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No Water to Arabs

Basic Services denied to Palestinian Citizens of Israel | October 2011 - Lod gets Water Pipes

From time to time I get angry emails from Israelis and Jews. More often than not, the first are too embarrassed to openly admit their citizenship. Reactions vary with the topic addresses; yet they can be accurately summarized as: “Why do you speak against us? We have suffered so much…

Invariably, they fail to see the intrinsic fallacy of their argumentation. Previous suffering – if it did take place – is not a reason to bring misery and terror to others. Then, my denouncing their crimes is a good way to prevent their repetition, see Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Only if they know they’ll carry the shame of the assassinations of Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh, Rachel Corrie and all other innocent victims for all eternity, they may refrain of committing further assassinations. However, this is the same thing they attempt to do to Germany. That’s good in their eyes, but denouncing their crimes is wrong. Double standards all the way to their graves.

Then something happens. It isn’t an important event. Nobody dies. No irreversible damage is caused. The event is so tiny that it is barely mentioned by local news. It doesn’t even get properly indexed by search engines. Yet, if you spot the event, you know you are redeemed, that your early work is being justified. The subtle horror of the new event makes you understand the importance of keeping reporting the full extent of Israeli terror.

Jaffa, Ramle and Lod were the three largest Palestinian towns in what nowadays is Gush Dan, the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. Lod and Jaffa date back to Biblical times, the apostles visited both. The three towns were conquered in 1948 and Jewish settlers – more often than not Oriental Jews forcibly brought to Israel – were sent to them. Jaffa was unified with Tel Aviv so that there would be no Palestinian mayor in the area. Lod and Ramle became underdeveloped towns, providing cheap workers to Tel Aviv.

In theory, Lod should be a privileged and wealthy town. The Ben Gurion International Airport is within its limits. Several major IDF bases – including the airborne division mentioned in The Cross of Bethlehem - are nearby, meaning the area enjoys good infrastructures and plenty of hungry soldiers at its food joints. Israel’s main highway – Road #1 Tel Aviv-Jerusalem – passes through its territory. Tel Aviv is just minutes away. Everything should be good, but it isn’t

In Hebrew, the issue is called “ir meorevet,” a “mixed up city.” This refers to the fact Jews and Palestinians live together in it, though in separated neighborhoods. At the end of 2010, it had a population of 70,000, roughly three quarters Jews and a quarter Palestinians. The meaning of being a mixed up city is that it is automatically neglected by Israeli authorities. I mean, Palestinian neighborhoods are neglected; the Jewish ones look as being a suburb of Tel Aviv.

By the end of October 2011, Lod reached local news in Israel with an incredible item. More than 63 years after having been conquered by Israel, the houses in the Palestinian neighborhood of Samech Het have just been connected to the municipal water system. “Previously, there was just one pipe here that didn't supply enough for everyone, and pumps that we installed ourselves,” said the chairman of the neighborhood committee, Juman Shaban.

No one can claim Israel lacks the funds needed for connecting a neighborhood to tap water. If that was the case, they could buy less missiles or acquire less military technologies; I’m confident Dow Chemical would be happy to help. But not even Israel claims that. Its representing agent on the issue - Moshe Ashkenazi, the CEO of the municipal water company – said: “When we started to operate, it turned out that 40 percent [of the water] was being wasted, but [now] the wastage has been reduced to 20 percent and will be curbed further. Many people in Lod have been illegally tapping into water lines.” In other words, Lod had been connected to the tap water not because the people living there deserved it, but in order to increase the taxes collected by the government.

Is that your real goal, State of Israel? To maximize the collection of taxes? The welfare of your citizens means nothing? Are you made of civil servants caring just for their pensions and the governmental careers of their sons? You claim being religious. All marriages are religious; all state ceremonies include religious parts. Yet, where is your love to God? It should be reflected in your treatment of others. Yet, you deny them water in a semi-desert area. Is that your glorious interpretation of the Good Samaritan? Is this another fine example of Jewish compassion?

There is nothing sadder than additional words uttered by Juman Shaban, the neighborhood chairman: “When they also arrange sewers for us, I'll throw a celebration.” Meanwhile, he goes to the toilets of his Jewish neighbors.

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