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Letters to Roi Tov

The salutation by the hand of me Paul. Remember my bonds. Grace be with you. Amen.—Colossians 4:18



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Hi Roi, you utterly amazed me with the information about the policies of the Israeli blood bank in your post relating to Mandela.
You should do a whole post about this policy I think. I certainly want to know more.
When you posted it I was involved in an online "debate" about "anti-semitism" and whether Israel was a racist state. Needless to say your post pretty much silenced the opposition. It is devastating information for israels defenders.
I thank you so much - this is the sort of "insiders" information that I most value...

Denny, USA, December 8, 2013 on Mossad: Bibi Blocks Peace with Iran

Brother Roi,
You write with a blow torch! Just when I think I’ve seen your best you smack another one out of the park and into orbit. I wish that I could put this article on the front door of every American home and on the front door of every American business...

Pat, Canada, May 25, 2013

Hi Roy;
As you know our country of Canada is pro Israel to the tip of the highest mountain here in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. I have been researching the Israel subject for a number of years as I saw Judaism coming into churches. I love researching and writing ... for my own satisfaction. I had already written 200 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 on the subject. I started my research with the Pharisees as I wondered what happened to them and the study goes across 2000 years up to the Pharisees of today.
I receive Texe Marrs newsletters and Home Church sermons, I have listened to Bro. Nathaniel and read from Rense and a host of other authors, many of whom are Christian Jews but not of the Messianic Jews as they seem to be Zionist and/or pro Israel. I have had very interesting encounters with an atheist, Christian Arab from Iran, Muslim woman and others who are totally against the political Zionist regime of Israel. Just in the past few months I came across an interview with Dianna Spingola about you. Immediately I purchased your books and have read them. I could hardly believe what I was reading ... is this true or isn’t it ... but it confirmed what I had already read about the Mossad. What you were saying about being followed and tortured is so foreign to our experiences and thinking; it was hard to believe that this was all true. I still can’t get my head around it. I have been receiving your newletters for some time now. (I just updated as I hadn't put my name on the first time around and then by mistake I ended up deleting it but it is now in my name. I hope it got straightened up).
I have been reading many of your articles but I haven’t read them all yet as there are so many. I find it almost overwhelming. Thank you so much for telling us what really is going on in Israel. Who but an insider would know the ugly details. These people are acting exactly as Jesus said .... and they are of their father the devil. More and more people who live, or have lived, in Israel are telling the truth of what is going on. It looks like the country could self-destruct. You reap what you sow. According to the book of Revelation things don’t look good for Israel in the end. Some people think otherwise.
I noticed a letter to you from a reader and he commented that he sent something of yours to John Hagee. I watched a bit of a Youtube video of him preaching about Israel and it almost made me sick. He will not change. He will team up with 33 degree Freemasons anti-Christ like Netanyahu, and Mormon Glenn Peck who thinks he is from a lost tribe of Israel, but he won’t have anything to do with a Palestinian Christians or their plight. These people are warmongers! He must be a change agent for Israel. I have tried to clue in a discernment ministry called Lighthouse Trails Research which I have supported for many years. They see no connection with the New World Order and the Jews. I tried to share some of what Jesus and Paul said and she got angry with me and told me that she would never turn her back on Israel ... never.... as she was rooted in the Nation of Israel. I told her that I was not rooting in that evil nation but that I was rooted in Christ ... only. I told her that she may have to eat her words some day. I have been a Christian all my life (I’m 72) and we were taught that Christians were the apple of God’s eye and of the spiritual seed of Abraham. We were dispensationalist but not to the degree that is being taught these days. Yes, there would be a time in the end for the Jews ... but it will only be a remnant that will be saved ... by faith and faith alone.
There is a Palestinian pastor by the name of Sami Awad who is in the States now trying to talk to churches about the Palestinian issue but with little success. The head pastor of a huge Christian organization has warned these churches not to accept him. (That church organization has gone through all kinds of scandal so they have no room to talk). Unfortunately Awad has gone to churches which have left the pure World of God to tell the Palestinian story. That doesn’t help the Palestinian situation. The Zionist are on the warpath even more. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/newsletters/2013/newsletters20130521.htm#abc2
Lighthouse Trails Research is sympathetic to the Holocaust; they are anti-Martin Luther because of his writings against the Jews; they tell people that the Jews didn’t kill Jesus; they are against the Protocols of the Elder of Zion and are 100% pro Israel. I’m sure they have not read anything on any of these subjects nor read those books but they are against them. But I have. These people are totally blind in this area otherwise they are very good. I have been called anti-Semitic and people turn their back on me. That’s OK.
Now having said all that, I have given your books to a friend to read. She was slow on accepting what I was telling her about the Jews but when she got into your books, it started to make sense to her especially when you got to Bolivia. She is from Switzerland and she told me of a missionary from there who was killed in Bolivia about 3 years ago. They had been missionaries there years ago but were going to go back. He went back on his own to check things out and then the wife would join. He was murdered shortly after he got there. Is there any chance that you heard of these people by the name of Jurg (two dots over the u) and Marlis Winkler? I noticed on the Internet that many missionaries, especially Mormons, have been killed in Bolivia.
I honestly don’t know how you are still living. God must be protecting you so you can get all these messages out. What else? I’m sure you can relate to the apostle Paul in all the suffering that he went through. Every time I think about you I keep asking God to protect you and free you from that horrible place. I will be donating soon.
May the Lord bless and keep you in His care.
Pat from Canada

