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The Judgment of Midas

The Judgment of Midas | Peter Paul Rubens, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique Brussels

In a few days, the Middle Eastern reality will change dramatically. Palestinian independence would probably be overwhelmingly accepted by the UN General Assembly. One reason for the Israeli hysterical efforts to block – or delay – the event is related to the fact that with independence Palestinians would gain access to a formidable weapon against their Zionist torturers.

Under the Israeli Administration many crimes in the Occupied Territories were left unpunished. Invariably, these were committed by the IDF, the Shin Beth or Jewish settlers. If caught red-handed – as in the horrific assassination of 8 year-old Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh by Yosef Harnoi, a settler from Eilon Moreh – the culprit enters jail through a revolving door. Israel is indulgent towards its favorite sons and criminally murderous towards all others.

In recent days, we learned that settlers set fire to West Bank mosque after Israel demolished illegal structures in Migron. Due to their nature, I refrained from bringing pictures of insults towards Mohammed written by the settlers in the immediate vicinity (they were written in Hebrew with a confident hand; they weren’t fake). In parallel, settlers vandalized 12 vehicles in an Israel Defense Forces base in the Binyamin area (near Ramallah). To the terrorists’ joy, these types of events are seldom prosecuted by the eternally discriminating Israeli Administration.

Until now, Palestinians could only pray to God for help. With a delayed answer, the wheel of history may turn around in a few days.

Terminator | Judgment Day

Terminator | Judgment Day

The wisest thing the young Palestinian state may do, is join the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Then, war crimes committed by Israelis may be brought to the court. The court is defined as a complementary jurisdiction, meaning all crimes not investigated by Israel will enter its jurisdiction.

All Jewish settlers enter the definition of war criminals under the definitions adopted by this court, since the direct or indirect transfer of an occupier’s population into occupied territory constitutes a war crime. The settlements were built with the blessing and help of the State of Israel, which provided the settlers with rights and benefits lesser citizens of the country didn’t enjoy. All of them could now face trial in The Hague. The same goes for many Israeli Administration officials and Shin Beth and IDF officers. Judgment Day is in the air.

There is an issue of timing. Could Palestine sue Israel for events that happened before its foundation? Luckily, there is an important precedent. The State of Israel didn’t exist during what it calls the Holocaust! This is one of the wonders when dealing with an illegitimate state with no constitution, no set borders or even well-defined citizens. They can terrorize people at will and with impunity. They can also announce new types of aberrant societies (kibbutz), and illegitimate laws, with no one taking action. In German Law’s Holocaust, I commented how Israel dared legislating retroactive laws for the persecution of Adolf Eichmann and John Demjanjuk. Retroactive laws cannot be accepted as fair practice, regardless the justifications used for their approval. Thus, at least let’s be coherent. If Israel can pass retroactive laws for the sake of judging Nazis or receiving the indemnification moneys of people that weren’t its citizens, then Israel must accept Palestine suing for Israeli crimes against its citizens committed before Palestine’s foundation. Accordingly, Palestinians are already privately suing Israel at the court for crimes committed during the 2009 terrorist attack on Gaza.

Judgment Day is in the air, Jewish settlers, IDF and Shin Beth, Mossad and Netanyahu, get ready!

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