of my readers are Americans, thus I can understand their skepticism regarding Chavez, so let me quote from the culprits themselves. Last Friday, Mustafa Abdeljalil, one of the NTC leaders, told journalists that the images were fake. Then he added that they were useful in misleading Libyan Army troops. He claimed the video montage raised the morale of the rebels, made 11 countries recognize the NTC as the Libyan government and shifted the allegiances of 13 Libyan embassies to the NTC. Proud of his lies, he summarized: “All those advantages were the result of these lies previously studied and broadcast smartly to cheat Muammar Al Gaddafi"s followers.” These are NATO’s best friends. If NATO hadn’t sanctioned these events, they wouldn’t have reverberated on Western media. The NTC are not only NATO’s friends, but also good Zionists, as we found out in an astonishing Hebrew media interview. Similar events can be reported everywhere the West and Israel are militarily active.

All these lead us straight to the core of the problem: NATO and the UN are non-elected organizations. The people of their member states never had an opportunity to vote on the behavior of these two organizations. Hence, their leaders are not faithful to the basic principles guiding the behavior of their base societies. They don’t care about constitutions; they don’t care about reporting truth to the people; they laugh at human rights . They answer to the interests of weapons manufacturers and international oil companies - after all when they retire from the military or diplomatic worlds, they expect to serve as directors of the relevant Western international corporations. They are energy pirates anxious to return to the days of Sir Francis Drake.

This means that they are in the most literal sense of the word illegitimate (even if backed by their heavily partial governments) and that the world’s people are their victims. Heil Goebbels! Heil Stalin! Heil Obama!

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