John, Canada, May 13, 2013

Israel and Zionism is a very important topic. You know it well and you pass this knowledge on. Your analysis is of invaluable worth and it will plant itself like little seeds and grow more awareness in a myriad of ways and places.
Nothing dead about a voice like that my friend...

Peter, USA, Mar 31, 2013

Thanks so much for your short, but succinct explanation on the proper way to approach studing God's Word. I use your articles on a regular basis to drive home certain points when I visit sites. For both secular and theologic discussion they prove valuable, (it's hard for those who worship or defend the actions of "the Chosen" to discount facts exposed by not only a former "Jew", but one who served as an officer in the IDF). Your statement on the incorrect way to approach Biblical learning has helped me to understand some things that confused me. It's always amazed me to what lengths sycophants and cowards will go for a fat paycheck and health insurance, ( treasonous law enforcement, politicians, "christians"..... It's so simple, really. If your conscience whispers "this is wrong" don't compromise it, listen to it. Because in the end, it's our conscience which, to a large degree, determines whether or not we've sinned. the very act of going against what your conscience says is right or wrong can in and of itself become a sin. Using the "fine Christians" converting to secure or enhance their "fat paychecks and health insurance" here in AmeriKa may very well be saving their careers at the cost of their souls. From the sold out D.C. to the cop beating or killing a fellow citizen to curry favor from their Mossad teachers. Whew spooky.
Thanks again,

Prof. Chung - November 25, 2012, on Iron Dome, Pillar of Cloud, and Netanyahu's Next War

As it's been all along, your very much valuable articles are so much appreciated by many around the world.
Again your article today is posted as The 4th Media's Today's Headline Story...
Prof. Chung - Editor in Chief The 4th Media

Michael - September 10, 2012, on The Cross of Bethlehem II: Back in Bethlehem

While waiting with her I was reading more of your book. I have said it before, but its fabulous! I say that very aware of your pain and the torment Israelis have put you through. If you live through this or end up in heaven sooner than I, your story with the right professionalism would make a great and dramatic film. I wish I had a few of your brain cells...your attention to detail and assessments amaze me, but I had the same impression in book I. I have also said I love the cover you chose. You did a masterful job on the book. Even the part in the church that I thought could be different and better. You did a little something I think, anyway it works. I read that chapter to my mom.
There is another facebook friend who will be doing some fasting and praying for you in the days to come.
I sent John Hagee Ministries a prayer request and told them your plight, and challenged them that by unquestioning support for Israel they are aiding your persecution and maybe murder. Please if possible, keep me advised. But I will be praying and watching.
TCOBII -great book, great information in it...Absolutely a must read for the deceived church and Christians.

Mel - June 6, 2012, on Vanunu’s deLiberation

One man, you, in the entire world, must have really angered the PTB to the extent that truth has made you their enemy. Your book, especially II, explained that more in detail to me.
You have a soul, they do not. The sad thing is that so many not in your former country but around the world have lost their way as well or they would not be attacking you and turning their backs to you. A dirty ring of disgusting immoral hypocrits, and, as always, money is the root of evil, so they keep on.
I think of you and pray for your safety and health every day.

Jerry - June 6, 2012, on Vanunu’s deLiberation

Very sad to read, Roy. Very sad. But the section on the workings of the Israeli government was very interesting. So your sadness pushed you to tell truths neither I nor most other readers have never seen before. Keep writing. That is your salvation, to echo the pain your imprisonment, and not remain silent. That is your oppressor’s wish, that you shut up and go away, vanish into sorrow. Remain present, eyes open, seeing, hearing, knowing and speaking the truth. That is your legacy to the world. Your life has meaning. You do not live in vain because you live consciously.

