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Katzav, Institutional Entrapment and Witnesses Harassment



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Illegitimate Investigations | Smoking Gun on Israeli Police

Illegitimate Investigations | Smoking Gun on Israeli Police

On December 30, 2010, Moshe Katzav was found guilty of two counts of rape, sexual assault and other abuses, following a four-year trial held mostly behind closed doors at Tel Aviv District Court. Moshe Katzav was the eighth President of Israel, serving in office between August 1, 2000 and July 1, 2007. Forced to resign due to the legal process, he was succeeded by Shimon Peres who still serves in office. He announced he would appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court of Justice in Jerusalem, and these days this process is taking place while he is still free. As commented in an article published just after the verdict, there are serious questions regarding the events. The fact Katzav is free during the appeal means the Supreme Court suspect foul game - entrapment in other words - probably in order to open the president position for the Shabak’s wonder-boy Shimon Peres. Today, July 11, 2011, it has been published that also Katzav used foul tactics. Moreover, he used former police officers to perform illegitimate harassment. Harassment by the authorities, entrapment, illegitimate surveillance and related topics are a favorite of this website, thus Moshe Katzav is getting here his second article and a big thank you from me for having forced the statements about to be described by a police officer.

Katzav’s appeal is not the only ongoing legal process; a police investigation was opened against two private investigators working on behalf of Moshe Katsav. They are suspected of harassing witnesses in the rape trial, having violated their privacy, and of conspiring to commit a crime. Moshe Katzav, his brothers Lior and Yoram and his son Noam have been interrogated under warning by the police. In other words, Katzav’s answer to his entrapment had been a counter-entrapment of key witnesses. His approach was amazing, since he hired the services of an exclusive private investigations office, which used for this case the service of a former police officer who doesn’t have a license to work as a private investigator. Following his arrest, the police officer provided a declaration full of gems on the work of the Israeli police. Before going into details, I’ll just comment that recently I reported on the finger-violation of a girl by an Israeli police officer. Michael Ben Ari, a Knesset Member from the far, far right claimed the police shows a culture of lies and that it gives legitimacy to criminals in uniform. He is not suspect of being an anti-Semite, a self-hating Jew or a meshumad.

Katzav’s choice was smart. Peres was pushed up by the Shin Beth. Katzav went to their quasi-Nemesis – the police – for help. The witnesses should have asked for help from the Mossad. This is how the Jewish Wars work since ever.

The former police office – his name being naturally protected by the police – admitted a long line of crimes, though according to his awkward phrasing everything was fine. While in the police, he was an expert in dubbing information. Later on – for some ten years – he had been convicted on several crimes in his flourishing career as entrapper. He admitted having presented himself as someone else in order to achieve desired statements from the witnesses who were being recorded without their knowledge. A point to keep in mind is that someone who admittedly lies in such a way cannot be trusted by any sober judge; how can we know he is not deceitful again in court? Such declarations are not valid.

Trying to justify himself he said: “Any interrogation work is a deceitful job. It is impossible to work otherwise. If I’ll approach a man and would tell him I’m a private investigator he will throw me down the stairs.”

Then he hinted – leaving little room to imagination – how these declarations are edited. This is a very touchy issue in the Israeli reality. Yitzhak Rabin was famous for refusing to accept Shin Beth reports due to their tendency to be “cooked” – as Rabin defined that – according to the Shin Beth preferences of action on the specific issue. He always requested the original data; maybe this was a secondary reason for his assassination. The former police officer rejects in his words the innocence of everyone in the eyes of the law, claiming he can prove everyone is a criminal.

The sad reality is that investigators are allowed to break all Human Rights, no matter what. Entrapment is legal; editing words forced out of the witness and taking them out of context is natural. (“I’ll kill the bastard that did me that,” the girl said with a large smile, intending to give a kiss to her boyfriend. She failed in that because she was arrested for attempting an assassination.) People don’t speak as if they were in court while in the street. The corrupt investigator must violate out human rights, otherwise, how can he put the person in jail?

Let’s clean the table. Let’s send free the innocent Palestinians held for ransom in Israeli jails. Then, in the spacious rooms liberated, let’s put Peres, Katzav, the entire Israeli police, Mossad and Shin Beth personnel. Let’s make a better world.

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