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Statistics lie. In 1995 a Palestinian prisoner was assassinated in the Far’aa Prison near Nablus (see The Cross of Bethlehem). I know because I was there as the commander of the platoon providing peripheral security to the complex. Druze soldiers belonging to Unit 504 of Aman (the IDF Intelligence branch) were in charge of the brutal interrogations. I know because I was there. There is no other way to know about the death because it never happened officially. The Israeli newspapers never reported it. I know because I searched for the news one I was released from my service in the reserve army.

Statistics lie. They lie because they are controlled by states. That’s true even if coming from self-defined as objective universities. The grants that allowed the research and the publication of the statistical results originated from the state or related parties. “That’s a wild exaggeration!” some are thinking by now. Is that so? Can anyone tell me how many civilian casualties have been in Iraq and Afghanistan during the American attacks there? Don’t even bother to search for the data. The US destroyed the civilian governments there, thus these societies cannot provide reliable data. On the other side, the US Army doesn’t collect data on civilian casualties. Even if it collected, it wouldn’t be a reliable source. In such a way, states manipulate data to their own advantage. Often that means to people’s disadvantage.

Statistics lie and can be manipulated. Let me show you statistics that wouldn’t be to the liking of Western, Walsingham states. Sir Francis Walsingham consolidated the first modern intelligence and counterintelligence network. Among other things he began the systematic collection of information from entry and exit points to the UK, during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I. Since his days, states are deceitfully manipulating data in order to maneuver their citizens’ opinions. Let’s take a short look at the Wars Death Toll Statistics; if sticking to the twentieth century, this data is relatively consistent – at least in its order of magnitude – across all the sources checked out. Consistent but not reliable, since no one knows how many civilians the most armies assassinate on a daily base.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, in Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century (1993) counts between 167 and 175 million lives deliberately extinguished by politically motivated carnage. Rudolph J. Rummel, in Death By Government is more detailed and quotes 258,327,000 government inflicted deaths between 1900 and 1987. Those questioning my pointing out at the religion as the center of the conflict in the Middle East would be thrilled to find that David Barrett in the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001) defines 45.5 million Christian martyrs during that century alone. A characteristic of many sources is their outrageous rounding of numbers. Citing the victims of a conflict as exactly “1,000,000” probably means the author has not even the slightest idea of how many people died there; probably a factor is applied to the total population number and then rounded as per the author’s will (see The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Us for a more detailed explanation; rounding is a proper scientific practice, but there are rules to it which are ignored by social-writers). A political, Machiavellian state-sponsored will.

Walsinghamian states assassinated well over 150 million people during the 20th Century alone, probably even more than 250 million. A quarter of a billion people were assassinated by governments. This is an outrageous number. Who gave these soulless entities the right to do so? Did anyone in history vote for a war? Why do bankers support wars? Why are ammunition and weapon factories allowed?

These entities terrorize us. In the last thirty years or so it is done through state sponsored propaganda about something called “terror.” It has never been properly defined. Yet, I’ll make a gesture of good will and adopt the American Administration data. The U.S. State Department claims that 9,255 [http://www.state.gov/www/global/terrorism/1999report/373317.jpg] victims died as result of international terrorism between 1980 and 1999. Most of these victims are the result of injustices created by Walsinghamian states.

So, how can the side that inflicted up to a quarter of a billion deaths complain about ten thousand? What are the morals preached by states? Would they define me as a terrorist for pointing out this truth? “The last one standing wins,” an American seriously told me once. In answer, I cited the Good Shepherd (John 10). He gives his life for his sheep; all the rest are just thieves.

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