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Avi Dichter | Heart of Darkness

In The Jewish Fatherland and the Death of the Admorit I expanded on the Hebrew (and Arabic) term umma. The English Fatherland and other Indo-European languages parallels must include a land of reference, while umma refers to the people; the existence of an accompanying land is of low relevance; this is comprehensible since we are talking about cultures that evolved from nomadic tribes. In the opposite direction the situation is different. Fatherland is parallel to eretz avot, the land of the forefathers. In Hebrew, umma is feminine; a related masculine form is leom (pronounced leh-ohm with a glottal stop between the syllables). In contrast to umma, it doesn’t refer to a group of people sharing a culture but more to the idea of a nation, though yet is not related to a territory. For example, the Israeli Ministry of Interior classifies people according to their leom. It can be Jewish, Arabic, Christian, Circassian, Druze, Bedouin or any other similar definition; the person has no saying in his leom, it is determined by the ministry according to its lists. This is racist and discriminating, since one’s rights and debts towards the state are derived from this definition. One law for Jews, other laws for the others.

I apologize for this linguistic introduction, but there is no way of understanding the events to be described without it. These days, Knesset Member Avi Dichter from the Kadima party is attempting to legislate the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. In its short form, it is referred to as the Leom Law or the Leom-State Law, in other words the Jewish-State Law. Before touching this new atrocity, I must make a short comment on Basic Laws, especially after getting several insulting emails from Zionists.

Israel lacks a constitution. A recent system of Basic Laws was designed by the Knesset to function as a quasi-constitution; however, it doesn’t assure human rights. Even worse – these laws can be exchanged as per the coalition needs by the parliament since they have never been approved directly by the people as constitutions are. The updating of these laws due to coalitional needs already occurred in the past; people couldn’t vote on that. Israel's sovereignty was conditioned by the UN on its being respectful of human rights. Despite the basic laws, Israel doesn’t respect them. For example, in 1264 New Testimonies and in The Cross of Bethlehem I touched the issue of inter-religious marriages and their brutal repression by the Zionist state. Moreover, under the current system, many Palestinians living on territories annexed by Israel do not have voting rights, while Jewish settlers living outside territories recognized by Israel as its own, are allowed to vote. Moreover, Israeli citizens abroad - like I am - are not allowed to vote. Overall, this is a discriminating system which cannot be part of any state defined as a democracy. Thus, Basic Laws cannot be accepted as a replacement of a democratic state constitution.

Avi Dichter wants to introduce now a rather revolutionary basic law. It is difficult to define him as a fine person. He grew up as part of the socialist Hashomer Hatzair and was part of Sayeret Matkal (Battalion 262, the IDF General Command commando unit) under the command of Ehud Barak, the current Minister of Defense. Then, this Social-Zionist-Nationalist joined the Shin Beth; he became its director in 2000 and later became Minister of Internal Security. It is important to comprehend that during the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Dichter was a prominent member of the Shin Beth and that this organization was found by Israeli court as involved in the assassination. Dichter never gave too much weight to the law. Nowadays he is just a Knesset Member for Kadima and is trying to further diminish the rights of non-Jewish citizens of the Sate of Israel by legislating the abovementioned basic law. What does this document say?

One of the most visible problems is the proposed law trying to change the linguistic situation. Now, Hebrew, English and Arabic are official languages. That’s nice on the paper; in fact you must know Hebrew if you want to live a normal life. Dichter wants to formally drop Arabic as a recognized language. This language is the main one for more than 20% of the population. Few use English as native language, yet, Dichter doesn’t oppose to its being retained as a formal language. Mr. Dichter, did you consider replacing Arabic by Ugandan? Herzl would be proud of you if you succeed. Another problem is that whenever a topic is not covered by Israeli law, then the Jewish Law - the Halacha - would apply according to Dichter’s law. That assures the ongoing disgrace in the marriages issue.

"If the law is passed, at the top of constitutional priorities will be the principle of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and only under it will be the principle of a democratic state," Eyal Yinon the Knesset's legal advisor said recently to the Hebrew media. In other words, if a democratic principle – like human rights – contradicts the being of Israel a Jewish Leom-State, then this principles would not be valid. Jewishness prevails, democracy surrenders. Muslims and Christians would be guests in their state, while American Jews would get automatic citizenship on their landing in the Ben Gurion International Airport. This law is massively supported by Jewish Knesset Members, showing again the true face of Judaism.

There is no doubt, under the benevolent support of the USA, NATO and other blind supporters; Israel is strengthening its definition as a racist state. On this sad opportunity, the Knesset should also update Israel’s anthem; I propose a slight adaption of the German national anthem – the Deutschlandlied. With an unparalleled complex history, this song had been sung by the various German regimes - except East Germany - since it was adopted in 1922. It would also provide a very concise and vivid explanation of the term “Fatherland,” for those planning immigration to Israel:

Israel, Israel über alles, | Israel, Israel above everything,
Über alles in der Welt, | Above everything in the world,

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