Tim - June 2, 2012

I have been getting your e-mails, and I am half way through the Cross of Bethlehem II. I love the dry, to the point prose, reminds me of Voltaire’s Candid in more than a few ways...

Meredith - June 1, 2012

Simply stated, I enjoyed reading The Cross of Bethlehem. It is a transcontinental 'on the run' running literary filled with intrigue, deception, sorrow and heroism, presented by our protagonist at large. In addition to being serious, the stories are augmented with (your) natural gift of wit, charm and good humour. God's message of peace, mercy and salvation is abundant throughout. I am proud to know of you. I am a better person because of that proving, God's Words and Message, Will Always Win and Triumph.

Stephen - May 17, 2012, on Gas in La Paz

On seeing the first picture the 1st thought.....just when you thought sinful man could not go any lower he surprises you......by going even lower.

deLiberation.info - April 1, 2012, on USA Thwarts Israeli Attack on Iran

Hi Roy
Your article is up (main headline of the day), many thanks. Great bit of investigative journalism.
I was looking into the Azerbaijan connections myself.

Michael - March 23, 2012, on Six Million Submarines

Hi Roy, am still here. Posted you last on FB, no one can really get a very good handle on Israel and the areas goings on without at least including your articles in their list….

Yehoram - February 2, 2012, on Yitzhak Obama

Be careful.
Help others.
I didn't read your article, but be care full.

Thomas - January 10, 2012, on Crumbling Testimony of Terror

Incredible article and oh so true

Pete - January 4, 2012, on Israel is a Golem

Hi Roy,
Interesting article
"There are two main problems Israelis are blind to in respect to this. First, they do not acknowledge they may be wrong. If they did so, they would be much more careful before killing children, women, grannies and other obvious innocent persons with snipers. This is the result of their being indoctrinated as “chosen people.” In their eyes, chosen people act with the will of God, and thus are always right, no matter what."
The above from your article also explains the dilemma "the tribe" has put themselves in regarding the framing/torture/murder of our Lord Jesus Christ. A very symetrical, smooth hole they've dug. Soon, the dirt may become the Golem and cover them over for good!

Be safe Roy,

The 4th Media (China) - December 18, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Tov!
Your article (Iran Hits American Satellite) is posted as Today's Headline Story on our web.
Hope you could get into our web and see your story.
All the best and stay safe as best as you could!
Prof. Chung
The 4th Media

Doug P. - December 2011

I've been reading your book Roy...It's fantasic!

Michael Cangemi - November 2011

One thing I believe in, and that is in this way,
That is in the love that You showed me today
It's in the blossoms and the sweet perfume,
It's in the colors of the flowers in bloom
It's in the joy of the birds that I hear
It's in the comfort of a friend who is near
Its in the twilight when the stars reappear
It's in the sorrow of the pain that You felt
No greater love anywhere than the gift of Yourself

It's in the sparrow that falls by the way
Not without Your knowing,it's just as you say
It's in the midst of a breaking dawn
It's in the heart and the words of a song
It's in the rain that falls upon the earth
It's in the joy of a brand new birth
It's in the victory that You gave,
Rising in triumph over the grave

There's so much more than I could ever say
But one thing I believe in and that is in this way
And that is in the love that You showed me today
And that is in the love that You showed me today

One Thing I Believe In, Copyright 2007, Michael Cangemi

Ruben Tito Flores - November 2011

I decided to publish an unusual letter. I dislike hate mail and more often than not delete it. However, this time it came from one of my aggressors in Bolivia. The writer is a member of Suma Qhana. Due to the nature of the text, I am not providing a translation. The dirty talk is typical of Bolivians, even if they go to church.

me importa un pedo Israel
"Puto de Mierda"
Metete al culo tu Israel...
RUBEN TITO FLORES - j115622@yahoo.es

Amber - September 2011

Dear Roy,

We are both the sons of Abraham. My people call him Avraham. Your people call him Ibrahim.


He is definitely trying to do a job on his audience and trying to inextricably link himself and "his people" with the Abrahamic faith. However, "his people" we know are not the true Jews, and are Zionists -- and "Israel" not the true Israel:


I like how you also get to the crux of things through the definition of what something is!

I admire your honesty.



Bo - August 2011

Your latest book (The Cross of Bethlehem) was EXCELLENT!!

