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On Web Safety, Amazon and Paypal | No Matrix


Yesterday, I was contacted by one of my faithful readers. The email just contained an ad offering protection from hidden Trojan keyloggers. These are pieces of malicious software that log the keys typed on a computer and transmit them to criminals. In the past, I commented on the safe use of memory cards and now I want to expand on web safety.

Recently, I published two infuriating articles. One was about Israel's Remembrance Day, actually part of a series that included also the Holocaust Day. The second was about Zim. Both would probably be defined as treason by the red faced indefatigable conspirators of the security services. From now on, I'll refer to the last in this article as SS. After I published these two articles, the SS wanted to inflict a fast punishment.

As many know - I told that in the memory card article - I work offline. I write the files on a memory card, after finishing them I copy them to the hard disk, disconnect the memory card, connect the computer to the web and then publish the files as fast as possible. Overall, my identified web sessions last less than five minutes. Thus attacking me without early and obvious preparations is very difficult.

Yet, detecting my presence is easy. The internet kiosk owner sees one of the computers going offline whenever I enter. They don't know in real-time what I'm writing, but they can see the files once I re-connect the machine. The machines do not have wi-fi chips. The articles are always written in one session since I don't want them to know what I'm preparing. That's why so many articles look unpolished. With these two infuriating articles, the computer reset function was operated from afar, just after I reconnected, delaying the publication by a few minutes. The SS infantilism and disregard for human rights became evident once again, but not only that; the event is related to keyloggers.

There is an ongoing mythos about a teenager with a bad case of acne hacking computers around the world. I've had extensive contacts with computer sciences students of all ages during my years at the exact sciences faculties. Not even one of them was interested in violating other people's computers. Maybe some of them would take a look at the Shin Beth’s mainframe computer, but private computers were strictly off-limits. This has to do with a code of ethics the SS does not comprehend. It has to do with the Free Spirit of the web. However, I did see people working for the SS in the development of malicious code. Those who use the hidden keyloggers are the SS themselves.

There are three levels of keyloggers. The first is on the computer being used; unless connected to the net, the SS cannot see what's being typed. The second level is on the master computer of the kiosk, the one connecting the other machines to the web. The third level is at the regional server. Why is this important? Because if you accept the SS are the evil snoopers, then they can access the passwords and all other typed texts from the servers. Thus the twenty dollars spent on the Trojan keylogger blocker were wasted.

"But it's encrypted!" some are thinking by now. It doesn't matter. Given enough time every encryption can be broken. Encoding is safe, but no access system on the web uses encoding. This last sentence contains a delightful contradiction. By definition such a system cannot exist.

Thus the web is not safe from the SS predators. But I want to give also a reassuring message. Some readers contacted me on financial issues. Some of them didn't trust Amazon and thus didn't buy The Cross of Bethlehem. Others, didn't trust Paypal and thus didn't donate to my ministry. Technically they are right. Everything could be blocked by the SS. Legally they are wrong.

In this type of transactions, both sides can communicate and coordinate. If the SS would attempt to disrupt such a transaction, it would end in a very simple and effective action against the service providers. In the last very difficult years for me, these two companies were bastions of honor, supporting me through water and fire. They fulfilled all their obligations and even went beyond them. Unlike them Skype did cooperate with the SS in the manipulation of my communications. The world is not completely evil.

You don't like Amazon? Do you realize that after having faced thousands of rejections - beginning with Random House - Amazon did publish The Cross of Bethlehem! You don't want The Cross of Bethlehem? Please click on any of the Amazon links in this website and buy whatever you need; a few - but important - cents would reach me. Get the latest compilation of The Beetles. Learn about this last name in The Cross of Bethlehem.

You don't trust Paypal? In the last years I completely rely on them, and had no problems. Finishing The Cross of Bethlehem and the initiation of my contacts with an Asian country that is my best hope for the future were possible only due to a ten thousand dollars donation I got from Australia in 2008. Much of this money eventually passed trough Paypal. The SS had a golden opportunity to inflict serious damage to my cause. Yet, they couldn’t. Even the SS cannot break all the laws at once.

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