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In my last article, Bonds of Terror, I commented about the past and present terror related activities of Joshua Matza. Reading the title of this article, non-Hebrew readers may get it wrong. The name of the man ends with an “aleph,” and means “he found.” The article’s title refers to the food, which ends with a “hei,” its plural is “matzot.” American readers may know it also as “matzo” and “matzos” but these are typical mispronunciations of Yiddish speakers. Dear Joshua, I mean no harm to you, rest in peace and have some matza whenever you are hungry.

Many years ago I was a high-school student in a kibbutz located in the central part of the Jordan Valley. In The Cross of Bethlehem I describe the life there, but not everything made it to the book.

One such event is related to matza. This unleavened bread substitutes bread during the Jewish Passover. I don’t want to expand on the religious aspect of the feast or how it was redeemed by Jesus and became the Holy Communion, but on a historical aspect of the matza. Our history teachers kept repeating – to the extent of being a mantra – that the “Blood Accusation” was false. The last is a claim that Jews require and employ Christian blood for the preparation of matza or just for ritual killing, and that in order to obtain it they commit assault and even murder. There are so many false claims in the world that they didn’t care about denying, that this obsession was strange.

Those of my readers aware with my situation, understand I’m in serious danger of getting in troubles here. Thus, I’ll just cite a few passages of the Jewish Encyclopedia; I’m sure Mr. Dagan and the indefatigable conspirators wouldn’t object.

The encyclopedia brings examples dating back to Josephus and Socrates, however, the topic became hot only during the middle of the thirteenth century. The Jewish Encyclopedia says: “The case of Little St. Hugh of Lincoln is mentioned by Chaucer, and has thus become well known. A little lad of eight years, named Hugh, son of a woman named Beatrice, disappeared at Lincoln on the 31st of July, 1255. His body was discovered on the 29th of August, covered with filth, in a pit or well belonging to a Jew named Jopin. On being promised by John of Lexington, a judge, who happened to be present, that his life should be spared, Jopin is said to have confessed that the boy had been crucified by the Jews, who had assembled at Lincoln for that purpose. King Henry III., on reaching Lincoln some five weeks afterward, at the beginning of October, refused to carry out the promise of John of Lexington, and had Jopin executed and ninety-one of the Jews of Lincoln seized and sent up to London, where eighteen of them were executed. The rest were pardoned at the intercession of the Franciscans (Jacobs, "Jewish Ideals," pp. 192-224).”

Case after case – along centuries – the encyclopedia attempts to show they are just false accusations. The obsession of the book on the issue is similar to the one displayed by my teachers. As I always do, I’ll accept the Jewish claims without further checks to the last iota. Otherwise I’ll be probably accused of being a “denier” of whatever, tried by “Hate Laws” applied exclusively in the defense of Jews and denied for the defense of Christianity (which is regularly attacked by Jews), and probably tortured to death by a Rabbi Schmeck. So, I accept the Blood Accusations are false. No doubt about that, though after the Jewish attack that ruined my throat, I can claim this statement was obtained under Jewish torture and thus is not valid in any court (this is the favorite approach of the Jewish Encyclopedia authors in the explanation of the Blood Accusation cases). Cheers, Meir Dagan!

However, I’ll do dare saying something else. It doesn’t matter if these cases did happen or not. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year we can see in the news the cruel atrocities committed by IDF soldiers and Jewish settlers. Grannies, mothers and little children assassinated by IDF officers are mentioned in the Beit Oranim Transcript. Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh – an eight years old girl – assassinated by Yosef Harnoi – a settler. Rachel Corrie – an American hero and martyr – killed by an assassin still protected by the Israeli Administration. A 17-year-old girl named Hyam Ayash from the Deir al-Balah Refugee Camp in Gaza assassinated by the Israeli army. Hospitals bombed with white phosphorous artillery by the IDF during the barbarous attack on Gaza in December 2009. All this and more to an extent that Israel was defined a terror inflicting organization by the Human Rights Council of the UN on October 2009. This modern Blood Accusation can be witnessed by everyone and is true: dear citizens of Israel, you are just bloody cruel criminals.

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