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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Jews Allowed to Puncture Tyres, Palestinians Not

Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed
Genesis 17:17



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On June 26, 2013, Israel managed to achieve the almost impossible, showing the entire world that it is an unbeatable world leader on moral conduct, slightly behind Nazi Germany.

As the latter, Israel features an active Eugenics Program, sterilizes undesired citizens, and implements a Psikhushka program. Beyond this trifles, Israel features a hyper-advanced legal system that can be summarized in a short paragraph.

I wouldn't bother my busy readers with a complete summary of the Israeli legal system. However, this is relevant for the understanding of what happened. Moreover, it is such a short task that the effort is justified. Let's make a hierarchic list of its principles.

Home of Abu Hamza, Abu Gosh near Jerusalem

Home of Abu Hamza, Abu Gosh near Jerusalem
June 24, 2013, following Price Tag Attack
Politics and Government in Israel

  • 1. The Government and its Officials are always right.
  • 2. In a dispute among Jews, the closer to the Government is right.
  • 3. In a dispute between Jews and non-Jews, the Jews are right.
  • 4. A dispute between non-Jews is irrelevant.
  • Much more succinct and better than the Ten Commandments. Who needs Moses?

    A very short interlude for non-regular visitors

    On June 18, 2013, the Israeli Police published its report on Price Tag+ terror attacks. On the same morning, an attack took place in Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem, creating the image above. The specific events and subsequent government decisions are described in "Racism or Assimilation."

    Price Tag Good Arab (is a) Dead Arab Revenge of Itzhar

    "Price Tag
    Good Arab (is a) Dead Arab
    Revenge of Itzhar"


    Netanyahu declined to define Price Tag as a Jewish terror Organization. Instead, it was declared a "non-authorized organization." This will be formalized by the Minister of Defense, who would be able to act against them according to the "Emergency-Hour Law." This means that detainees could be held practically indefinitely without being allowed to meet a lawyer. All their belongings could be confiscated without any proper process.

    "Contempt of Terror"

    A report originating in the Israeli government must be read thrice, before reading it twice more times. The only thing one can be sure is that it is boobytrapped by the world's most experienced tricksters. The abovementioned decision was not different.

    Netanyahu passed the hottest potato in his large plate to the Ministry of Defense. The bottom line is that he made the army responsible for tackling Price Tag. In fact, Netanyahu approved actions of Price Tag within the Green Line since the IDF has no jurisdiction within Israel. Price Tag became a "non-authorized organization" allowed to terrorize within Israel, but forbidden in the West Bank.

    Similar actions committed by Palestinians would be brutally dealt with by the Shin Beth secret police, whether they took place within the Green Line or in the West Bank. Drones would assassinate, missiles would be launched in all directions. Secret new weapons would be deployed, and a thousand new informants would be recruited if a Palestinian child would dare to spray just half a graffiti.

    Only yesterday, in Israel Approves Prawer Law Expelling Bedouins, I commented on discriminatory laws. Phew! Israeli Knesset doesn't allow me even one day of freedom!

    Clumsy and weak, Netanyahu's decision created only a temporary framework for the Ministry of Defense, which will work according to the Emergency-Hour Law until the Knesset finds a better solution.

    In this reality, the Knesset held a discussion on the topic on June 26. Knesset Member Shula Mu'alem-Rafaeli from The Jewish Home, a leading party in Netanyahu's coalition, spoke about the issue. With the unbeatable style of a bigot, she claimed that defining Tag Price graffiti and tyres-puncturing as "terror" would be a "contempt on the definition of terror."

    The most magnificent legislative organization in human history is about to make another Giant Leap forward and lead the moral and democratic world into a new glorious era under the astonishing leadership of Knesset Member Shula Mu'alem-Rafaeli, by adding another principle to its legal hierarchy:

    · 5. Jews are allowed to puncture tyres, Palestinians are not.*


    * It is a redundant principle. In fact, it is not a principle, but an implementation of principle 3. Yet, an illegitimate legal system can allow itself logic fallacies.

    + The term “Price Tag Policy” became public in July 2008, when settler Itay Zar from "Havat Gilad" referred to the policy as such: “Whenever an evacuation (of settlers) is carried out—whether it is a bus, a trailer or a small outpost—we will respond.” It refers to illegal actions carried out by radical right-winged Israeli activists and settlers. The actions of these Jewish hooligans include demonstrations, blocking of roads, clashes with Israeli security forces, throwing rocks at Palestinian cars, torching of Palestinian fields and orchards, and the destruction and uprooting of trees belonging to Palestinians. The last is very important since according to Ottoman laws still legally binding in Israel, trees can be used to show ownership of land. See The Price Tag of Israel’s Doublethink.

    Kahane was Right! Death to Arabs!

    Kahane was Right! Death to Arabs!
    Max Rayne Hebrew-Arabic bilingual School, part of Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

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