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Jewish Wars: "Terrorists in Black"



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In the last week I published two articles on the escalating violence within Israel (Shiber Shiber, Beit Beit, Dar Dar, Zenga Zenga and Dayan: "Like Pravda;" Mesika: "Police Hallucinates"); a key event in these was a Day of Rage declared by the Jewish settlers and its brutal oppression by the Israeli police (including severe sexual harassment of a 15 year-old girl by a Jewish police officer). The violence reached the Knesset, where the police was unable to defend its grave offenses: “uniformed criminals” was the general verdict on them. After such declarations it was unlikely the events would be forgotten; the deterioration increased to the point protests like those removed Mubarak regime in Egypt have become probable also in Israel – as claimed in Israel’s Mubarak.

Jewish Wars

Jewish Wars

Shimon Weismann (English actual spelling may be different) is a young soldier at a training company of the IDF’s Kfir Brigade. He lived in one of the houses destroyed by the Israeli administration at the Gilad Farm; this was the event that triggered the abovementioned Day of Rage. Following the destruction of his house he announced he won’t serve at the IDF; subsequently, he was sent to a military prison. His friends at the training company announced they would back him. Subsequently, the company’s officers interrogated four soldiers on their public declarations to help Weismann to rebuild his home. Two of them said they are faithful first to their rabbi – that told them to help build the house – and only in second place to the IDF. They are expected to stand military trial or to be thrown out of the Kfir Brigade.

Not only within the IDF the issue has become ballistic; Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolfa (again, English spelling may vary) answer was very clear: “Terrorists in Black.” That’s the way he called all members of Israeli security services that participate in operations against West Bank Jewish settlers. I am happy to find also the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel – including a Pharisaic rabbi! – are awakening to reality: Israel was declared a terror inflicting organization by the United Nations Human Rights Council on October 16, 2009. Moreover, he called to retaliate against the terrorists in black: "if they shoot rubber bullets, they should be shot back with rubber bullets." He added: "the terrorists in black – that's how they were, covered in black clothes, with no identification marks, with no names, I don't know if they were Jewish, Arabs, terrorists or somebody else… - if they come to fight me, I'll fight back. This is not a sane police, this is not a sane army… there is nobody here to talk with. The special forces shoot in all directions as if we were Nazis." He continued an interesting tirade – defining Netanyahu as a "Tzorer," a "troublemaker" to the Jews - and attacking the Israeli Supreme Court. "Nowadays there are two persons in the world that fire on citizens: Gadafi and Barak," he summarized. You know what Rabbi Wolfa? I agree with you on most things you said; though you and all other settlers are also international criminals. Eventually, Wolfa also warned about Jewish Wars.

Jewish Wars

Jewish Wars | Israel is a Terror State

You don't need to know Ehud Barak – Israel’s Minister of Defense – in detail to know such saying by somebody intellectually inferior to him (probably this would be his assessment of Wolfa, Barak’s vanity got him the nickname of "Napo," for half-Napoleon – Barak is really a small person in every sense) could not be accepted.

Suddenly, the struggle was moved back to Operation Entebbe. On January 2011 Israel became firmly under the grip of the Ugandans. Netanyahu (Prime Minister), Barak (Minister of Defense) and Pardo (Mossad’s Director) were three of the officers commanding that operation. Their loyalty to each other is beyond political issues and beyond any doubts; it’s loyalty to death. Interestingly, the operation was carried out by Battalion 262, the special commando unit of the IDF’s General Headquarters. For all that matters, this is the “262 Cabal.” In another sign of the Jewish worshipping of whorish Babylon, the unit number was chosen to be the number of times the word “Babylon” appears in the Bible. In an attempt to solidify this Ugandan reality, Barak recently left the Labor Party and founded a new one - called Independence (more changes are expected before the next elections). One of the people that left with him was Matan Vilnai. A former IDF general, he has a long history as member of the Knesset and various Israeli governments; he is currently Minister for Home Front Defense and a member of the Knesset for Independence. Most interesting of all is that he was the deputy commander of the assault force in Operation Thunderbolt, also known as Operation Entebbe. Barak sent another Ugandan – and one that is closely attached to him - to make the dirty work.

Yesterday (March 9, 2011) Vilnai answered for Barak: "Soldiers are trained to shoot at everyone that shoots at them. Knives were already used in the past, more than once or twice. Meanwhile only toward vehicles' tires. I don’t know if that won’t move away from the tires." He said that after a formal question was asked at the Knesset about specific anti-settler training the Home Front Command began recently. The specific Hebrew words he used make a very clear – though subtle - threat. He meant "away from the tires and up into the people." Jewish Wars are in the making.

America's capability to defend Israel is diminishing. Israel is increasingly split to the extent that violence between factions has become a common event. Under such circumstances, all those wishing for Justice and Peace must do is sit and wait. The Jewish Wars will take care of that terror state.

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