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Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher



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Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher

Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher | IDF Exposed


On December 15, 2010, the Lebanese Army announced it dismantled two Israeli espionage sites watching on Beirut from Jabel Snin and Jabel Baruch. Two weeks before that, Lebanon placed a formal denounce at the UN Security Council against Israel after the existence of the devices was exposed by the Hezbollah.

The devices included watching equipment and signals sending and receiving communications gear; it could be activated from afar. It was hidden under fake rocks in a mountainous area. Here are some of the pictures released by the Lebanese.

Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher
Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher

Hezbollah Beats Kingfisher | IDF Exposed

Israel panicked. At 6:30 PM of the same evening, the Israeli air force made low flights over Tyre and apparently destroyed a similar espionage in the area. Similar flights took place along the Zaharani River.

Readers of The Cross of Bethlehem can finally find a collateral corroboration of my description there of “Kingfisher,” a spinoff from Sayeret Matkal. This is a special commando unit specializing in the placement of electronic beamers, cameras and other espionage equipment beyond the Israeli borders. “Beamer” is an electronic devices used for guiding certain type of bombs to a target. Working with special means described in my book, it is active in Lebanon and Syria. The last has never released information on the beamers in its territory. Despite the danger in the placement of this equipment Israel favors this method since it saves costly flights; the lives of the soldiers involved are of secondary concern.

In several recent occasions I commented on the ongoing erosion in the Israeli military force. The two major battles won by Hezbollah in 2006 and 2009 were clear signs of that. Now, we can see the IDF is losing even its relative advantage in intelligence gathering. Hezbollah beats Kingfisher.

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