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Can you imagine growing up in a place where all your teachers keep saying your grandparents – or those of the kid sitting next to you – where made into soap? Can you picture the horror? Do you understand what such a kid sees whenever he uses a soap bar? Moreover, can you understand what happens when he discovers later in life that no human genes were ever found in those infamous soap bars? Can you understand what he feels after finding that everything was an evil emotional manipulation performed by a control-freak regime interested in keeping its citizens frightened forever?

In The Cross of Bethlehem I describe extensively the manipulative nature of the Israeli Administration. State agents in plainclothes attempt to manipulate every aspect of life and the opinions of people, while carefully monitoring and recording the citizens’ opinions. This is especially emphasized at the universities. However, not all manipulations need expensive human resources. Some are just dirt-cheap.

"Izkor" can be translated as “he will remember.” This verb appears on stickers placed everywhere in Israel a few days before “Yom Hazikaron” (Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day). It is part of the indoctrination that precedes it, not very different from what happens before the Holocaust Day. The horror of this day is difficult to imagine for those who had never experienced it. All the media becomes a horror show, making sure everybody gets properly frightened for the year to come. Media manipulation. Mourning songs, programs celebrating death. Sad faces, symbols of death. Frightening sirens, forced silence.

One of its central points – as in all good dramas – is the timing. The day is commemorated the day before Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day). However, the time is measured up by the traditional Hebrew calendar. That means the new day begins just after dark. Eventually, the victim – meaning the Israeli citizen – would hear the siren on the previous evening and then during the morning of the Remembrance Day. A few hours later – just after dark – the Independence Day celebrations begin, causing an almost impossible emotional transition forced by the indefatigable conspirators in another attempt to manipulate their slaves. This is the largest reality show on the planet, using timing techniques developed by soap operas to emotionally manipulate people into blind obedience. Palmolive-Izkor: this is Israel, a terror state.

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