It gave so much info about the so called "Jewish state" and its falsehoods, also against people living in Israel.

Your travels in East Asia and China reminds me of my younger days, when I was there. The amount of money spent on tracking You is just amazing. When truth is officially seen as a threat, something is defenitly wrong and also on its way to collapse.

May God be with You in all Your writings and Your life!!

Tomasz - August 2011

Dear Roy,

My name is Tomasz. I am Arkadiusz’s friend, and together we are the Irish ‘branch’ of our Niepoprawneradio.pl.

A few days ago I finished reading your book. If you let me I would like to share with you a few thoughts of the reader.

Your book describes the things which are in the same time both revealing and familiar to me. Till now I was not aware of the cast-like discrimination in Israeli society. Your book also shed some lights on motives of those ones responsible for Israeli –Palestinian conflict. I always was informed “how” but nobody ever tried to tell me ‘why” the massacre is ongoing. And of course Rachel case. I remember that in Poland the media were talking about the riots and massacre of protesters but, as I said, we learn about Rachel’s death from your book. The biggest “Polish” newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” always protects the positive image of Israeli state. If one starts criticize the Zion he or she is labeled as ‘anti-Semite’ and this means the public death. I personally know only one case of the columnist in Poland who is not afraid to stigmatize the Israeli politicians but he is a Jew himself. He revealed corruption and the hypocrisy of theirs. But after I have read your book I realized that the worst thing is the Israeli ZIONIST system which breaks characters and human lives. Nobody before explained it so lucidly like you. Thank You Roy.

In Poland the division for “equal and more equal” is not so obvious at first glance, but it exists. Our country is run and by oligarchy which derives from ex-secret police members. Additional problem for Poland is that those people are usually also connected with KGB, German Intelligence and Mossad.

After so called the ‘falling down’ of Communism in 1989, first secretaries turned into businessmen, bankers and media ‘magnates”. A mass murderer boss of Junta general Jaruzelski became the “Man of Honor”. This creates moral and semantic chaos. A ‘semantic collapse” the “black hole of reason” words lose their meanings there are only sounds no sense attached. Yesterday oppressor today is a noble good-doer and vice versa. Those who are seeking the public good may meet their end by sudden heart attack, are run over by Ukrainian truck or drawn during the fishing time or end up like our President Kaczy?ki, who was assassinated in Smolensk.


Apart from factual aspect of your book I also loved its literary aspect beauty the spiritual and literally aspects of your book. “Fishing” is my favorite chapter of great setting and symbolism.

In the chapters of ‘Running away’ part you quite nicely striped off the triviality of your pursuers. At the end of the day they turned to be not ‘demons’ of ‘nazgul’ type but wee people carrying for their posts and donations. Again I can see here analogy to our “Polish” inner agencies. Two months ago the ABW (Agency of Internal Security), attended a flat of the Internet who was running the website mocking “Polish” president.

Roy, till I have read your book I have no idea that there are people, like you. As a young man I saw a movie about the technician who revealed the Israeli possession of nuclear bomb. Although the movie showed this guy in a positive light I perceived him more as a traitor than man of valor...

Roy please forgive me that I dare to say a few words about your plan of starting the “hunger strike.” WE NEED YOU ALIVE!!!! YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE!!! ALIVE YOU ARE MORE DANGEROUS TO Zionists!!! YOUR MERE EXISTENCE IS THEIR ACCUSATION!!!

Sorry but I had to write that.
God Bless You, Roy.

With deepest regard Tomasz.

Charles Murphy - October 2010

Charles Murphy,
135 Ludford Road,
Dublin16. 014409885/0863310420.

To the Editor,
Your contributor, Jonathan O'Brien, gave an interesting review (17 Oct) of RTE Radio's 'The Keeper of the Faith,' and mentioned the Jewish girl who fears being ostracized by her co-religionists should she marry outside her faith.
While we in this part of the world could regard such strict exclusivity as, today, being rather quaint, unfortunately the effects of the Israeli version have proved lethal to the indigenous Muslim and Christain people of Palestine.
This exclusivity in Israel has spawned Jewish extremist groups like Gush Emunim, whose goal, according to Jewish historian Norton Mezvinsky, "is to build a sacred society whose nuclei are the Jewish settlements in the Occupied territories."
Also the late Israeli scholar Israel Shahak has written that, while struggle against antisemitism should never cease, there is also a need for a struggle against what he describes as "Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism" and also that there is a need for a "critique of classical Judaism".

Yours faithfully,
Chas Murphy.

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