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Ahmadinejad Speech at UN General Assembly


On September 22, 2010, Iranian President Ahmadinejad gave an interview to the CNN and the following day, he delivered a speech at the U.N. General Assembly. Both were similar and beyond being important by themselves, they put a spotlight on the attitude of the American media. The fascinating nature of the last is the reason for this article.

Almost all things said were expected. He emphasized the multi-polarity of the modern world, spoke of global disarmament, on the meaning of freedom and democracy, the results of imperialism and capitalism, of love as base for personal and international relations, on justice, on respect to the Quran and the Bible, discrimination and – of course – of Palestine and Israel. I summarize in such a brutal way because his declarations were expected and rightful.

The main difference between the two events is that at the General Assembly he spoke largely of 9/11. What he said caused American and British listeners to leave the meeting. That’s a pity, because what he said was remarkable. He analyzed the event on three aspects. First, he said a terror group had been given access through all the American intelligence. Second, the event was carried by a terror group, but America was quick to take financial advantage of the event. Third, he said that elements in the US Government planned in such a way to bolster the American economy. He requested the creation of an international investigation committee. It is worth remembering these words – first time a world leader makes such a declaration – and to see what actually comes out of them. The people that left the room during the speech have serious reasons to be troubled.

In the other event, Larry King was the interviewer. Here we had the additional benefit to see the reactions of Larry (sorry, calling him “king” would be weird). They didn’t shake hands. Larry was obviously uncomfortable and whenever he got in troubles, he brutally called for a commercials break. He had good reasons for that, since he was obviously out of his league. President Ahmadinejad repeatedly made one specific point: America is not better and applies double standards. It speaks of human rights, but there are 2.5 million prisoners there. This is almost 1% of the population and more than anywhere else in the world. Finally, America is number one in something. This is a hint of a systemic injustice going on. Another instance of the same is the illegal occupation of other countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine) under the pretext of bringing freedom and democracy, which is inacceptable and inexplicable. Yet another instance is related to nuclear power: the countries possessing weapons of mass destruction attempt to ban other societies from developing nuclear power as a source of energy. Western driven slavery around the world – in a variety of forms – is evil and unacceptable.

Larry was making ugly faces during the entire event. Unable to understand the points, he kept mumbling lamely things like: “but how is this related?”

Dear Larry, let me explain to you. President Ahmadinejad presented you with the multi-polar world. He refused to accept the American interpretation of events just because of its position as a military power. He spoke of justice; a term that evades modern America. He spoke of equality of men. Yes, Larry, that’s true: look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or even at the American Constitution. “Why do you ignore the hundreds of thousands of killed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan” Ahmadinejad countered at certain point. Larry – as America – was lost.

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